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snindy - October 26

Does anyone know how much it cost for another women to carry my embryos? Do you think it costs more than adoption?

I have one more transfer but if this doesn't work I was thinking about having my sister carry my embryos.

Just thought I would ask here before I start doing research.

Any advice would be helpful,


Karen123 - October 26

Cindy, Before I understood about IVF, I seriously looked into surrogacy. If you look it up on line, you'll find many places that are happy to send you packets in the mail. I think the price was about $45,000 but I don't know what is or isn't included. I just don't remember the details since that was months ago. I would think that with a relative, you'd only have to pay the IVF charges. I do know that the actual surrogates get $20,000 to $25,000 but this is directly to them and does not include any medical bills. At least that's the info I rec'd. Good luck! Karen


Fortyfour - November 3

Hi - Most of the fees for the surrogacy goes to the mom fromt the research I did. That did to include medicine or delivery fees. Most of the programs out here in California were around 40,000 for a surrogate. If it was a relative it would save alot of money. I hope this cycle works for you though.


intenshn - February 1

Surrogacy can cost upwards of $100,000, or be as affordable as 1/3 that. You have to remember that your costs include the surro's fees and expenses, the ED's fees and expenses, and the RE's fees and expenses. If it takes more than one cycle, it can get really expensive. I would think that adoption would be cheaper. IMO


snindy - February 1

Yeah, I thought it might be expensive! I ended up doing the IVF and the 1st time was succesful but ended w/ m/c and the 2nd transfer was succesful. I now have a b/g twins. But in the beginning, my sister was nice enough to offer to be my surrogate if nothing worked out w/ IVF. Isn't that an awesome sister?



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