Implantation Failure
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wannabemommy - March 22

Hello Everyone,
Jenny1010 to answer your question, We have disclosed the IVF information to our adoption agency and they have no problem with us attempting IVF while trying to adopt. I read several other peoples posts and they say that it is a "no no" to do adoption and IVF at the same time, I guess we got lucky in finding this agency. Our agency is very small and there are only a handful of couples on the "waiting list", we have friends who have adopted through this agency about 21/2 years ago and will be adopting in May again from this same agency. These friends of ours only waited about 1 year for their daughter and the same birthmother is now pregnant with another child which they will be adopting in May when she has the baby.

My appointment today did not go too good. The u/s tech. had to go into emergency surgery so now my FET had to be pushed back to April 3rd. My u/s now will be on March 27th and HCG shots will begin March 29th (UGH!). I am on Estrace twice a day and will be bumped up to Estrace 3 times a day on March 28th. If this time is a bust like the past 3 attempts we are finished and will just go with adoption only. Keep me posted on your RE appointment and FET date. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Baby Dust to ALL!!!!!!!!


wannabemommy - March 22

I forgot to answer your question about the egg donor waiting list. Our Doctor does not keep using the same donors over and over again, he is always looking for new donors so that is why the wait is so long with him, he is in need of donors and right now there is a short supply I guess. I think with schools letting out for summer he should get a few more donors, but like I said earlier in my post, if this 4th attempt is a failure we have decided to just move on with adoption and not do any further IVF's.

Take care and hope to hear from you soon. ;D


smod - March 23

'Morning Wannabemommy... I'm really sorry to hear about your visit at the office. :(It suprised me that they don't have a back up for u/s tech. Is it for Trans-Vaginal Ultrasound? If that's the case, why can't Dr Jarrett do it? My RE does it all the time. Did Dr Jarrett say it's ok to postpone FET until April 3rd? Please call the office to ensure that the tech will be there for you on the 29th. I don't want to see you run into any more disappointments. Definitely, I keep you posted about my RE appointment.


wannabemommy - March 23

I have to have u/s and b/w done where I live, not
where Dr. Jarrett is because he does not have an office
in my town, his office in Indiana is 2 1/2 hours away from where I live, so I have to go to a hospital close to my home. I will have to drive to his office for the FET and for beta draws but everything else can be done here at the hosptial and sent to them. The hospital only had 1 tech on hand the day of my u/s which she was the only one (I guess) that could do the linning thickness and follicule check on me (who knows, this is what I was told anyways). Dr. Jarrett's nurse told me that this is not uncommon for u/s tech's to be called out for an emergency and that I would just have to be willing to re-schedule for a later appointment, I guess she is right, after all, I picked Dr. Jarrett knowing that he did not have an office in my area. I will keep you posted on my next week u/s.



smod - March 29

Wannabemommy, just a short note to let you know I'll be thinking of you... hope all goes well .... Feel free to email me directly if you feel like to chit chat... Baby Dust!


wannabemommy - March 29

Well my u/s went well, my linning is thick enough to start estrace 3 times a day and I do one shot of HCG tomorrow (Friday) and Saturday I start PIO (progesterone in oil) shots once a day up until my beta test which will be April 16th, if I get a BFP I will have to keep on PIO Shots until further notice from my DR. I am to get my embryo report sometime on Monday, so hopefully we will get all 3 to unthaw and be able to use them all.....

I will keep you posted...


Fortyfourfive - March 31

Hi smod - my new doctor found the septum on a hsg. My old doctor never even bothered to do one. Baby dust to you.


wannabemommy - April 2

Well tomorrow is FET and I got the call from the Biologist this AM and 2 of the 3 made it to un-thaw, but out of the 2, the Biologist said that 1 of them looks the best, but they will go ahead and transfer the 2. My Beta should be Monday April 16th, please keep your fingers crossed that this 4th attempt is all we need.



smod - April 3

Gosh, I'm so excited for you. Please rest as much as you can... Good luck!!! Keep us posted until then... :o)


Fortyfourfive - April 10

Good Luck - wannabemom- My fingers are crossed for you and lots of baby just to you. Darcie


smod - April 23

Msg for Wannabemommy: Hi there, it's been a while that I haven't seen any new posts from you. I've been thinking about you and hope you're doing ok.

Warmest regards,


wannabemommy - April 23

Hello Smod,
I have been trying to get on this site, but the site has been down for a few days. Not good news, BFN again. We are washing our hands of IVF and have been put on the adoption waiting list for a newborn so we are holding out for this. Thanks for all the well wishes and I wish everyone the best of luck in ttc.

Take care.


wantsbabytoo - April 23

So sorry about your BFN. It's not fair. Good luck with the whole adoption process. There is a child out there for you that needs a wonderful mommy. God Bless.



smod - April 25

Hi Wannabemommy, My heart sank after reading your post. It was not what I'm expecting to hear. I am truly sorry. Is there any reason for failed IVF? I wish you the best of luck with the adoption process. Please keep me posted till you bring a baby home...

Warmly Hugs,


wannabemommy - April 25

Laura, Thanks for your well wishes on our adoption, we know that this is the path that God has sent us down for a reason, so we will continue down this path.

No reason given by our Dr. of why this 4th attempt using donor eggs did not work, who knows. We no longer are willing to attempt the IVF thing, all we can say now is that we tried and we can't wait for that telephone call saying that the adoption agency has a child for us.

I will keep you posted on when/if we get a child to adopt, as of right now there are about 13 couples in this agency waiting to adopt and there are no new birthmothers as of yet. We know a couple who only waited about 6 months, but then there were couples who gave up after being on the waiting list for over a year, they went to another adoption agency and received a child from that agency about 6 months later, so who knows how long the wait will be.

Take care and best wishes to everyone.



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