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wantsbabytoo - November 12

Hello everyone,
It has been a year since I last posted. I couldn't even get my original screen name because I can't remember my password and had all kinds of trouble getting it. :P

I have taken the year off, wich has been great. Hubby and I have decided, after tons and tons of consideration, to go the donor egg route. I can't believe I am ready to dive into this whole fertility thing again. I am so frightened!

I had thought that after taking a year off I would be feeling better about not having any kids... but alas... I am still heartbroken. I made the call for my consultation the other day and then collapsed into tears for the rest of the afternoon. :-\

Anyone else out there in the same boat I am? I would love a buddy. Are you still out there somewhere 44?

Wantsbabytoo (Laura)


Meg - November 14


HI ;D I am so glad to hear that you are doing well. I think about you often and still keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I truly hope this works out for you. I know many people that have had success w/ donor egg. If you check postings you will find that 44 is actually recently p/g, (I think she may be about 8-9wks. along). Even though I am not anywhere near TTC, I still check the site to read about others as I can relate well to the journey of infertility and miscarriage and finally success. My heart and prayers are w/ you on this next leg of your journey. I pray that you will be successful and finally realize your dream of having a baby. Please take care of yourself and know that I will be following your progress. I know you can do this :)


wantsbabytoo - November 14

Hi Meg!
Oh it's so great to hear from you! I hope things are going well with you. I'm glad to see some people from "the old gang" are still posting.

I am feeling excited about the whole thing.... so I guess that means I am heading in the right direction. It took me a year to grieve this whole thing, but I am feeling stronger now. I appreciate your friendship and prayers.

It's been a great year and I have done a lot of things I have been wanting to do for a long time. So it's been a very bittersweet year! I would love to hear more about what is going on with you.



Meg - November 14


I am glad that you got to do some things that you had wanted to do, this way when you have that little bundle of joy, and I KNOW that you will, you will have no regrets. I think I definitely regret that I wasted almost 3 years of life on infertility sadness, and not doing anything but crying and locking myself in my house. It's funny even though that part of my life is past, I still can't really get over it :-\ I know that I need to get over it, but it is so hard..

I would love to update you, but I am not sure how much you would want to hear and how much I should be posting, as I wouldn't want to upset you or anyone else. If you ever want to chat, I would can give you my private email. I know I am in a different place and have not endured nearly what you have, but I still know the feelings and craziness that infertility brings and if you just need a shoulder or to vent I am here for you.

Many Hugs and Lots of Prayers,


laura - November 14

Hi Laura,
I also thought I would never consider a donor egg. After 4 IVF cycles (4 years of trying)nd two chemical pregnacys, we tried one fresh donor cycle (neg) and are just starting a FET. This will be are final attempt. The transfer will be (hopfully) at the end of the month. If you have any questions, I would be happly to try to answer.


wantsbabytoo - November 16

Hi Laura,
Thanks so much for your support. I hope this works for you! What a heartbreak all this infertility stuff is. You will have to keep me posted.

We are going to be hopefully going through a fertility clinic in Denver. (we live in the Chicago area) We have our initial phone consultation with the doctor on Monday afternoon. I have met a couple of women that have had very good results there. We figure that we are spending so much on donor eggs.... we want the best chance of a baby. This is supposed to be one of the best clinics in the country.

I feel hopeful, but I am so afraid of all the letdowns that infertility treatments can bring.... and us poor girls have experienced A LOT by the time we get to the donor egg stage!

When is your FET going to be? It's coming up soon huh? I hope and pray for a healthy pregnancy for you!

Hi Meg,

I would LOVE to hear what is going on with you. Does this site still have private message boxes? I can't tell anymore. I would love to give you my private e mail address too.

I sympathize with you about all the past hard times. My younger brother and his wife are expecting their first baby next week.

I am excited now... but they "surprised " everyone in the family on Easter weekend this year which is my holiday to have everyone over. OMG I COMPLETELY fell apart. I locked myself in my bedroom and my mom had to make the entire easter dinner at my house. All my family (9 people all together!) is from out of town so I was stuck with everyone for the weekend. I felt like a caged animal.

I couldn't believe my family was so insensitive after knowing what I went through. I was angry at my mother most of all for allowing them to surprise me with a house full of weekend company. She knew all about it weeks before. I felt like a big 38 yr. old baby. What a big mess the whole weekend was. I doubt anyone will be back to my house for a holiday after that. (LOL)



laura - November 17

Dear Laura,
My FET is (hopefully) is on 11/28. We have 3 frozen blasts. I hope 2 make it to transfer.
Good luke with your consult!


Debie - November 17

WantsBaby2 I'm glad to read from you. I haven't posted much this year either, long story.

Anyway I just want to wish you all the best with this attempt.



wantsbabytoo - November 18

Hi Debie,
It's great to hear from you! What has been going on in your life lately? I would love to hear all about it.

Laura, Good luck with the FET at the end of this month! I will say a few prayers for you. Babydust!



Fortyfourfive - November 18

Wantsbaby2 - Wow, I am so glad to see you back on. I have thought alot about you the last couple of months and was hoping you were ok. I am crying as I read this I am so happy for you.

It took me a year to cope with my "old eggs" and consider donor eggs also. I really enjoyed screening for a donor though and once you are pregnant who cares where that egg came from. You are the one giving it life.

Its a long crazy road with donors but the positive part is no stimulation meds and no retrieval. The recipient has the easy part. Some estrogen, progesterone, supplements, ultrasounds and you go in for the transfer. Did the doc check you uterus for any abnormalities. My new doc checked me out and half of my uterus was a septum that was easily removed.

I am 10 weeks pg last thursday. This is the fartherst I have ever been. I am sick as a dog so figuire that is good. My breasts are huge and look abnormal for me.

Keep in contact and let us know how it going. You will soon have your bundle of joy. Darcie


Debie - November 20

WantsBaby2 you can catch my update on 44's post in the pregnancy after infertility section 'Coming downstairs again'.

Does anyone know what happened to TTC in SoCal, Meridith and Silli_Kitti? I kept thinking about the the five of you and wondering if you are still in the journey and what not.

I'm keeping the faith and am positive that you'll soon have your babies too.


wantsbabytoo - November 21

Thanks Debie for your kind words... I will go and check your other posting.

Hi Darcie, congratulations on your pregnancy! My goodness you deserve it. I am so happy for you! It's so great to be "talking" to everyone again. I didn't even come onto the site over the last year and I wondered about all of you from time to time.

I just had my phone consulation with the doc in Denver and I think we are going to go ahead. I need to call them on day one and fly out for tests from there. It takes about 6 months to get matched with a donor. I am feeling more and more excited about the whole thing. By the spring I should be ready to go!



Meg - November 25


I sent you a private message w/ my email. Hopefully you will get it.

That is great that things will be starting soon for you. I can relate to your Easter story. One Christmas I spent a good part of it in the bathroom in tears, b/c of a newborn baby at my in-laws house. DH actually asked me if I wanted him to bring me up dinner to eat it in the bathroom. After that I tried to get it together to at least eat w/ everyone b/c there was no way that I was going to be eating dinner in the bathroom, (men have absolutely no clue sometimes) but it is a memory that I won't forget.

I hope you are doing well :)



Fortyfourfive - November 26

Wantsbaby2 - How do they match you with a donor? Do you get to pick? Sounds so different than the way I did it.

I email with ttc in so Cal and no baby news as of now. They are not aggressively doing anything at this time.


laura - December 1

Dear Wantsbabytoo,
I am so glad you are going to use a donor egg. It is easyer then using your own! My donar took about 6 months to fine. They called me and told me her stats. I eather accepted her or declined but if I declined, I may have to wait another 6 months before another donor was found. The center IVF donor nurse matches recipients to donors. Much different then fourtyfour.5's experience.

Congragulations on 10 weeks! Almost the end of the 1st trimester!!

As for me. My FET was canceled. On my last sceening ultrasound,they found a pollip. They think that I didn't shed my lining normaly. I go in on Dec. 13 to have it aspirated. Depending on what they find, we may restart the nateral FET cycle again.

Happy Holliday's!



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