Forty-four or others in a similar situation, are you out there?
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laura - May 23

Hi Ladies!
Thanks Teri and Zoe for your support!

We have had a consult with North Hudson IVF (Dr. Smith's center). Call us nuts!(with airline fees I am guessing about $ 25,000) but I feel like we can trust them!!. The other centers near us are so big you cann't talk to them about their DE proticals. Dr. Miller and Dr. Smith I allready trusted (reading there posts for the last 2 1/2 years) and they talked to us! They talked about what they wanted to do and why. It was so refreshing! At my old center, NCCRM, I felt like I was irritating them everytime I asked a question. The search for a donar begins again! One last try!


BekyVice - May 24

Good luck to you in your cycle, then. YOu should be in great hands! Any news as to why Dr. Smith stopped the forum? I learned so much from him... he was the best. If all goes well we might be cycling together... my clinic is getting the final blood tests this week from my donor and her boyfriend (they even test the boyfriend!). We should be cycling together soon, I'm thinking transfer end of June. Yikes! Do you get to pick your donor with Dr. Smith? I'm 43 as well, by the way, and my husband is 40 (I robbed the cradle!). :)


barbee - May 25

Good luck with your donor cycles Zoe and Laura. I just found out that miraculously I am pregnant with twins. It is too early to jump for joy but considering my cycle didn't go was well as planned right now I am thrilled. I still am cautiously optimistic. Keep me posted on your cycles. Barbee


BekyVice - May 27

OH my gosh!!! BOTH of your transferred eggs took!! Amazing! Keeping fingers and toes crossed for you, Barbee! Take it easy as much as you can!


barbee - May 27

Thanks Zoe. I am being as lazy as possible. This is the only time in life that I wish I could speed up time instead of the opposite. They only did an ultrasound this week and the sizes looked good. I don't have levels again until next week. I have cramps off and on but they are mild so I am trying not to worry. Let me know when you have a donor match and start your cycle. Take care, Barbee


Fortyfourfive - May 30

Barbee- congrats on the twins. I am 46 years old and ready to deliver a little boy through donor egg. Keep on growing little ones.


barbee - May 31

Thanks for the congrats but I started spotting some today so I am very nervous. I go for an ultrasound tomorrow-I'll be crushed if if doesn't work out. Congrats on your little boy. Hold him dear always!


wantsbabytoo - May 31

I wish you the best on your ultrasound. Congrats on the twins! I'm sure everything will be fine. It just HAS to be. I will say prayers for you and your little ones.


barbee - June 5

Thanks everyone for all the prayers and well wishes. At 7 weeks I have two heartbeats and things are progressing. I still have occassional spotting and cramps, which is nerve racking. Fortyfourfive, let us know when you deliver your sweet boy. Laura, Zoe and Wantsababy too, keep me posted on your cycles. The emotions are up and down through it all. Hope you have successful cycles. I just wish I could speed up time through this first trimester. Barbee


BekyVice - June 8

Barbee, your good luck/fortune/ and God's blessings are such a "sight for sore eyes" on this forum. KEEP posting to us, even if we don't ask. I know I check back often and love hearing such good news as yours.

As far as my donor cycle is going, things are looking up... I'm about to get on medication to cycle with our donor. Looks like retrieval will be JUly 3 and transfer (you know the drill) 3-6 days later. On my knees!! I'm currently accepting prayers of all types, and I'm keeping everyone in mine! :)


laura - June 19

baby dust to everyone!
Barbee- wonderfull news!!
Fourtyfourfive- I hope you have an easy dilivery!
Zoe- good luck on your cycle! We are still looking for a donar.
Tereasa- I hope thigs are going great! (I can not seem to find your e-male address, please send me word)
Dr. Smith & Dr. Miller were so refreshing! They are currently surching for a donar that will produce 16 good eggs (My husbans sperm isn't the best). They also did immulogic testing and I had some positives. They will be treating me right before transfer ( IV immunoglobulens) and then dex after. I feel confident in them.


Fortyfourfive - June 22

Laura - I will pray that they find a donor for you soon. Baby dust


wantsbabytoo - June 24

Good luck with your donor search! I am currently waiting for my donor too. I will cross my fingers for both of us!

What positives did you have for your tests? After years of infertility treatments, my new doctor diagnosed me recently with MTHFR. Heartbreaking. Why my other doc never tested me I'll never know. I guess it's just another piece to the puzzle. It's difficult not to be angry at these doctors!

Keep us posted on your journey.
Laura (Wantsbabytoo)


barbee - July 16

Hi all. I haven't posted in awhile. Had awful nausea and vomitting and just generally don't feel well, but I am not complaining as I am thirteen weeks and still with two little ones. Zoe, did you have your transfer, and how did it go?? Has anyone else started their cycle? Fortyfourfive-did you deliver? I need details! :) I wish everyone well and prayers for all of you, Barbee


laura - January 2

Hi Ladies!
Barbee, have you delivered yet?
Zoe, how did your donor cycle go?
Well, my second DE cycle is a BFP. currently 8 weeks pregnate. We are still staying positive, but I will feel better once we reach 12 weeks! Dr. Smith and Dr. Jane were great. Everything seemed to go right from the start! Baby dust! Laura


barbee - January 3

Hi All. Laura, I am saying prayers for you. I know it will all work out. Zoe, what is going on with your cycle? Great timing on the post. Sorry, haven't posted in a long time, but I had a rocky pregnancy-it was all worth it. I just brought home my twin baby girls on New Years Eve. They were born at 32 weeks and are doing well. They are precious. It was all worth it. Let me know how everyone is, Barbee



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