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june - August 12

Hello everyone! This is the first I've been here, very glad I found this forum.
I'm 37, my husband is also 37. We've been married for over 10 yrs. We were busy with work and started trying have a baby 4 yrs ago, the same month we started trying, my period stopped and I found out I have Premature Ovarian Failure on my birthday. We were told our only option is donor egg program. Since then, we've been debating if we want to go through this, maybe we dont' want to have a baby at all. Finally we decided to go for it before we are 40.
We are in Vancouver Canada, there's no donor egg program here, you have to find your own donor which is impossible for us.
So does anyone know a good fertility center in the States near Vancouver, I guess in Seattle WA area?
Is there a lot of trips involved in the treatment?
I was told the success rate is only 30% in my age, is it true?
Sorry about such a long message. Any information is greatly appreciated.
June ???


laura - August 15

Dear June,
If you transfer two blastcyst embryos (day 5 or 6) your chance of pregnacy, i beleive, is 60 %. Check out Dr. Smith's post.
I hope this helps,


june - August 17

Thanks so much for the response Laura! Where do I find Dr. Smith's post?


laura - August 17

Hi June,
Timothy Smith PHD is in the Shared Journey Community under medical reference : Andrology & Embryology. He is wonderfull!!. His old postes are a great resorce and he will answer your questions!
I hope this helps!



Hi June

I feel like i am in the same boat. (Just turned "38")
on aug 18th i feel the race against time is on my shoulders.. I have a daugher 20 years old from my
prev marriage but 2 years ago i got remarried to a wonderful man who wants kids so bad and would make a wonderful dad.. we have been trying for 2 years with no luck been going to fertility doc for approx 1 1/2 years
(unexplained infertility) went through 5 failed IUI's.
We decided to give another doc a try and went to see him yesterday. Didnt want to do the IVF but running out of options. We are hoping to start the process sept or oct if all goes well $$$. Anyway its bothering me i know they store whats not transfered however, what if we decide not to use them if by luck we would get preg. I told my husband (i wasnt sure if it's possible but i would have to donate them) but at my age dont know if thats possible they usally want the women to be a spring chicken. its looking far ahead but knowing what this fertility battle is like i just want someone else to benifit too. Does anyone know if at 38 donating is out of the question? Like i said i am looking too far ahead it .
good luck to you and start moving with treatments if you havent already. time flies by


Misscleo - August 25

My husband and I recently found out that we will be unable to have children naturally . My husband has bilateral absence of the vas deferens and therefore had no sperm count. We would need to have IVF with ICIS to achieve pregnancy. I am 22 yrs. old and I have a 2 year old daughter from a previous relationship. We would love nothing more than to have a child together . We don't have the money it costs to get the procedure done. I am looking for a recipient to share my eggs in exchange for our costs of IVF also our traveling expenses.

If you would like pictures or more details please let me know by e-mail at [email protected]

I am 22 Years old
I have brown hair, very thick was straight to wavy/after first baby went to spiral curls ??
-Brown eyes
-medium complexion
-dimples both sides (to some people it's a favorable trait) my daughter also has them.
I am 5'1
medium build
O+ blood type
I have a mix of 25% Irish, 25% Hispanic, a mix of French, Hungarian and other European denominations
I am currently a Nursing student
I am very active and healthy

I am willing to supply pictures of my self and my daughter only to serious inquiries only.

I am willing to do a shared cycle open or closed recipients request.

I just want to build on my family and help another family who is going through the pain of infertility. Like I stated prior I am just trying to get my expenses paid so hopefully we can have a tiny baby in my arms, I don't want to profit from the exchange financially in any way


woodyanita - January 6

Any query regarding Donor Egg programs can be sought at



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