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Latina - October 25

I guess Ill start this one.. I started the IVF process last year..Ive been with my hubby for 14 years he has no kids. But at times I feel as though he hasnt a clue! Im the one who has to do the shots,Im the one who has to go every other day for ultrasounds, Im the one who has to go under the knife for retreival not to mention,the over strimulated ovaries! What job does the man have? Men need to have a more active part in this whole process..It kills me when he looks at me and says things like are we going to do another cycle this month! Like it's a walk in the park! As I said before men dont have a clue! ::)


christina - October 25

IF IF IF there is reincarnation then I want to come back as a man! :P


Karen123 - October 25

Latina and Shane, I share your sentiments for sure!! I think that men have it SO easy and go about their day and actually forget all this for hours at a time. Imagine being able to do that? I don't think I have gone more than 2 minutes without worrying or thinking about what's next or dealing with headaches and other pregnancy issues. I asked my DH the other day what he has done for this pregnancy and all he could say was help pay some of the bills. Not a thing other than that. Didn't even bother to go to my u/s when I was finding out if both my babies made it.

Well it's a good thing we women take care of everything. Imagine if men carried babies? Truly, I think the world would end. So here's to all the brave women out there!! Karen


Fortyfour - October 26

The last time I was pg I asked my hubby how often he thought about the baby, he said 3 or 4 times a day. I thought wow, I think about it every second. I guess if it wasnt interrupting everything I did I wouldnt have thought about it that much either. Take care all.


amberchik - May 17

i don't know what to tell you. i guess you need to take your husband along with you for your appointmants and let him know the problems that you are undergoing to be able to conceive. some day he must realised that it maybe he is the one who has the fault.


Red - May 18

I agree wholeheartedly! I have not asked my husband to go to appts. w/ me as I don't see a necessity. What I have asked him to do is be emotionally supportive and I guess I realized it was an I would really like to hope there are men out there who are supportive of the females going through all of this! All men can't be like this are they??? ???



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