HeatherMac - August 5

HOLY COW!!! I've missed you girls!!! I am SO glad this site is up again, I never thought I'd see you all again.

Not much new to report here - thankfully. Oh, well, I guess there IS something new to report here...it's a boy! A very long, tall boy...so I'm sure my due date will be moved up from 11/18...we're hoping for Halloween...we've even found newborn costumes!! Other than that, growing bigger and more tired with each day.

I can't wait to hear about how everyone here is doing...I sincerely hope everyone is well and that your bundles are big and happy!! I'm going to poke around upstairs to see how our sisters up there are doing. My love and mommy wishes go out to each of them as well.

Keep me posted and keep in touch - it's nice to be back with you!!



WantsBaby2 - August 5

Heathermac! Congrats on your little boy! ;D What a blessing. Have you thought of names yet? I am so excited for you!!!! Wow! IT'S A BOY!!!!


Fortyfour - August 5

Heathermac -- Congrats on your boy. Yeah!


HeatherMac - August 6

Aw, thanks ladies!! Yeah, we're thrilled...but we don't have many boys on my side of the family so we're all kind of wondering what we're going to do with him!! ;) I guess we'll figure it out!

Names? Sheesh. He says one name, I say no. I say a name, he says no. What are the potential nicknames? Are the initials weird? Does it have any strange meanings? Did either of us ever know anyone with that name...was he a good guy or an icky guy? So much to hang on a kid...a simple little name. We'll figure it out.

Cassandra - DOUBLE the fun?? Congrats!! This is great news!! You get one of each and I think that is such a blast because you get to see two totally different little human beings emerge from the same Mommy and Daddy. What a blast. And, you get to buy boys AND girls clothes!! Your showers should be a BALL!! Congratulations, again!! Just in time for Christmas!!

Well, girls, thanks for checking in and thanks for the well wishes. You have to know that I wish each of you the best to you as well. Now that the site is up and running, I'm glad we'll be able to keep in touch better!! I've missed you all so much!!

Have a great night and I'll talk to you soon!!



shaz - August 7

Hey guys,

Isnt it great to be back on line......

Heathermac - Am thrilled to hear about your little man. Boys names are definately hard to choose, alot harder than girls.
Cassandra- G/B twins is such a blessing and double the fun.

I have my 19 week us tomorrow, we are going to find out also. Cant wait to see the little bean, although it moves all the time so I definately know it's there.

Take care



BabyBound - August 8

Hey Heather, I'm glad to see you checked back in. Congrats on the baby boy!! You seem to be a big Halloween buff, so I wish you an healthy early delivery so you can have fun each year around Halloween.

Cassandra, talk about getting it all out the way...b/g twins. How wonderful!!


ElizabethS - August 9

Heathermac - that is fantastic - a BOY!!!!

I am glad I am not the only one stressed about picking out a name. I know you will choose a fantastic one. When is your due date again?


HeatherMac - August 10

You ladies so rock.

Elizabeth - I'm due 11/18...but the u/s showed a VERY LONG baby so I'm truly assuming that we'll be early November if not late October. I'm just glad it will be fall and won't be this hot when I'm 8 and 9 months pregnant. I'm telling you, I would not handle it well AT ALL!!

How did everyone's u/s go?? Updates, girls...we need updates!! I hope all went well and that everyone and babies are well!!



BabyBound - August 10

Well...I had my u/s yesterday and the element of surprise is still there :(. I so wanted to know what I'm having, but my little is very shy. Very active, but he just will not open those legs. The great news is he's very healthy...strong heartbeat (162) and is measuring a couple of days ahead of my original due date. I shooting for a New Year's Baby now.

Waiting to hear about everyone else's photo day.



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