Why does it have to be so stressful?
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chynnadoll - January 2

I have gotten to the point were I want to throw in the towel! Why does it have to be so stressful trying to conceive? My dh and this time time it's dam husband,He is taking all the fun and enjoyment out of it! I think because he is trying to hard sometimes we are unable to accomplish the task because he's concentrating to hard...Does anyone else have this problem? I was so excited this month, I have the preseed and this is my week...I don't no what I'm going to do! Open to suggestions from any of my sisters! Best wishes and lots of little miracles for 2006...Baby dust to all ;)


melanie - January 2

chynnadoll my husband had the same problem! We were doing fine and as we miscarried and kept trying it became harder on him, things were fine then one month he couldn't achieve what was needed and I thought what is going on, he never had that problem before and each time it happened I started to get mad, which wasn't helping, but I knew what days we had to be together and I felt he was ruining our chances, I even became concerned that something medical was going on and I talked to him about it, he said he felt it was stress. Sometimes he was ok, but not fully where he should be but he still was able to achieve what was needed and I didnt' think it would happen, but I am 26 weeks pregnant and he hasn't had the problem since, so I know it was the stress and it is hard on them because they know it's up to them to make it happen and its hard to make it enjoyable after so long of trying it becomes a chore. my only advice is to not to tell him hey its baby night, just act like you are in the mood and let it happen, It is very frustrating to us, but I felt bad for the pressure he was under. Things will work out!


baby4us - January 3

Oh the pressure.. it does get to all of us.. I know that each month we "miss"... it gets so frustrating.. but the best you can do is to just stay calm... try again next time... but rememmebr... between all the timing and life stress.. this is also supposed to be fun... try to not let it completely consume your life (as hard as that can be).. stay positive and focused...

Try having a bath together on baby making night... massages,etc.. anything to help with relaxation. I remember all too well those nights where I was "ready" and DH just couldn't get the job done.. he felt awful.. I was frustrated (there goes another month!)... so we have all been through this .. and it sucks and it hurts.. but you just have to focus on the next month and making that one count! Baby Dust



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