when does sickness kick in
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Tylerb - May 14

The day before I tested I felt nausea all day and dizzy then aferwards nothing I am 5 weeks and I do feel really tired but no other real symptoms as this normal and should I count myself lucky


ElizabethS - May 14

I think so! I too haven't had much sickness, and only a bit of tiredness. I am seven weeks along, and am having triplets. Thank God we are feeling so good.


BabyBound - May 14

For the most part, I'm the same too. I feel a little nausea right when I wake up, but when I get out of bed, I'm fine. I hope it contines.


cassandra - May 14

I was nauseas for the first couple of weeks but not anymore. It is a blessing,,,cassandra


HeatherMac - May 14


Don't be so anxious for it to start!! Many women go their entire pregnancies without any nausea...once yours kicks in, you'll wish you had been one of those lucky Mommies!! :P

Morning sickness for me didn't kick in until about week 8, and when it did, boy howdy, did it kick my butt!! I wasn't usually sick at all in the morning, and that was GREAT...until about 1 in the afternoon...and I was sick until the minute I pillowed my head. I never threw up, thank God, but I sure felt like it for most of the day.

I'm 13w/2d today and I am starting to feel a little better...though I did have a little teaser weekend where I felt FANTASTIC and could eat anything I wanted!! But, two days reprieve was all I got...so I'm hoping that as week 14 creeps up, I'll start to feel better soon.

The worst part with all the nausea was the sheer exhaustion. It was HORRIBLE! I went to the grocery one day, and every time I go the produce department makes me sick...no one specific smell...just all of them. Anyway, I went to the grocery, of course I got sick half-way through, I took what I had home and was so sick and so tired I could not get out of the car...I couldn't even call my husband to come out to help me...I just prayed he heard the car drive up!! He did and finally wondered what was taking me so long, and he comes out and said, "DAMN BABY! Are you okay??" I guess I was green!! HAHA!! I was so tired I couldn't tell him, I just came in the house and hit the couch!!

It wasn't until week 11 that my doctor told me about Zoforan...and it has saved my life!! It makes you terrible constipated, but the nausea is gone in 15 minutes...so I'll take it.

Like I said, I'm feeling a little better, but not great...still a little queasy in the afternoons, but it's finally starting to ease up a bit.

My best friend never had any nausea with either pregnancy and she keeps laughing at me...but having gone through it, I would not wish it upon anyone! I saw a shirt the other day that said: "Morning Sickness - Making Hangovers Seem Pleasant" Truer words were never spoken.

Hope you continue to stay well and happy!!



shaz - May 14

Heathermac - You poor thing. I did laugh at your story though, only because you have such a good sense of humour and made it sound comic. Im sure it's not when your feeling that sick though.

I am quite nauseous and have even thrown up once. I have to make sure I eat as soon as I am hungary though, if not Im in big trouble.....

It's funny, my dh has thrown up 4 times since we had a +++.... I told him to stop it, and that it was all about me at the moment and he was taking the attention away from me...hahahaLOL.



paige - May 15

I was looking forward to the morning sickness just so I know that I'm staying pregnant but now I am really scared. I am five weeks and that is the only symptom I don't have yet. I feel for all of you hearing your stories and won't wish it anymore. I think it's neat that most of us are only weeks apart from each other in pregnancy!


ElizabethS - May 15

Heathermac - I am so sorry for you, but I have to agree with Shaz and tell you that I thought your story was hillarious! :D

Morning sickness has made its appearance this weekend. I wake up feeling great, and then after two hours I am some nauseated. I haven't thrown up, but I can do nothing but lay in bed.

I will start week 8 on Monday, and I have read that morning/allday sickness peaks at week 9. I keep telling myself that this too will pass.



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