When did you tell people?
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sussie88 - September 12

I so badly want to shout out to the entire world that I am pregnant!!! But, I am also being cautious - knowing that it is early ....

When did some of you tell people?? Of course the close friends and family that knew we were going through IVF are aware, but like co-workers, etc...

It is especially tough for me because since I am hyperstimulated, I look 3 months pregnant and am trying deperately to hide it!!! Once I begin telling people, I don't have to work so hard at my daily outfits!!

This Thursday, I will be 5 weeks and am told we should SEE the heart beats.

Thanks for your input!


Karen123 - September 12

Sussie, Like with you, my whole family and close friends knew about the IVF so several of them got calls after the ER, when I found out how many embryos fertilized, when I had them transferred, after each blood test....lol....they heard it all. I had told only a few people at work that I really like. Most are not nice and two who work right next to me never even congratulated me once they knew so I didn't bother with them. I let them find out through others. Well one day after I had a terrible scare from bleeding and found out all was ok, I just coudln't hold back any more. I just talked about it to whoever. So by 7 or 8 weeks, a lot of people knew. It's SO much fun telling people. They all get so nice to you! We have two mean ladies who work in our cafeteria and they are so nice to me now! :) The only bad thing that happened was that very early on I was talking to my co-worker that I'm friends with and a guy nearby overheard. He ran right in and told my boss! I was so mad! It was very early and I thought so much could go wrong. But now, I guess it doesn't matter since all is well! when you do tell people, enjoy it. As long as it isn't someone who's trying hard to get pregnant, the reactions are wonderful. Everyone constantly asks me how I am and I'm eating it up! Karen


sussie88 - September 12

Thanks for your story.

I am thinking that after this week when we see the heartbeats and as long as everything still looks ok, that we'll start telling more people.

That is terrible how your boss found out! Fortunately, I decided to tell my boss before I started IVF just so that I could come and go to appointments as needed without having the stress of having to make excuses each time! He was really supportive and very interested in the process. Apparently, his wife who is in her 40's has several friends going through it as well - so he was interested in the process and had questions, etc...

We are starting to think about names now.... it is so very exciting!!!!! I am at a place I never thought I'd be!!


HeatherMac - September 13


I'm glad you're at this place...we, too, never thought we'd get there, so enjoy every minute of it!!

We started telling people about ten minutes after we found out about the BFP. We told all our family and friends - and I even had one friend, who had suffered through a terrible m/c, ask me if I thought it was too early to tell anyone. Hello?? I figured, tell as many people as possible because they all knew what we had gone through, and if something had happened and we really needed their support, they would be there for us. So, we blabbed like mad to anyone that would listen. I work for myself, so I told all my clients so they could make necessary arrangements for my absence in the fall, and DH told a few people at work because they had gone through the same thing as us...oddly enough.

It's been funny having told everyone so early, though, because I'm starting to get people asking me how much longer I'm going to be pregnant...like they think it's just been forever and a day since we told them!! HAHA!!

I'll be 31 weeks on Thursday, so now we're into the home stretch...a place we never imagined we would be!! I wish you a blissful and wonderful pregnancy and you are hereby granted permission to give a KMA Award to anyone that poo-poo's your sharing of good news. (The KMA Award is officially the Kiss My A** Award, and can be given to anyone who irks you at any time...especially Mr. Tattle Tail from work. Enjoy!!)



SMS1129 - September 14


In June, when I got pg from my first IVF, we told everyone, family, friends, co-workers, etc. Then I had a m/c at 5 weeks and I have to say, it was hard b/c every time I saw a relative or friend I don't normally see, they would ask how I was doing and I ended up telling people for weeks afterwards. One friend even told another that I shouldn't have told everyone so soon. I got mad at that b/c I wanted to share my joy, but then ended up sharing the heartache too.

I am pg again now from my 2nd IVF and have told less people. It is my preference, but I want to wait a little while. I guess I am gunshy.

I wish you the best with your pg. I am 5 weeks now also.



sussie88 - September 14

Thanks for sharing!

My ultrasound went well today we did see both heartbeats! (it's amazing - so earyly). Next week I am hoping to hear the heartbeats, then I think I will begin to share the news. The Doctor said today that I am in my 6th week - so if everything looks good again next week - I think I will feel confident enough to share.



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