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mjforney - October 13

Hi everyone..I was wondering where everyone else was at their HCG levels following their 1st Beta?

Here are mine:
1st Beta: 15d after retrieval = 258
2nd Beta (48 hours later) = 553

They say I have very strong numbers and a possibility of twins.... I'd like to know where everyone else was with singles and twins....

Let's share!



JENNY22074 - October 13

Michelle -

My first beta was 336. 72 hours later it was 1570. My RE's office said the same thing and when I had my firt ultrasound there was a possibility that they saw another sac and waited until the 2nd ultrasound at 7 weeks to confirm 2 or 1. It was one and what they think happened was the vanishing twin. So it is 50/50 with the numbers. You ever really know until the ultrasounds. Best wishes. When is your u/s? Talk to you later.


mjforney - October 13

Hi Jenny: Wow you #'s sure got high after your 72 hour!!!

My ultrasound is on 10/29. at 6 1/2 weeks.
When was your 1st ultra sound?


JENNY22074 - October 13

My first u/s was at 5 weeks to make sure the pregnancy was in the right place and to see how many yolk sacs there were. That is when then saw the positive one sac and a questionable 2nd sac. Then about 10 day later I had another u/s for the heartbeat and was pronounced to be 7 weeks then. We not only got to see but also hear the heartbeat and at that point we discussed that we possibly had the vanishing twin. Then 12 days later they checked once again for the heartbeat before releasing me to the OB and I was 9 weeks at that appointment. They only did my beta 2 times and the wait between the 2nd beta and the u/s was only a week but agonizing since I had a chemical pregnancy from an IUI in 2003 and a blighted ovum that never developed past the 4 weeks mark in 2000. So this whole pregnancy I have been on pins and needles since I have not had very many symptoms. So I am praying all is well with you and that everything goes great.


bdantonio - October 14

the nubers seem fine to me not too high


shansy - October 16

Just lurking these boards and came across this post- I haven't been on this site for awhile but wanted to share my first HCG level which was 57!! It turned into a successful pregnancy and I had my healthy boy last April. Just wanted to give you hope that your numbers look very good.

Good luck to you and tons of babydust to all!!!


mjforney - October 16

Thanks Shansy! Congrats on your little boy....


JulieC - October 30

I just got a positive this month also. My first beta was 89 and the second one, four days later, was 710. I have another test scheduled for thursday and I hope it continues to rise. I've had 3 miscarriages and I'm not sure how many more times I can go through that.


JulieC - October 30

I just found a cool web site that shows levels for both single and multiple pregnancies of actual women. It's http://www.betabase.info/
Check it out.


Marina - December 4

Hi there,
My start wasn't so good,1st beta came 21,I was in panic.Found a lot of info on HCG levels.My 2nd was 66(48 hours later),and the 3rd was 272.That was a relief(for now,I'm still in a "waiting room"untill the US,but at least I have hope now).I just want to tell you guys-don't panik,the most inportant in HCG levels not the number( it's a very wide for the 1st result-from 5 to 500)but how it raising-if it at least doubles in 48 hours-it's good!my nurse said at least 60% is good too.
good luck!


Sirenexyz - December 19

Hi mjforney,
My first beta is 172 which they tested on 17th. The second beta is shedule for tomorrow.

In which week of pregnancy you are ? Did they find out if it's singlet or doublet. I have also transferred two embryos and also curious to know.

Good luck for your test. Keep us posted abut the twins/singlet

My Progesterone lavel is >20 which My dr. said good. But just wnated to make sure from you all how moch is the normal range for it.


mjforney - December 21

Hello.... I am now 14 weeks 3 days pregnate. Iw as prego with twins but lost one 3 weeks ago, emotional!!! But my other baby is doing well!

Good luck!! I also transfered two embries.



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