We did the 4D sono
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justme - February 19

Well, we decided to take a sneak peak! We had it done on Valentine's. We decided that would be our gift to one another. I wish I could attach a pic to this so you all could see Luke. He looked just like my daughter did as a baby. It was pretty neat.

I will be 28 weeks on Tues. Time is flying by! I just had my glucose test this last visit which wasn't too bad. I didn't hear anything, so I guess that is good news. I was relieved to not gain too much weight this month, as last month I gained 9 pounds. I am only carrying one baby! Do those of you with twins gain more each month??

Congrats to all of you newly prego mommies!!! I have been lurking more that posting lately, but I have been reading and keeping up with you guys.

Talk to you soon.


snindy - February 20

How exciting! I want to do the 3D/4D u/s but there isn't really any good places around my house to have it done, so it might not happen.
I'm 19 weeks pg w/ twins, they say you gain a pound a week. I gained 15 lbs so far, it's not exactly every week that I'm gaining a lb but I'm still getting bigger. My stomach is starting to grow an inch a week. I try to watch what I eat and take a walk so maybe that's why I'm not gaining a lb a week. I guess everyone is just different.



baby4us - February 20

Just me .. great news... I would have to travel out of town for a 3D/4D u/s... but would love to have one done.> I am so happy you and DH could experience it... if you are able to post it (although... not sure how either!).. I 'd love to see!

I have been gaining SO much weight! The trouble is.. I don't know how much I weighed before I got pregnant (gained some extra pounds with the stress of fertility treatments). I usually exercise a lot every day and eat small amounts... but obvisouly couldn't do that while pregnant.. I have just been going for long walks and cross country skiing.. but eating pretty well anything
(as long as it is healthy and not junk food and snacking!)... but boy oh boy.. I can tell by my thighs that I am gaining!

I guess there really isn't too much I can do right now.. just keep up the walking!

And Just me.. how did you survive the Glucose test.. mine will be coming up next month.. and am NOT looking forward to it!!


justme - February 20

The glucose really isn't that bad. You just drink a not-so-tasty flat soda like drink and then they draw your blood an hour later. Really no biggy, it is just drinking the stuff.


snindy - February 20

The glucose blood test isn't bad at. My drink was an orange tasting drink, it tasted like water down orange pop. I had to sit in a recliner for an hour then they drew my blood. Piece of cake.... Just remember to fast for 8 hours before doing this test. So get it done first thing in the morning.



justme - February 21

My doc didn't have me fast before hand, they just said no sugar for the 8 hours. I actually gotto take the drink home after my last appt, and 30 minutes before I went this last time I drank it and went on in. I had the orange drink too.


SMS1129 - February 23

I had the glucose test with the same lovely orange drink. My level was slightly high, so I went back for a 3 hour test...you get to drink a red drink, not much better, but twice the size. At 2 hours it was slightly above normal range, but fine at 3 hours. They are having me come back next week for another 2 hour, with no sugar drink, just fasting again, eat my breakfast and then 2 hours later, draw blood again. In the meantime, they told me to watch the carbs and sugar. It's tough because I thought being pg gave me the right to indulge here and there...oh well.

I have gained about 40 lbs with the twins. I am a little over 28 weeks now. I just had an u/s this morning and my son is now head down, which is good. We got some really cool pictures of him drinking the amniotic fluid, very cool. My daughter was curled up in a ball, so we couldn't really get any good shots of her today.

I can really feel and see them kicking now. This morning I was lying in bed and my dh put his hand on my side and my son was moving like crazy. He was so amazed, it was really cool.



baby4us - February 23

Oh Sue that is so amazing abotu the twins moving around!

And sorry you have to take the Glucose test so many times.. I guess I shouldn't be complaining.. but I am worried.. as I too have been indulging.. I have a very sweet tooth!!!!!!!


justme - February 23

Sue, I am sorry you are having to et stuck so many times. Hopefully it is nothing and you can go back to indulging!!! lol My sweet tooth has really kicked in the last couple of weeks!


Karen123 - February 24

Justme, That is so great that you had the u/s! I LOVED it when I went! Just think, I had my babies just a week past the point you are at now! Amazing, huh? They are real live ready to live human beings in such a short amount of time. Just amazes me all the time. I gained 48 pounds total in the 29 1/2 weeks and that includes the 5 pounds I gained while going through the injections. Now I have 20 more to lose and it's not going anywhere. My babies are 1 month old today so I know I should give it more time but I'm just so sick of wearing maternity or baggy clothes. Oh well. I'm not able to exercise yet due to high blood pressure issues so hopefully once that's under control I'll lose some more weight. Of course I won't have much time once my twins come home! And boy am I looking forward to that! I too had a high glucose reading and was scheduled for the 3 hour test but ended up admitted to the hospital the day before so I never had it. Good luck to all of you!!!! Karen


baby4us - February 24

Hi Karen.. I am sure the weight will drop soon enough... You had two babies to carry!

I have gained more weight right now than I am happy with.. and like most.. had put on some extra pounds while doing the fertility treatments... and indeed Karen.. when the twins come home.. you''ll be running around after them and the weight will just melt off!!

Anyway.. for some reason I couldn't start a new thread to address this.. but I found a site where you can start a basic baby web site of your own for free... and you can add photos of your baby and/or u/s scans and add journals, etc. It is pretty fun.. I thought it might be nice to share our photos through this.. check it out.. mine is at:


me know what you think!!! and sign my journal if you'd like... I really want to keep this going.. so will be nice to look back at!


baby4us - February 27

Hi Fiso... oh dear.. you must be going out of your mind with worry!!

I only had spotting.. but I did have some pretty heavy duty cramping... during the first trimetser which of course made me insane with worry.. so I can't even imagine what you are going through.

What did they say in the ER?... I know that I was told if I ever had any spotting and or cramping to immediately lie down and put my feet up... it was also because of this during my first trimester that I stopped doing my regular work outs and just stuck to walking and doing yoga? I know it isn't always easy to stop what you are doing to put your feet up.. but I usually did so the minute I felt even a twinge...

Are you experiencing any other stress in your life right now that could have brought this on??

I bet you are exhausted today... must have been very emotionally and physically dranining for you yesterday... I am intrested to hear how you are feeling.. let us know!!

Maybe post a topic for Dr Smith.. although for some reason I know you can't post new topics.. i am going to send a note to Sahredjourney.. this is frustrating..

Fiso.. am thinking of you today........ I really hope all is well!!!


fiso - February 27

Thanks baby4us. I feel better today but I had cramps again last night. Since I'm working from home, it's easier for me to lie down if needed, and that's what I've done all day yesterday. The red bleeding stopped but now it's brown stuff. We were in the ER from 3PM till 11PM. I stayed for hours with an IV and an empty bag of sodium water. Ridiculous. I was so tired I wanted to sleep but you can't when you have bright lights on your face all the time! The doc said that it could be caused by an ectopic pregnancy, besides the normal one. My ovaries are sooo enormous and sensitive, I couldn't even put my hand on my belly. I'm going to see my IVF doc tomorrow morning and see what's going on. That episode has been so exhausting, and scary too!
Since I started the new IVF and found out I was pg, I haven't exercised at all. I've been so uncomfortable to start with but also scared to mess up anything. But I'm planning on taking prenatal yoga when my first trimester is done. I miss exercising.
I'm to to take it easy today. DH is going to vacuum the hosue when he gets home tonight. He ihas been so good throughout this whole thing. But he felt so helpless. It's hard to see someone you love in pain.

Have a good day and I'll keep you posted! Thanks for all your support. FIso


baby4us - February 27

Fisa thank god you wrote.. I've been obsessively checkign the forums to hear from you! I have been so worried!!

I hope you can rest today. Even if you don' t feel tired.. go put your feet up... put a pillow under your knees to raise them up a bit and stay there and relax.. sleep.. breathe!!

I am glad you are feeling a bit better today.. but I am sure you will feel much better tomorrow after seeing your doc. Let us know what s/he says.. this is very nerve-wracking!!

Good luck... please rest.. even if you take the whole day to have a lie down (just ensure your legs are elevated!!)

I'll be waiitng to hear how your doc appointment goes tomorrow... good luck.. I'm thinking of you!!!!!



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