very slight discharge ok??
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baby4us - November 3

I am going to give a call to the docs office today.. but just wanted to know if any of you ladies have had a very slight brownish discharge?

I noticed it last night.. but it was so slight.. I actually didn't think anything of it first... but now have started to worry! Because I am taking progesterone suppositories.. I am wearing a pantyliner all the time.. and I just noticed a really slight ... almost non-existent brownish colour on the pad.. barely brownish.. more beige.. not sure if I should be panicking... taking it easy.. or should everything be ok??????


cassandra - November 3

Baby4us, if you are worried, call the doc. I know that the progesterone can cause a bloody discharge, I think it has something to do with irratating the lining. I don't have the phd though. As long as you don't have cramping I wouldn't worry too much but we all know it's impossible not to worry around here! For your own peace of mind, call the dr. That's what they get paid for! Take care...casssandra


justme - November 3

I had really brown spotting one day around 8 weeks and freaked, but everything was fine. I would call your doc and let them know though.


Karen123 - November 3

I had 4 trips to the emergency room and RE because of bleeding. Almost every time, I was asked what color the bleeding was. In the beginning, it was dark red which was bad but Most of the time, it was brown and every time the docs said that was a good thing because it meant that it was "old" blood which was not fresh blood which would have been more of a concern. I agree though, call the doctor. Your peace of mind matters most. Karen


baby4us - November 4

thanks for all your advice.. I let the doc know.. he didn't seem too worried at this point.. just keep an eye on it.. take it easy.. blah, blah.. so that is what I have done.. so far so good.. nothing for almost 2 days now.. so I am hoping all is good inside!!!

Always something to worry about!!!!



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