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jamielee - September 27

I just wanted to add that twins with diarrhea and teething is NOT fun!! I have never changed so many diapers in my life!!!


doglover - September 29

Hi girls!
Daniella-my husband works 2 days then 2 overnights. He is then off 4 days. He is trying to juggle that with going to school full time to become a Physican's Assistant. I am a veterinarian in a small animal practice. I plan to go back to work 3 days a week, less than 8 hours a day. My mother-in-law will watch Jack-she is very reliable, thankfully!!

Okay, so I know my child has been difficult, but we are really concerned bc he will NOT take a bottle, and I am going back to work next week. Any suggestions? We have tried all kinds of bottles, nipples. I left the other day, and he refused to eat for 6 hours (he normally wants to eat every 2-3).

Hope everyone is well!!!



wolffie - September 29

Linzie -

I have heard that sometimes it helps to let the baby nurse first and then offer a bottle at the end of the nursing. that way Jack will have had his needs met to nurse so he may be willing to try something new. I have also heard to offer it when the baby is half asleep. I have sent a few email questions to La Leche League online and they have always responded even though it has taken a day or two.

Tyler doesn't have difficulty accepting the bottle but he gets angry at the end of a bottle b/c the wants to continue to suck but we don't want him to suck on an empty bottle. we found that when feeding him from a bottle we feed him almost sitting upright rather than in a cradle position. that seems to work for us b/c tyler eats slower that way so he gets his sucking needs met. that might help with jack if he associates the cradle hold with the breast maybe try a different position.

how many bottles are you offering him a day? what does he do when he refuses?



JulieC - September 29

Hey all! We are still doing well. Ben is sleeping pretty well at night. He is up maybe once or twice, but we don't go to bed until around 10 or 11pm. Linzie - since Jack is sleeping with you were you going to bed at 8 or 9? We would like to get Ben's bedtime to be earlier but we're not sure how to do that until he starts sleeping in his crib, which I'm reluctant to do. I just love having the little guy close to me even though he is in his bassinet. Out day nap schedule has been off ever since we took a vacation. He sleeps during the day, just not a regular times anymore which sucks because it's so much easier to plan your day if you know what to expect.

Linzie - I can't believe what a hungry little guy you have! I introduced the bottle to Ben at 4 weeks like LLL suggests and it went fine, but I guess I got lazy with it because I looked at my log and realized his last bottle feeding was on Sept. 1. So, yesterday DH tried to give him a bottle and he refused it. Let me know if you have any luck. I am really nervous about leaving him and I have to go to Philly in a couple of weeks and he's going to have to get the bottle from someone!

He's hungry now - gotta go!


lili246 - September 29

I know what you mean diareahh is no fun and especially you that you have two so are both sick and teething? wow that must be hard but sounds that you are doing good. Have fun with the diaper changing they are expensive ha..lol
Nice to hear from you.


bdantonio - September 29

okay one thing to suggest on the nipple/bottle thing is try using a nipple shield (can get them at babys r us) They are silicone and have holes in them you place them over your nipple while breast feeding that way they can get the feel of it and when you are close to the end of breast feeding slip the bottle in and hopefully they wont realize it. Also the feeding them with the bottle with your shirt off with them close to you may work that way they have the comfort of you.


jamielee - September 30

Hi girls! I just ordered Batman and Robin costumes for the babies!! sooo cute can't wait!


doglover - October 2


Jamie-Where did you order your costumes?? I want to find one for Jack!!

Beth/Daniella-Thanks for the suggestion of the nipple shield. I haven't tried that yet. I have given up on trying to get him to take a bottle myself, and I haven't really asked too many other people to try (I keep having my mother-in-law try since she will be caring for him). She is coming over tomorrow so I will have her try again. He has complete meltdown when you attempt to feed him-he screams like he is having one of his old colic rages. Last time he got so upset that he screamed until he was exhausted and fell asleep. I hope he will give up soon. Of course I want to transition him into his crib too, but I think I will wait a few more weeks until he adjusts to me working. A few friends of mine insist that I should use the cry it out method. I feel like I will have a hard time with it so I am not sure what we will ultimately do. I am a wuss, but I definitely want him to learn to sleep in the crib.

Julie-When Jack goes to bed I usually wait a few minutes after he falls asleep and then sneak away (of course with the monitor on). I only nurse him so he gets fed immediately before sleeping then I pull him off as soon as he starts suckling. If he makes a big fuss, I give him the pacifier but I try to avoid it if possible. When he wakes up during the night, he goes to sleep on his own without the pacifier. This past week, he has only been waking up 1-2 times between 8pm and 7am. I feel so well rested!!

Have a good night!


JulieC - October 8

We're still not having any luck with the bottle for Ben. I used the nipple shields for about the first four weeks after he was born because of latch issues, but my pedi and the lactation consultants all advised me to stop using them as soon as possible. It's so much easier not to use them I'm kind of afraid to go back. But, he was taking the bottle between 4-8 weeks so maybe they helped.



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