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doglover - September 16

Hi guys!

Good to hear from you!! I have been busy with Jack. He turns 11 weeks tomorrow. I have to go back to work in a few weeks and am really sad about it. We are having such a good time together.

He is still obsessed with eating, but I have gotten used to it. At least he doesn't eat hourly anymore. More like 2-3 hours. I hope it improves soon. I try to delay feeding him, but he will start to throw a fit. What can I say-he just likes the boob! He will even give me a hint that he wants milk by looking at my eyes, then my boobs, then my eyes, then my boobs. Really, it is ridiculous. He does not need so much milk. I don't know how else to handle it.

At night, he is doing better. He will usually sleep at least 3 hours between feedings. He still flails around 5am-6am...not sure why. We put room darkening shades up to help.

As for naps, he is at least taking one from about 11-1. Otherwise, we try to take one later afternoon and sometimes early evening bc he does not typically get to bed until 8 or 9. I am determined to get him out of my bed between 12-16 weeks. Any recommendations on a smooth transition? I think he will give us a hard time. How do people feel about the cry it out method versus no cry??



doglover - September 16

Oh Daniella
I am also considering what to do with our frozen embryos. We have seven left, but I don't remember what stages they are at. My husband had varicocele surgery while I was pregnant so we are going to check his sperm analysis next month to see if it might be possible to get pregnant naturally. I am not sure when it would be best to try again since it might be another long journey...



wolffie - September 16

Linz -

what are your plans for feeding after you go back to work? how will you know how much milk to send jack with since he eats so often? do you think he is really eating or just suckling? how much does he weigh? that is so funny that he looks at your eyes then your boobs! LOL!

do you swaddle him at night? we can't swaddle tyler in the receiving blankets anymore b/c he kicks out of them but we have the swaddleme blanket which has velcro so it actually stays on! we just don't put his arms in it, jsut around his lower body. i found the swaddleme and the sleep sack help tyler to sleep longer at night. he has been sleeping at least 7 hours at night for the last couple weeks (once we got 10 hours!!!). we have a super hard time getting him down for naps though. he falls asleep when breast feeding and when i try to move him to his crib , pack n play, or swing he wakes up and stays up. i don't want him to be used to sleeping in my arms. we still have him in our room in the bassinet at night but we have been putting him in his crib a lot to try to get him used to it.

is jack in bed with you or just in your room? if he's in your bed could you begin to put him in a bassinet or pack in play in your room for a couple weeks to begin the transition to his own room? our pediatrician said not to let them cry it out until at least 4 months. and at that time to let them cry for a couple minutes then go in to soothe then leave the room and if they start crying to let them cry a little longer than the first time and then go in and soothe and to keep increasing the amount of time.

wow, 7 frosty embies left! that's a lot! i feel like we don't have a good shot with just two but i want to give those little ones a chance.

what kind of work do you do?



bdantonio - September 20

I let them cry it out at two months but only for a few minutes. I got angelina out of my bed about 6 weeks into the bassinett. everynight when i got undressed for bed i would lay my shirt down then lay the baby down so it smelled like me it worked. Angelina gets up around 7am goes back down at 9am to 11am then goes back down at 1pm-330pm then goes to bed at 8pm n sleeps until 7am. and shes in her cirb now


wolffie - September 20

beth - when did you get angelina into her own room? my plan is to try to move tyler to his crib in his bedroom in the next week or two (he's 12 weeks old). he is currently in a bassinet in our room but naps in his crib. how many ounces is angelina taking in a bottle now? tyler struggles with napping...fights the sleep. we are trying to get him on a schedule. any suggestions? i haven't tried the shirt for nap times but maybe i'll give it a shot.



bdantonio - September 20

Angelina at 12 weeks was eating about 6 oz's at a time and thats all she still does except now shes on food. I put her in her own room at 6 weeks. Here is Angelinas schedule the same one shes had since about 12 weeks
7:00am wake up eat a bottle
7:30 eat cereal
745-900am play
9:00-11:00am nap
11:00am up and bottle
12:30 lunch
1:00-330pm nap
330pm up and bottle
330-500pm play
5:00-5:30pm eat dinner
6:00 bath
6:30-730pm play
730-800pm calm down time i hold her and read
8:00pm-7:00am nite nite..

But i also started my children both on cereal around 3-3.5 mths. What i recommend is on a saturday when you are both home and ready for stress start your routine. You will need each other for support. If you are trying to get him through the nite you have to force it and when i say that is if he gets up at 3 make him hold off to 330 the next nite try and push it to 4 and so on till you get through the night. that was what my pediatricain recommended cause she told me if you keep getting up and feeding them they will make it there routine. It does make sense cause with my first i got up to feed her when she woke and she is now 3 and still has a hard time sleeping through the night she gets up waning milk at 3am. With Angelina it worked and i am glad my new peditrican recommended it. Some times Angelina will try and wake up early we will just patt her butt and tell her to shhhhh and she 9 out of 10 times lay down. She may get up early 1 times every two weeks.

Who is going to watch him when you go back to work or maybe i should ask are you going back to work.


wolffie - September 21

luckily, tyler has been sleeping through the night for a few weeks now. he's always been a great sleeper at night. the naps have been difficult...getting him down and staying down in his crib. i am going to try your shirt method though to see if it works on tyler. he'll sleep in his crib for a nap for 30 minutes or so but then wakes up. when we soothe him he will fall back to sleep.

i am going back to work november 24th. my husband is a firefighter so he is on 24 hours and off 48 hours. he will be the primary caregiver and then a friend of ours will be watching him on the days that both my dh and i are working. what's great is that the most my dh will work in one of my work weeks is 2 days.

does angelina fall asleep on her own for naps? did she fight them in the beginning? do you swaddle her or anything for naps?


doglover - September 21

Hi girls

Yes, Jack does EAT when he can...I pull him off when he is just suckling. He'll usually empty a boob within a few minutes. He is a little chubby but not too bad-he is over 14 pounds...not sure of exact weight since he has not been weighed for almost 2 weeks.

At night, he is in bed with us. He is like a dog sniffing for my breasts...he will actually scoot over and find them! I know I need to get him out of the bed soon...preferably into the crib in the other room. I wanted him to be at least 12 weeks, so his time is coming soon. At night, I will ignore his rustling until he starts to cry. This will usually buy me 3-4 hours, but there are times like last night where he woke up every 2 hr acting ravenous. Then I wonder-is it a growth spurt since he truly seemed hungry?

At this point, I think it is useless to transition to the bassinet since I want him in the crib in the next month. I think I am dreading all the work it will take. My poor husband is also a firefighter, but he is working full time and going to school full time. That leaves most of the care up to me, and I just get exhausted after awhile. The thought of having to get up and go in the other room multiple times a night is not appealing at all. Yet I am going back to work in the next 2 weeks and probably should have done something sooner. We did try putting him in the cosleeper in the past and occasionally in the middle of the night when he is driving us crazy. He just cries.

Thankfully, when he is really tired, he will sleep in the swing for naptime. I wish he would sleep in the crib or bassinet, but he refuses. Sometimes he will sleep in the pack and play for a short time, but I end up putting him in the swing bc he will easily sleep 2-3 hrs there.

I appreciate all of the advice I have heard. I think that the babies are starting to get to the point where we can work on a schedule for them, so I am going to try and be consistent with naptime routines and bedtime routines in the next month. Up until now, I have just done what I have to so that I know he gets some sleep. It is funny how some babies are more difficult than others.

Glad everyone is doing well!!

Beth, I rubbed the blanket in his cosleeper all over me. My husband made me laugh when he told me he was going to crawl into his crib and rub his scent on the sheets. It would probably be easier to take them off...heehee


bdantonio - September 22

she fought me at first when i just layed her down but after about 3 days she just knew. However i do recommend no toys in the crib or mobile. I have nothing in angelinas just her sheet and a blanket (her bankie).


wolffie - September 22

linzie -

what kind of shift does your dh work? are most departments the same with 24 on 48 off? my dh is in school now too. just began his EMT classes and in January begins his paramedic training. He used to be a cop (for 8 years) before changing jobs. Does your dh work a die job on his off days? what type of job do you have? i am a middle school social worker. i go back to work the end of november.

it is amazing how different babies personalities can be!


lili246 - September 23

Give me some feedback on what is that I need to do with my son waking up at nights and crying for his milk. It sounds like you have alot of experience.

You know he is pretty good in taking naps during the day. He eats ok.
He naps like 3 to 4 times per day sometimes are a 30min naps and others are a 3 full hour naps.
He goes to bed about 9 to 10p.m. drinks a 8oz bottle then about like 2am he wakes up crying for his milk so I make a 6 oz bottle ofcourse seems like he just wants something in his mouth he does drink it some and then about 3 hours later he drinks the rest I just put the bottle next to him so when he wakes up he grabs it himself.
I think that about this time 9 months he should sleep the whole night. But it's not like that he wakes up about 2 to 3 times sometimes for his milk.

The doctor recommended that instead of milk give him water so he will get the idea that it will be water and it will not be worth waking up for water.

What would you suggest?? I did try the water and he crys even more until I give him his milk....

How is everyone else doing?


bdantonio - September 24

Next time he wakes at say 2 am put him back in his normal position ie tummy if thats how he sleeps best cover him back up and tell him its nite nite time. If he cries let him for 5 mins then go in do it again repeat 2-3 times then give him 2 oz's just enough to make him think hes eating. The next night make him wait longer eventually he will get up later and later.

Also have you tried making cereal and actually feeding him before bed. Milk may not be enough. My daughter goes to bed at 8 and eats her last meal though between 630-700. When does he eat his last meal? What is hes eating schedule?


lili246 - September 24

I will try that thanks for the help. I do feed him cereal before bedtime even though he does eat cereal before bedtime he still drinks his 6 to 8 oz of milk.

I really don't know his schedule for meals since my mom is the one who takes care of him. But he does eat about 4 times per day his bottle and does eat his adult meals what the doctor calls them.

But I will try your advice because what he really does is wake up crying and very loud I guess I spoiled him fromt he begining and now he knows how to get my attention..ugh

thanks :)


jamielee - September 26

Hi girls, I can't believe my boys are almost 1 year old!!! Time flies! I really have no choice as far as sleep goes because if I feed them in the middle of the night then I will never sleep!! They still wake for milk at around midnight and I do give them some but if they wake after that I do not give in they usually cry a bit then they are fine. I still use my ocean wonders aquarium, I put them down and turn it on and they know its time to sleep! Music sooths them so I would suggest something like that Daneilla, it could make the transition a bit easier! You could also use a crib cd player, but the aquarium has been a real life saver for me! Again my Doc stressed to me let them cry!! He said you have to teach them to sleep on their own. My first son I could never let him cry I always tended to him and it was a nightmare!
Hope everyone is well!!


lili246 - September 26

Nice to hear about you Jaime. I am glad that everything is going great with you and the kids. wow almost 1 year that went by so fast.
sure sounds that the ocean aquarium works I was thinking of getting one aswell and I might now that you said good things about it.

How is everyone else doing?


jamielee - September 27

I just wanted to add that twins with diarrhea and teething is NOT fun!! I have never changed so many diapers in my life!!!



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