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lisa13 - March 31

I have not heard from many people in a while; michelle, daniella, linzie, julie etc.

How is every one doing?

I was not feeling well on friday; had 102. Then sat went down to 100. I think i sneezed 100 times yesterday and coughed about 50. I keep saying sorry to Raymond. hehe. anyone get a bad cold during there pregnancy and what did you do. Well 12 weeks to go cant wait.
I want to hear more up dates.

Congrats Jen... I want to hear all about it


doglover - April 1

Hi Lisa!!
I am sorry about your cold. I did have one back in January. Nothing really helped me, but I did not take any meds either. Thankfully I have been healthy since...
I am doing well! Our boy is kicking all the time. I can actually see when he moves (my husband and I love to watch). We just moved so that was a bit stressful. Our crib is supposed to arrive in another 2 weeks so we are going to concentrate on the nursery. I have the bedding, and my husband ordered a glider (I think he imagines he is the one nursing).
I am sleeping well and have had no back pain, etc. I have gained about 16 or 17 pounds total, but I look funny bc it is all in my belly. I cannot fit into a lot of my maternity clothing bc of my gigantic belly!
Well, I am off to my obgyn appt. Have a good day-Linzie


Tracy1 - April 2

Hi everyone,

I have 5 weeks to go and counting down.
Finished work yesterday and very much looking forward to the time off.
I have done the nursery in Winnie the Pooh theme which is just so cute!
Baby moves all day and night, I haven't had any back pain either.
Only put on 9kg and all belly, everyone says I'm huge but that's because I haven't put any weight on on my legs, bum or arms.
Had a bit of fluid in my fingers and feet the past week which is uncomfortable.
Going to Perth in 2 weeks to await our baby boys delivery!



Tracy1 - April 2

Oh... sorry to hear about you guys having colds.
No chance of that up here as it's so hot and humid all the time. Had cyclones and storms. Will be happy for the cooler weather in Perth.



JulieC - April 3

Hi all -

I have actually had a cold too. Not too bad, but annoying congestion that keeps me up and a sore throat. Sudafed is supposed to be ok to take, but I haven't used it yet.

We are also getting ready to move to Maryland and I've been going back and forth to DC to house shop. Can't wait to just be settled and focus on the nursery and get a doctor in MD!



bdantonio - April 3

Julie where in MD


wolffie - April 3

hi ladies!

sorry it's been awhile. just been very hectic on my end. baby and i are doing well. we ended up at labor and delivery the other night after i had some bleeding...but no pain. luckily, it just ended up being a bladder infection. other than that we've just been trying to get the house and nursery in order.

how is everyone else doing?

linzie and julie - have you decided on names?

lisa - how is raymond doing? are you feeling better?

jenny - CONGRATS! can't wait to hear all about gabriel!

beth - how are the girls doing?



bdantonio - April 4

The girls are doing great angelina will be 2mths on the 8th and already amost 12 lbs, she eats alot.


JulieC - April 7

[quote author=bdantonio link=board=9;threadid=5637;start=0#48322 date=1207244384]
Julie where in MD

Montgomery Village. My DH works in DC. It's so expensive in the city we decided to live in MD. Are you from around there?


bdantonio - April 7

i live in delaware


JulieC - April 7

Well, I'm in south jersey now so I drive past you to get to DC almost every week!


bdantonio - April 7

my dh is from jersey


lisa13 - April 9

well I had to take the 3 hour diabetes test today. any one take this?


bdantonio - April 9

yes i hve n the 4 hr one


lisa13 - April 9

i have gestational diabetes; i just got the call. i am so upset; does anyone have any insight


JulieC - April 11

I had the one hour test this week but don't have the results yet.
Lisa - what was your number? I really don't know much about it so I'm no help for advice. But I know it's very manageable and goes away after the birth.


wolffie - April 12

I had the one hour test last week but haven't heard anything yet.

lisa - what other info did the doc give you? i don't know much about gestational diabetes.




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