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Karen123 - December 16

Sue, that is so fantastic!! I tell you, it's been so great to read so many happy posts. I cried all the time a while back reading all the sadness and it's just great that all the hard work involved in trying to conceive does pay off for many! I just wish it was for everyone of course. I say a prayer every day that every woman upstairs will someday join this happy board down here. A boy and a girl!!! That is just absolutely perfect. I am carrying a boy and a girl and couldn't be happier!! Of course I would have loved my babies no matter what but I just feel even luckier to be carrying one of each. I still can't believe it's true!! I have named them Hailey and Jayden. I bought a ton of clothes and toys for them and I'm so anxious to meet them. I do not want to go too early of course but I can't help but wish the time would pass faster so that I can hold them in my arms. They are so loved! Well I am SO thrilled for you!!!! Thanks for the update! Karen


sussie88 - December 17

HI Girls!

Had my 19 1/2 week u/s yesterday. We are having two boys!!! So exciting! We are going to share the news with family on X mas. I bought santa picture frames and will write the babie's names in the frame. Next year, that can be replaced with real live Santa and baby pictures!!

Both babies are weighing in at approx 11 oz and are measuring perfect for the week I am in.

So glad to be able to share this journey with all of you.

Happy Holidays!


Karen123 - December 17

Sussie, That is wonderful!! I am SO happy to hear that all is well and you have 2 little precious boys on the way!! What great Christmas news for your family!! congratulations!!! Karen


snindy - December 17

How exciting! That's wonderful news, Congrats!

I'm still debating if I want to find out the sexes or not, I have an idea that it might be a boy/girl.



sussie88 - December 18

I really thought it was going to be a boy and a girl too (the baby that is always a 'show off' during u/s, I thought for sure would be a girl.) I am just praying for healthy children - doesn't matter what they are! We chose the names Mason Riley and Logan Michael.

I was on the fence about deciding until my girlfriend's baby shower. She did not have the opportunity to get to know the sex (do you know that with a normal pregnancy, you only get one u/s??? I have an album full of pictures now from my 8 u/s so far!!). Anyway, I was the scribe during the shower, writing down who got her what. It went like this: oh, a cute yellow duck outfit, oh, another cute duck outfit, oh look more ducks!!! right then and there, I decided - two kids require a lot of stuff - and I don't like ducks that much!! Ha!

Good luck to all of you.


SMS1129 - December 20

I would be happy for two of whatever as long as they are healthy. I am nervous about the Level 2 u/s on the 29th, although mainly because of what happened to the triplet I was carrying. If it gets confirmed that it is one of each sex, it will be very exciting. My dh would love to have a son and I need someone to dress up..ha, ha. But two of each would be wonderful too!

What great Christmas presents!!

Take care all and have a great holiday!



Karen123 - December 22

Sussie88, Your comment about ducks made me laugh! So true. I LOVE knowing what my babies are. I have had a blast purchasing adorable pink little shoes and clothes and the sweetest baby blue outfits ever! I tell you, in CT anyway, the boy clothes are much cuter than the girl clothes! They have such adorable little jeans and jackets and pj's. Just so much fun to buy these things. I found some great buys at the local consignment shop and feel SO good about saving a ton of money. I got a swing there for 20 bucks! A baby carrier pack for $3 and tons of little outfits for 3 bucks each. Some even have the tags on them still! I bought an adorable Christmas ornament with 4 little faces with santa hats and had painted Alyssa, Heather, Hailey and Jayden so all my babies are represented. I'll treasure that thing! Karen



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