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Meg - December 6


I hope you are doing well w/ the twin p/g. It has been so long since I have read any books on twins !!! I did take a few out from the library while I was p/g and found some of them helpful, but I have mostly found that raising twins can mostly be baptism by fire ;D

Our twins came 2 months early. The day I turned 32 wks. I had them by C-section, which was my choice more or less. I did not want to take any chances, since they were premature. Both did have and still have some delays due to prematurity, but are progressing well. They receive early intervention help through our local county. B/w them they receive 5 services, and might pickup speech services soon. It is nice to see our tax dollars at work :) One thing I was and am is very proactive in their development. I was very persistant in getting them evaluated every couple of months by early intervention b/c I suspected that they weren't meeting milestones even w/ their adjusted age. I did use books as guides to help me determine where they should have been developmentally for their first year of life. Some people don't get so worried about meeting milestones, but since they were born early, I really wanted to be on top of things. I think receiving help has made a difference for them in the long run.

Every time I look at them and think that they will be 2 on the 12th, it is so very hard to believe. They were the best Christmas present that we have ever received. Of course this impending baby could also be born on or very near Xmas also !!!! If that is the case we will have gotten 3 wonderful presents in our life :) My c-section is scheduled for Jan. 5.

Best of Luck to all of you p/g with twins :) My wish for all of you is to make it to at least 36 weeks.

Take Care and keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers.



snindy - December 7

Thanks Meg,
I do have a couple more questions if you don't mind, did you have spotting during your pregnacy? I heard you can bleed more when your having twins, I have been noticing some spotting but I figured it's just normal, I don't have any cramps so I don't think I should be worried.

2nd question, when your twins were born, and you had to take them to the doctors or run errands did someone go with you to help you carry one of the twins? Or how did you manage to do it by yourself? I know when they are older they can fit in a stroller but what do you do when they are just babies? I know it's an oddball question but I'm just curious.



baby4us - December 7

Hey Cindy.. I certainly can't answer the twin question.. but I can maybe aleviate your concerns about the spotting.

I have had really light spotting and cramping since day 1.. I am now at 14 weeks and have thus far had 3 u/s (the last one was at my doc's office to alleviate my fears because I had seemed to be cramping/spotting more than usual).. but so far.. so good!

It can be common with some women throughout their pregnancy and they go on to have healthy babies. I have also read that there is an increased chance in spotting while carrying twins. So just take it easy... listen to your body and if you notcie an increase in the spotting and/or accompanied by cramping.. please call your doctor right away.

But you should be fine.. take a nap and put your feet up!!!


snindy - December 7

Thanks baby4us I feel better, but I'm sure you can relate when you see something and think the worse.

All because of that stupid miscarriage I had the first time, I'm freaking out over every little ache or pain. It really sucks, I start thinking the worse. But I'm tired of walking on eggshells. I came to the conclusion that if I'm going to have a miscarriage again then it's happening for a reason. I have no control.

How are you feeling at week 14? Do you think it's going really fast? I'm already at week 8 and I can't believe it.



Meg - December 7


I had a complicated twin pregnancy, so I am not necessarily the best person to use as an example. I was p/g w/ triplets until 11 wks. I spotted around 5 1/2 weeks until about 7. I bled again around 8 wks. due DH and I attempting intercourse. (that was the last time until after the twins were born :)) I stopped bleeding for a time and then when I began losing the triplet about 12 wks. I bled until around 16 wks. I had Brackston Hicks contractions starting at 19 wks. and then developed preeclampsia about 30 and 1/2 weeks and had the twins at exactly 32 wks. They both spent 32 days in the NICU. I have pretty much had an uncomplicated p/g this time around which has been a major blessing, considering the two previous p/g's before the twins ended in m/c.

This time around I have had progesterone shots weekly since wk. 24 to prevent preterm labor. It obviously has worked b/c I will 35 wks. tomorrow:) I do have brackston Hicks contractions again, but I do think that the progesterone shots has helped me. My Dr. has kept a very close eye on me, b/c of my previous history, which has been very reassuring.

At the beginning when the twins came home from the NICU, my husband took off for a week, and my mom and mother-in-law, came over and helped off and on, but for the most part after they were home for a couple of wks. I did everything on my own. I did not take the twins out until they were almost 3 months old, b/c of being premature. I did obviously take them to the Dr.s, but did always bring someone with me when going there. After 3 months I would take them out by myself. I have a double stroller and would fit both car seat infant carriers in the stroller. When grocery shopping I would put one carrier up top and one in the basket and pile the food around them ;) It was actually easier shopping when they were babies b/c they slept a lot.

Now that they are older, it is much more difficult doing things. Our daughter doesn't particularly like being in the stroller and pretty much has a melt down after being in there 15 minutes. I try to do shopping w/o them now, but sometimes that is just not an option. I do take them to the Dr.s myself now, when they are sick, but if I can have someone come w/ me I always take the help. It is nerve wracking trying to watch two at the same time get into everything !!! Their 2 yr. appt. is coming up this wk. and I am making my husband leave work early to meet me. It is also better to have your husband w/ you when going to well checks, to have another person listening and adding different things about the twins. Generally though I am the main care taker of the twins. DH works a lot of hours, and all of our family members work, so extra help during the week usually doesn't happpen. I adjusted to having twins fairly well. I am a little scared to have a new baby and trying to take care of twins I must admit :)

I am sure that your p/g is progressing fine. When is your next u/s ? I always felt reassured after my u/s's. I will be sure to keep you and your twins in my thoughts and prayers :)

Take Care,



snindy - December 7

Wow, sounds like you had quite a journey with your pregnacy. Thanks for sharing your experience with me. I hope I can be as good as a mom as you are. I go back this Monday and I think it's the last time I see my fertility doctor, the doctor will then release me into the wilderness lol. I did make an appt with a baby doctor and that's the following Monday.

Take Care


SMS1129 - December 7

I am also having twins (17 weeks) now and I appreciate reading everyone's posts.

Karen-I have the exact same pain you have at the top of my uterus only on the left side and it goes away when I push on it. I assumed it is the baby pushing on my ribs... Other than that, I haven't actually felt any movement.

I go for an u/s every other week until I deliver because of the loss of the third baby at 13 weeks, so I do see them moving, I just don't feel it otherwise.

My dr said I will be taken out of work by 30 weeks (end of February) at the latest.

I plan to have the same as Meg, dh home for a week, mother and mother-in-law over for help, but after a few weeks plan to do most of it by myself. Having them stay too long will drive me crazy.

Best wishes to all of you.



Karen123 - December 8

Sue, I certainly don't want to say that I'm glad you have that pain I do but I have to admit, it's reassuring to hear that it's not all that unusual. I've been reallyworried about it. I constantly have a hand pushing on that spot to lessen the pain. Sometimes it's not bad but for the first week it was non-stop. Now it's several times a day that it really gets to me. If I stretch towards something or turn to back out my huge Durango (just purchased to I can fit all my kids next year) I feel like a ripping feeling in that exact spot and boy does that scare me! For one thing, it hurts like h*ll and for another, I keep thinking what in the world is happening? I keep hoping it's not my placenta ripping away from my uterus or some other horrible thing. Again, I know we moms do nothing but worry! Well, thanks for letting me know you feel it too. It does help me to worry at least a bit less. And you will soon feel those little babies!! I am now 23 weeks and I don't think they ever stop!! I wonder if they just never sleep or if they are on completely different sleep schedules. Either way I'm in big trouble! :) If one of my dogs bark or if there's a loud noise, they move all over even more. The other night I had a clothes rack fall to the floor and I jumped and sprang awake and those babies kicked like crazy! I sing to them all the time and play a music box every night right before attempting sleep and I swear they slow down. I can picture them trying to listen and it just makes me smile every time! We are all so lucky to be having twins! I too send best wishes to every one of you!! Karen


SMS1129 - December 9


I think there is just not a lot of room in there. My pain gets worse after I eat a meal if I get too full. I will mention it to the doctor on tuesday to see what they say.

I can't wait to feel them move. Last night, I put my hand on each side of my stomach and I could feel their hearts beating. I tried again this morning and no such luck. It was wild. I can't wait until Tuesday, we are hoping to find out the sexes (18 weeks).

Have a great weekend!



sussie88 - December 11

Hi Sue -

I am also pregnant with twins at week 19 today! We get our level II u/s on friday and are hoping to learn the sexes.

I have not yet felt the babies move. Yet, with each u/s they are both so active. Can't wait to feel them. I also put my hands on my belly at night and lay still - hoping to feel something. At times, I feel like maybe I am feeling something, but then I think maybe I just want to feel something in my head!! Shouldn't we be feeling it internally before feeling it externally???

Good luck with your pregnancy



baby4us - December 12

Hey Cindy.. how are you feeling. I can completely understand the fear you are going through... with your experience with a previous miscarriage.. it is inevitable -- you analyze every little twitch, pain, bump, etc. But.. on the other hand.. you know how quickly these weeks go by... so try to relax and enjoy your pregnancy... I have been worried about evetyhing since day one.. and DH keeps telling me to enjoy every day... as it is so short.

But most importantly.. rest a lot.. listen to yuor body and learn to ay no! YOU are the most important person right now!

I am now at about 15 weeks and feeling great... but don't feel pregnant yet.. I am not really showing yet.. just a little bump... so I am waiting for the day when I really feel pregnant.. and then I'l probably complain about being fat!


Karen123 - December 13

Sue, You know, my pain gets worse if I eat alot too! So it must just be how the babies are positioned. Thanks so much for making me feel better! BESt of luck with the u/s! I can't wait to read your update!

Sussie, I have been feeling my babies move for weeks on the inside but it's only been the past week where my daughter was able to feel kicks on the outside. So yes, for several weeks I felt it on the inside only. The other day I actually watched my belly move around! It was crazy!

Very soon you'll both experience feeling the movement. I'm so excited for you! It's a wonderful thing to feel!

Baby4us, You have come a long way too! My best to you! Enjoy as much as possible! Karen


snindy - December 13

I actually feel really good. I went in for another u/s yesterday and they are getting bigger. My fertility doctor released me, so things are looking good. I'm really going to miss going there. I see a normal obgyn next Monday.

After seeing the 2nd u/s, I feel assured that everything is going to work out. I'm getting really excited.



Karen123 - December 13

Cindy, I'm SO glad that you are more relaxed now and hope that you can enjoy your pregnancy! I'm so happy for you and wish you only the best! Karen


SMS1129 - December 14


It looks like a boy and a girl, although I will not get final confirmation until 12/29 when I go for 20 week full anatomy u/s.

Did you find out what you are having? I don't remember reading that.

I'll keep you posted.



Karen123 - December 16

Sue, that is so fantastic!! I tell you, it's been so great to read so many happy posts. I cried all the time a while back reading all the sadness and it's just great that all the hard work involved in trying to conceive does pay off for many! I just wish it was for everyone of course. I say a prayer every day that every woman upstairs will someday join this happy board down here. A boy and a girl!!! That is just absolutely perfect. I am carrying a boy and a girl and couldn't be happier!! Of course I would have loved my babies no matter what but I just feel even luckier to be carrying one of each. I still can't believe it's true!! I have named them Hailey and Jayden. I bought a ton of clothes and toys for them and I'm so anxious to meet them. I do not want to go too early of course but I can't help but wish the time would pass faster so that I can hold them in my arms. They are so loved! Well I am SO thrilled for you!!!! Thanks for the update! Karen



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