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snindy - November 30

I have good news, I'm pregnant with twins. I saw the heartbeats today. I'm 7 weeks and 4 days pregnant. Thought I would share my good news with everyone.



bugdiddle - November 30

That's so exciting Cindy! Congratulations. I just had my BFP yesterday. I am very nervous. I wish I could check my own bHCG levels each day. Good luck with the TWINS!



justme - November 30

Yea Cindy!!! What great news! Congrats, congrats, congrats.

It is so amazing to be able to see those little ones heats beating. I hope you have an easy, smooth pregnancy with the twins! Take care of you and those babies!!!



snindy - November 30

Thanks justme and bugdiddle!

Bugdiddle: I had a feeling you were pregnant, congrats to you also!!

Keep me posted



baby4us - December 1

Congrats on the BFP.. and on seeing the heartbeats.. it is just so amazing...


cassandra - December 1

Cindy, congratulations on your twin news! How fabulous! I am so happy for you! I myself am delivering twins in 4 days and this pregnancy has been wonderful! I wish you all the best! Are you going to find out the sexes? cassandra (38weeks1day)


snindy - December 1

How exciting for you to be delivering in 4 days. I'm not going to find out the sexes, I want to be more excited at the hospital, I have a feeling it might be a boy and a girl.

Were you walking on egg shells? I'm just a little scared that something might happen. Any advice on having twins? I have been taking it easy I guess that's all I can do for now.

Keep us posted,


laura - December 1

That is wonderfull!! I hope you have a wonderfull univentfull pregnancy!

I am still in libo. I had a BFP but it has not doubled in 48 hours (it has been checked 6 times). I go for my first early ultrasound on Dec 6 41 days post retreivel.

Baby dust !


Meg - December 2


Congratulations on the twin p/g ;D Twins are great fun; our twins will be 2 on Dec. 12 and both keep us hopping :) May the rest of your p/g be uneventful and may you go full term like Cassandra :)



Karen123 - December 2

Cindy, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am SO thrilled to be carrying twins and I'm so happy to hear that you are having the same good fortune! That is just awesome news!! I wish you ALL the best!!!

Bugdiddle, Congratulations on your BFP!!!

SO great to hear such good news!!!

Cassandra, I think about you every single day. Oh it's so close now!! I am still amazed at how far you've carried those babies! I worry about premature delivery every day but hey, there's a worry for every day of a pregnancy so I'm trying to just keep positive and enjoying those kicks and turns.

Laura, I sure hope all works out for you. Let us know.



cassandra - December 2

Cindy, I don't really have any advice. Drink lots of water and get tons of sleep. I also have been taking a prenatal everyday. Meg is the expert here! Hi Meg!

Laura, good luck on u/s day. I hope your numbers take a jump up.

Hi Karen! So glad to hear from you! How are you feeling? I remember being sooo tired in the first few months and now I take 1-2 naps a day!

Take care...cassandra (38weeks2days)


snindy - December 2

I bet your twins keep you on your toes? I can't wait for mine, but there is so much that I don't know about having twins. I'm thinking about buying some books that tell me good information and what to expect with twins. Do you have any suggestions?



Karen123 - December 2

Cassandra, I usually feel pretty good during the day although I have a terrible pain at the top of my uterus on one side. I called my OB and they said "to expect a lot of pain carrying twins." I was upset that they didn't think it warranted a visit just to be safe but I guess I have to follow his instructions. The pain has lasted about 9 days now and for some strange reason feels better when I push on it. Nights are really bad so I'm dreading the later months. Now on the bright side, I still have energy during the day, I don't get sick any more and Tums have helped with the heartburn. I feel those tiny babies ALL the time and just smile. I'm having a struggle trying to keep up with teens, dogs, work and a husband that doesn't help at all but at the same time feeling pretty good that I've managed it all so far. I am SO in love with these babies, it just amazes me every day. It's such a miracle...I know, corny, but I can't help but sit and just think about how amazing this is. I'm 22 weeks now. My coworker had her son 18 yrs ago at 24 weeks and he's been fine his whole life. My good friend had hers last year at 26 weeks and he's fine too. Not that I want to go early!! I just realize how REAL these babies are. I mean, wow, two humans growing inside me, soon to make their grand entrance in the world. I just can't help but feel truly amazed and blessed every single day. Well keep on posting if you can! I am so thrilled for you!! Karen


cassandra - December 3

Hi Karen! Wow you sure have your hands full! I know this is probably impossible, but try to take it easy! I certainly hope you carry farther than 24 weeks! :)

I remember I was so worried about delivering early. I kept thinking for sure they would be preemies. I was convinced I would have them at latest 34 weeks. I guess with everything it took to get this far something had to go wrong. Unbelievably I'm still here! Now is the time though that I'm extremely uncomfortable and a sound sleep is a blessing and just walking is a feat. It takes me forever to get from room to room!

I have 2 more activities planned. A cookie swap tonight and football party at a friends house tomorrow.

I have the c-sec scheduled for tue. morning at 7:30. BUT, dr. said if Lauren (baby a) turns to head down they will send me home. UGH! I'm trying not to think about being sent home at 38 weeks6days! Well, I'll probably keep posting these last couple of days, I'm getting anxious now! Take care Karen! cassandra


Karen123 - December 6

Cassandra, I read the other post first and just assumed you'd have your c-section today. I sure hope you don't get sent home!!! My gosh, that would be awful since you are so far along! Well GOOD LUCK to you and let us know!!! Karen


baby4us - December 6

Good Luck everyone with your twins!
And Meg.. great to hear your babies are 2 now... how amazing.. you must be a great inspiration to all the twin carrying ladies here on the boards!!!!


Meg - December 6


I hope you are doing well w/ the twin p/g. It has been so long since I have read any books on twins !!! I did take a few out from the library while I was p/g and found some of them helpful, but I have mostly found that raising twins can mostly be baptism by fire ;D

Our twins came 2 months early. The day I turned 32 wks. I had them by C-section, which was my choice more or less. I did not want to take any chances, since they were premature. Both did have and still have some delays due to prematurity, but are progressing well. They receive early intervention help through our local county. B/w them they receive 5 services, and might pickup speech services soon. It is nice to see our tax dollars at work :) One thing I was and am is very proactive in their development. I was very persistant in getting them evaluated every couple of months by early intervention b/c I suspected that they weren't meeting milestones even w/ their adjusted age. I did use books as guides to help me determine where they should have been developmentally for their first year of life. Some people don't get so worried about meeting milestones, but since they were born early, I really wanted to be on top of things. I think receiving help has made a difference for them in the long run.

Every time I look at them and think that they will be 2 on the 12th, it is so very hard to believe. They were the best Christmas present that we have ever received. Of course this impending baby could also be born on or very near Xmas also !!!! If that is the case we will have gotten 3 wonderful presents in our life :) My c-section is scheduled for Jan. 5.

Best of Luck to all of you p/g with twins :) My wish for all of you is to make it to at least 36 weeks.

Take Care and keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers.




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