Twin Update:
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love2Bparents - August 1

DH & I had an ultrasound Friday afternoon. Both babies are doing really well. I am so happy for that! Things are going much better than I thought. Good news is the blood work for Down syndrome came back and it was NEGATIVE!!!!!!!!! Yea! I am so thankful! :) They measured the babies and they are ahead of schedule. I was 16 weeks (Friday) and they were measuring at 16weeks6days! Good for them. They are even putting a little more weight on. Baby A is 6oz and Baby B is 5oz! Doctor said we couldn't ask for anything more. Baby A, which is usually our more active baby was sleeping so hard with his/her feet crossed and wouldn't wake up or open for anyone. We even poked my tummy a little and that didn't help! Baby B, which is our shyer baby that always wants to hide. Well wasn't hiding today! Spread Eagle! Baby B is a Baby BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe it. Everyone has been thinking I am having one of each. But never once did it cross my mind that I had a boy in my tummy! I am so happy, but DH is extremely happy!~


baby4us - August 2

Congratulations.. that is such great news!!!!!!


Risa - August 3

That is great news! Do you know what the gender of baby A is yet? I am glad they are both doing well. I am having twins also and know all the feelings are almost double.


love2Bparents - August 3


Risa congrats on the twins. Unfortunately we won’t get to take another peek at BABY A until Tuesday! Geez that can not come soon enough for me! There is another really great twin site I have joined. It’s broken down by months I am in the Jan/Feb group. You might want to join. There is really great advice and women going through the exact same things as u & I and at the same time.
Here is the link:


snindy - August 5

How exciting! Good luck!

I have a boy/girl twins, they keep me on my toes, but I love every minute of it.


cassandra - August 25

Hi! I had b/g twins in Dec. and I loved the nmotc board. Once in awhile I still go to your twins 1st year thread they have. I thought the forums were awesome and the ladies there are nice too. Good luck

Snindy, how is it going with the little ones? 4 months now! I hope they are sleeping better for you!



snindy - August 25

They are getting so big but not sleeping through the night yet. They wake up twice. They are still a little behind because of their prematurity. Kyle now weighs 10lbs and 14oz and Angela is now 8lbs and 10oz. Both are doing wonderful!
It's hard to get on the computer these days but I managed to have 5 mins to myself.




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