twin tiredness!!
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karriearm - August 30

I am 5 months pregnant with twins and I feel like I have hit a brick wall! I am so tired all of the sudden it is hard to keep my eyes open. My doctor just said that my body is tired and not to be concerned. I am normally bery active and feel great, but the last week has been really hard.
Any one else tired??


HeatherMac - August 31

Karriearm -

I'm EXHAUSTED and I'm only carrying 1!!! I'm just now 7 months, and I feel like I need a nap every single time I get up to walk more than three steps. I can only imagine the exhaustion YOU and all the other WONDERFUL MULTIPLE MOMMIES are feeling now...bless you all!!

Nap when you need it and when you're carrying precious cargo!!



Karen123 - August 31

Karriearm, I'm only 9 weeks and I'm so tired all the time! Part of it is because I'm up several times a night with bad back pain but I know some of it is my body working to build my two babies. If I'm this tired now, I'm in big trouble later! Karen


ElizabethS - September 1

I had a surge of energy from week 14-21, but now I find myself needing a lot of naps. I am typically a very early riser, and I just got out of bed at 9:00. My doctor has me off work so that I can rest and be stress free. I am already planning my next nap for after lunch.

Sweet dreams everyone!


cassandra - September 1

Hi Elizabeth! I'm glad you are finally done with work! So, how is everything going? I really enjoy napping myself! One more full week of work then my boss is going to cut my hours some more. I mentioned it yesterday and he said he was planning on cutting them anyways! Ya! I am looking VERY pregnant. Customers at work are funny. When I say I'm due in Dec. their eyes BUG out! :)
I'm having trouble sleeping a little and when I lay down on the couch dh has to help me sit up. I'm so glad you are taking it easy. I think my hopes of working until delivery are unrealistic. I'm just too big and having trouble bending down and standing all day. Take care. Oh yeah, have you been to any parenting/multiples classes yet? cassandra


ElizabethS - September 2

Hi Cassandra -
I am so glad to read that your boss is going to cut your hours. I went shopping for one hour yesterday, and I felt like my feet were going to fall off.

I missed the "new mother" tea for the multiples group. We had a hospital tour scheduled that night, which was totally worthless if a c-section is already planned. Have you gone to a meeting yet? What did you think?

Are you starting to feel any babies in your ribs? I think our boy has decided to make a pernament residence in one of mine. Ouch. I can't imagine what it is going to feel like as he gets bigger. But, I guess a little discomfort is all worth it.

I can totally relate to not being able to bend down. It is so comical to me. My husband's car is very low to the ground and he has to help me out of it everytime we go someplace.

One more week, and my babies have a 75% survival rate if I go into labor. I am so thankful for everyweek that I carry these young ones. I tell them everyday to stay cozy and enjoy their time in my belly.


Karen123 - September 2

Elizabeth, I'm SO glad to hear that your pregnancy is going well despite the uncomfortable times. And I too hope that your babies continue to grow and stay happy in your belly so that they will be healthy and strong when they are delivered. What an exciting time for you and your DH! I'm only 9 weeks and 2 days and I'm going to have to buy bigger pants again this weekend. And that's just from twins! My husband asked if it was normal to pop out so fast! I was like, I don't know but what can I do? I had my first visit with my regular ob yesterday and he said that my uterus is definitely enlarged so at least I know it's not just the ice cream I've been eating! :) Take care of yourself! I love reading your updates! Karen


cassandra - September 3

I guess I didn't cut my hours quickly enough. Last night at work around 6:30 I took a step and had pain kind of like a pushing down feeling between my legs. Every step after that hurt there. I told my boss I had to sit. Well, it hasn't gone away. It's not contractions . It feels like a pulled muscle now. No bleeding but now I can't walk. The dr. on call told me to take it easy this weekend. Take tylenol every 4-6 hours for pain which I don't have UNLESS I walk. So, i have put myself on bedrest for the weekend. I was scared at work and was crying and with all the waitresses around me it made me cry more. The babies are moving around which is good. I was torn about going to the hospital so I've decided to just rest. I felt bad for my dh because one of the girls called him and told him to pick me up right away at work and he was a mess. Once I was home I calmed down the pain is not high up in my belly or even in my abdomen just the crotch area. I'm guessing being on my feet all day and moving a lot has babies pressing down. It felt like they wanted to push out of there! I think I just worked my last 9 hour shift! If pain gets worse I will go in but for now just laying down is fine. I will be going in Tue. morning for an exam. I'm gonna miss our date at the casino (mohegan sun) today but dh is fine with staying home and caring for me. Figures a long and beautiful weekend! I suppose this isn't the last time we are going to be inconvenienced with twins! :)Take care everyone!


Fortyfour - September 3

Cassandra - I hope all is well. Ouch it sounds so painful and scary. Let us know asap what the doc says on tuesday.


Karen123 - September 4


You poor thing! I'm glad to hear that you are resting at home and have DH there for you. Let us know how it goes on Tues. Take care of yourself! karen


cassandra - September 6

Hi Ladies! Over the weekend I did some searching online and looked at pelvic floor pain. I found the exact same pain there described.Separated Pubic Symphysis.
It was also written it is mostly dismissed by drs as normal aches and pains of pregnancy. Difficulty walking and lifting one leg to put on clothes especially fit me. I am going to ask for a pelvic exam today. Treatment is only bedrest, maternity belts and moving slowly. It also suggests antiinflammitory meds. I assume that means tylenol. So, no quick fix on this one. I have to work 2-10 today and I'm afraid it will happen again. I'm going to take tylenol before work and I am anxious what the dr. will tell me today. Otherwise, I feel really good. I hope to have some good come out of my visit today. And I also hope my boss will be nice when I tell him I can't work my schedule this week. If the pain gets really bad again it took me the whole next day of bedrest to recover somewhat. Well, take care everyone! cassandra


Fortyfour - September 6

Cassandra - I am glad you are ok. Tylenol is not an antiinflammatory unless it in high doses. Take care and once again. Ouch!!!!!


cassandra - September 7

Hi all! I went to the dr. yesterday and she perscribed a maternity belt or it's called a prenatal cradle. It really helped the weight off my pelvis and i felt better immediately when I got it on. I did work my 8 hours yesterday and although I still ache down there, I just move very slowly. One thing I definately noticed was my back didn't hurt at all after work! It is a terrific product. It looks REALLY silly on but it's under my clothes so who cares?
Oh, you'll like this one ladies... a customer sitting on the bar said to me yesterday.. wow you got fat since I saw you last... how long you been married? 14 years? I said no, actually 13...Well what was the problem, you are just having kids now? I had a metal spatula in my hands and had some homicidal thoughts about clocking this one maybe decapitate, no, too clean. I wanted to say some really nasty things but I just kept my mouth shut. Not a word. The place was packed and I didn't want to cause a scene. He really flipped a switch in me. Another blockhead......cassandra


Karen123 - September 7

Cassandra, I'm so glad the belt worked for you! I just got one in the mail yesterday. Much too early for me to use but my back pain is so bad, I figured I'd have one ready as soon as I need it.

Wow, what a jerk you ran into!! Stuff people say never ceases to amaze me. You think you heard it all and then you hear an even worse statement. Geez! Karen


karriearm - September 7

Okay, I have a few questions...
First, how far along is everyone? I need to know who to compare notes with.
Second, what is the maternity belt and how far along should you be when you get one (if you need it)? I am 23 weeks and some days I have trouble getting moving...the first few steps are painful. Do you think it will help?
I recognize some of your names from back when we were all testing, but I can't remember who is how far along.
Thanks and take care


pj - September 8

congratulations to all of you who are pg!
you give the rest of us hope!
we pray for you and your babies, as i'm sure you pray for us on our all-too-familiar side of things. :-)


cassandra - September 8

Hi! Karriearm, I'm 26 weeks with twins.I think you would benefit from the belt also. Find a local healthcare store and look there. You can even try it on in the store. I don't sleep in it, but I do wear it all day. Once you try it on, you should feel instantly better! (the store is like a medical supply store, not a walgreens)

Karen, I meant to IM you about the belt. With your back pain it should really help. Especially when you get big, and with twins, you will! At 6 months i look like 9 months with a singleton!

PJ, thank you for your kind words. I am always thinking of the struggle going on upstairs and I hope more of you will join us down here soon. cassandra



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