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Debie - May 23

Congratulations Db. WOW 16 babies in Dec/ Jan, that is so amazing...... Gives me much hope. I wish you all a happy and most health time with your pregnancies.



DB_33 - May 23

Hi all,
Thanks so much for all your good wishes.

A special hello to Elizabeth and her cargo of three !!!!!Congratulations.

I had fact this was our first attempt !!! The lowest dose of stimulation drugs and we were told only 1 follicle ......hmmmmmmm, i think something went a little wrong ;-)

Still in total shock and feeling very numb....does anybody know any triplet gestations or birth weights?? I am so worried for them , I am a paediatric nurse so guess i just know too much. Due date is Jan 5th but guess we get a special xmas present this year !!

Deb x


shaz - May 23

Wow Deb,

Perhaps you have one set of identicals in there!!!!

A friend of a friend had triplets through IVF about 5 years ago. I dont think she went too early and the babies were pretty healthy...Sorry dont know exact details. Being a pead nurse you would be worried. You would see all types if things.....You just need to make sure that you take care of yourself and rest heaps.....

I still cant believe there are so many of us having our babies together......I think a big get together is required when our babies are a few months old....How does a trip to Australia sound??????LOL

Take care



cassandra - June 2

Elisabeth, how have you been feeling lately? When is your first OB appt.?
I have been sleeping a lot. At night I sleep so soundly rarely do I even get up to pee. In the morning I am still nauseas until I eat. At 12:30 I feel hungry/nauseas at work (usually when I'm too busy to do anything about it) the girls I work with are great and can tell when I don't feel good and bring me something to drink to tide me over.
Speaking you work? If so are you gonna cut your hours? Just wondering how your'e doing...cassandra


ElizabethS - June 7

DB - thanks for the update, I have been thinking/worrying about you. It is starting to sink in a little bit more that we will be having three babies. I had a scan last Friday that was absolutely mind blowing. they all had two arms and two legs and HUGE heads. It is so surreal to see three babies in there.

How is your dh coping with your news?

If you are interested, I have found a website called "the triplet connection" that has a forum similiar to here. There is tons of advice about caring for three babies. I have found it very helpful so far.

Thinking of you!!!



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