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ElizabethS - May 12

I am having triplets! I am so excited, and a bit scared. All baby's had heartbeats and look great. Thanks for everyone's support. This is so amazing. ;D


shaz - May 12

OMG Elizabeth, how incredible....What an instant family for you and DH.....How is DH, still in shock?????

You must feel a little overwhelmed yourself. Did you get a DD, mine is the 3rd January 06.....I think yours will be quite a bit earlier than anticipated....Now you definately have a reason to have that poochy belly.....

Im so excited for all of us.



BabyBound - May 12

Elizabeth...TRIPLETS ;D . How exciting. You and DH will have plenty of time to get use to your instant family.

I've had computer problems so I've been trying to get on for an hour now. I only have one bean in the oven. We saw the heartbeat too. I'm thrilled. Some of my worry diminished a little. Everything looks great. My DD is Jan 4th.


Jenny Lee - May 12

:DOh my!! That is such exciting news for you!!!! Did they implant three eggs? Just asking b/c I know someone who implanted two and one split so they also ended up with triplets. She did very well with her pg, and made it to 36 weeks! All babies went home with her, two boys and a girl!! Just take it super easy around the mid 20's range (20weeks). Much love and support for you. How exciting to follow you along this journey, with a blissful end!!! (I guess not technically until they're here but many positive thoughts!!! ) VERY EXCITING!!
Love Jen


ElizabethS - May 12

Thanks everyone.

Babybound - that is very very exciting! I definetly think we should all share photos of our babies once they make their arrivals. I am so happy for you and your dh.

I pray for all of us and our babies all the time.

My dh and I went to a movie after the u/s to adjust to the shock. We met for lunch prior to the appointment, and he said he has accepted the fact that we will probably have triplets. However, as soon as those three babies were revealed on the screen....he went into complete shock. I have never seen him soooo stunned.

He is doing much better this evening. Everyone we call just starts laughing. I am sure that my rest tonight won't be very sound, but I know that God is in control and everything will be o.k. (funny how spiritual I get when comfronted with this kind of news)

Take care Everyone. And Baby dust to all our friends up top.


Fortyfour - May 13

ElizabethS -- WOW, my hubby would have been out cold. Congrats and take it easy. Unbelievable. Instant family. Take care.


cassandra - May 13

ElisabethS. A HUGE congratulations to you girl! I can't believe it myself! Oh Boy and boy and girl! Take extra care of yourself and I hope we all have an uneventful pregnancy!Baby dreamin' now! cassandra


DB_33 - May 19

Congratulations !!

I just fond out yesterday i am 7 weeks pregnant with triplets too.....

i am horrified, terrified and feel so ashamed of my feelings ! being a paediatric nurse doesnt help since i am so aware of risks of prematurity etc Guess it will take time to settle in


shaz - May 19


What fantastic news. Congratulations. Are you and DH still in shock?????
Wow, there are going to be alot of babies born around December/January....

Have a wonderfull pregnancy DB.



karriearm - May 19

That is crazy!! Congratulations!
Makes my worry about rearing twins somewhat insignificant!
I am happy for you and will keep you in my prayers!

3 babies... :o

You are tripply Blessed!


BabyBound - May 19

DB...way to go!!! Three times the blessing. As soon as the shock wears off, you and DH will be so excited.


ElizabethS - May 19

DB - I can completely relate to your feelings. I still find myself up at night worried about how we are going to manage.

It is thrilling and such a blessing after struggling with infertility. But honestly, it is very scary.

I am so glad I have another triplet mom to experience pregnancy and everything else with. We can e-mail all day when we are on bed rest! ;)

Just be true to what you are feeling. The shock edges off after a while.



tiggerpounce418 - May 19

db & elizabeth,

did you both do ivf? just curious.


cassandra - May 20

DB, congratulations! Ohmygod! This is unbelieveable! That makes...lets see ....16 babies! What a month! I'm glad you and Elisabeth can lean on each other. The support just keeps on even after we get pregnant. This is a wonderful site! cassandra


ElizabethS - May 20

tigger - we did IVF - we put in three embryos the first round and all of them made it! We are incredibly blessed.


cassandra - May 22

Elisabeth, I was wondering, do you think our babies could be bigger because we are so tall? I was just thinking, my sisters 2 were 9 and 10 lbs.She is 6'1. Do you have any siblings? cassandra


Debie - May 23

Congratulations Db. WOW 16 babies in Dec/ Jan, that is so amazing...... Gives me much hope. I wish you all a happy and most health time with your pregnancies.




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