Transitioning to a crib
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SMS1129 - July 10

Does anyone have any advice on successfully transitioning babies to a crib? My twins have been sleeping in our room in bouncy chairs since they came home from the NICU. That is the only place they would sleep. Now they are getting too big for them and the pediatrician wants them in their cribs by next month for naps and bedtime. I am not fond of the crying method, but want to do something that works.

Any help would be appreciated.



Meg - July 10


Although we didn't have any trouble w/ transitioning the twins into cribs, (they slept in cradles in our room) we did have a little trouble w/ Patrick. He too slept in swings and bouncy chairs b/c of reflux. We just did it gradually, maybe for a nap in the crib or his case, the cradle. We would turn on the fisherprice aquarium that plays music and is colorful to look at for Patrick. We also would turn on the mobile to kind of keep him occupied until he would fall asleep. We also let him cry it out, of course checking on him. We try to put him to bed when he is just ready to fall off to sleep, usually about 9:30-10:00 at night. Maybe even if it isn't bedtime just put them in the cribs while you are with them to get them use to it and see how they react to the new surroundings.

I had a friend whose twin daughter slept in her carseat in the crib for a while, since it was the only place her daughter would sleep !!!! Ultimately you have to do what is best for you and your sons. I know you want to follow Dr.s instructions, but you know your children best and must feel comfortable. Most things I followed Dr.s instructions, but a few things I followed my instinct.

I hope this transition for you and them is an easy one.

Take Care,


SMS1129 - July 12

Thanks, Meg. I do put them in the crib during the day to look at and listen to the mobile. They both love it. I also recently started putting my daughter in the crib for naps and she seems to be fine. My son is a different story. He cries when you put him down sleepy in the crib. He usually has to be asleep to even go in the bouncy chair. He loves to be held and rocked for hours. I will keep trying it.

I agree with you about doctors. I will do what is best for the twins.

Thanks again.




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