Today's Dr visit
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justme - May 2

I am 38 weeks today, 50%, and 1 cm. The exact same as last week! Except I lost 3 pounds last week and gained them back this week! My dr said we can pick an induction date next week if I haven't gone before then. The time is drawing near!

This is kind of a gross question, but have any of you had any significant bleeding after the pelvic exams? The last couple of exams I had no bleeding even though the dr said I may bleed a little. Today, it was running down my leg when I stood up. Yikes! Then when I got home there was a bloody glob that didn't really seem like mucus to me. Maybe he just ripped my cervix a lot this morning. I am going to wait another hour or so for the bleeding to subside before I call them to check on it. I don't want to get ahead of myself.

I, like Baby4us, am very anxious about things. The IV, the epidural, the baby coming out, sore cracked nipples.........etc!!! I am a major needle phobic (even after infertility!).


baby4us - May 3

Just me.. wow.. this is so exciting (I guess easier for me to say!! and as you know.. I can totally relate to the anxious feelings!!)

How is the bleeding today? did it stop on its own.. did you call your doc? I hope you are ok.

I can't believe it... you are so close... we are all thinking of you.

A friend of mine said.. if you concentrate on the negatives (pain, problems, etc).. then it might happen.. so try to focus on all the positives... meeting your baby.. no more fat butt(just joking.. that is me I am referring to!!).. and focus on an "easy" labour ... and prepare yourself mentally.. all will be fine!

I am so excited to hear about everything you are going through.. and hope to hear about your wonderful baby soon!!!


justme - May 3

Thanks baby4us. The bleeding did finally stop yesterday. Thank goodness.

I think I am finally ready to have this baby! One of my girlfriends just called and had her baby this morning in the middle of the night and that really made me want to have mine!!!! It is sooooo exciting.


tinkerbell - May 6


I had some bleeding after the internal exam. The doc said it is normal. I thought I am ready to give birth when I had a bleeding but it turned out it is a normal occurence after an IE. Like you, I am soooo anxious to have this baby now. I really thought he will come out sometime April, but my due date is nearing and I haven't felt any labor signs yet (except for occassional contractions which are not intense enough to warrant a call to the doc).

Anyway, we're almost there. We waited for so long, and we're almost at the home stretch, so i guess a little patience would help :)



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