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HeatherMac - April 5

We had another u/s today and we finally got to see the heartbeat!! It was so wonderful...I started crying the second I saw did DH. Doctor was SO thrilled he released us back to my regular OB! How exciting!!

The heartbeat was REALLY fast...faster than anything I've ever seen!! But, I'm sure it just seemed so fast since an emby's heartbeat is faster than Mommy's. Oh my gosh, I just cannot believe it!!

It has been a wonderful day and we are so so so so so so so very blessed...far beyond anything we deserve.

My wishes are that each of you is well, and that our sisters who still struggle with infertility will join us here very, very soon.

Darcie - did you have another u/s yet?? Did you get to see your twins again...holy cow, how exciting is that??




Fortyfour - April 6

It is such a cool thing to hear that heartbeat. It is almost inconceivable (no pun intended} to think that little person is in there. Take care girl.


mastorvic - April 6

I'm new to this site and don't know where to start a subject. Maybe someone can advise me? I had IVF on Feb. 25 and transfer on Feb. 27. My IVF dr did a u/s on 4/7/05 and there was no heartbeat but the baby was seen. Now I have 2 questions, am I 5 1/2 weeks like my IVF dr says or over 7 weeks like my obgyn nurse says? She said you start counting 2 weeks prior to retrieval. I thought it was from the date of the retrieval. Also, should I start to worry and consider a D&C like the IVF dr says, if there is no heartbeat on Friday's u/s? Thanks for any help.


Jenny Lee - April 8

what are you hcg levels doing. If the baby is not growing then the numbers should not rise. However, I understand they will still rise with a blighted ovum, which is when the infant does not develop within the sac. A friend of mine had this and they waited until she was eight weeks before the d & C and they actually gave her a few days to see if she would pass it on her own. She had bleeding with this. I would wait as long as possible. If it's truly too early to see the heartbeat (51//2 weeks). I would personally wait it out. Jen


cassandra - April 8

Heathermac, that is soooo awesome! I sure hope to get that far this time! How long after transfer was your 1st. U/S? How exciting it must be to hear! Good luck mommy!....cassandra


HeatherMac - April 8



Actually, we did IUI, not I had no transfer. However, we had an extremely rough time getting to that point, so I am EXTREMELY grateful for the success we've had when there was a thought there would be none.

What's going on with YOU??


BabyBound - April 8

Heathermac, BFC (Big Fat Congratulations). You are my inspiration!! I'm schedule for an u/s on Monday and hopefully, trigger shot and iui next week. Was this your first iui?? Did you use clomid or injectible drugs?? I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I'm telling myself that it might not work the first I won't crawl under the covers and cry all day if it doesn't.

I hope you don't mind all the questions. ;) ;)


cassandra - April 8

Hi Heathermac, I just found out today that we're pregnant. I'm trying not to be too excited until I hear a heartbeat.I am extremely happy but reserved. I was wondering what your beta was for your first bloodtest. I am hoping for twins. Mine is 340.I read someone had a 540 and she's pregnant with twins. Just curious. I'll be happy with one!Have a great day!...cassandra


Jenny Lee - April 8

congratulations Cassandra!! Jen


HeatherMac - April 9

BabyBound - Yes, we used Clomid and HCG on our was not our first. I have a very long story, one I won't go into here, but write me an IM if you like and I'll tell you the whole sordid tale. I was very upset when our RE told us in January that he would like to do the IUI at least four more times, and I nearly collapsed!! But, then he told me that if we were perfectly healthy and trying on our own at home, it would take us several many as six or seven...the IUI is no different, so do NOT get discouraged. The timing isn't yours anyway, so be patient, do NOT lose hope and remember that it IS possible!! I'm rooting for you!! Keep us posted!!!

Cassandra - YEA!! What great news!! I'm so excited for you!! My levels were 119 on test day, then 285 on the 48 hour test...but I believed it from the first positive! I just knew something was up and the blood test confirmed it for me. We've celebrated ever since!! We saw the heartbeat Monday, which put me at 7&1/2 weeks...we are still on cloud 9!! It's a great time, so believe it now...believe it and know it and own it...that baby is celebrate it!! As a wise man once told me, don't postpone joy!!

I hope all of you who are expecting are doing well, and I hope each of you trying to concieve is blessed with a positive very, very soon.



WantsBaby2 - April 11

A heartbeat! That is so wonderful! It must be the most amazing thing! I hope we all get to that point soon! You ARE our inspiration and we are all so happy for you. You are going to be such a great mommy! Keep in touch. Just because you are expecting doesn't make you exempt from these boards!!!! Hahahaha You are still welcome upstairs with us!



cassandra - April 12

Heathermac, when they do the U/S is it a vaginal? I had one last year but I can't remember which kind. It is pretty awesome you can hear a heartbeat so soon. A miracle. my 48 hour blood came back yesterday with 1035! :o I'm so excited.12 days to U/S. ;D cassandra


HeatherMac - April 12

Hey girls!

Yes, it IS an amazing thing to know that right there inside is a tiny little heartbeat - so fast it's unbelieveable!!

I didn't hear it, but I saw it, and that is more than I could have ever imagined.

Cassandra - CONGRATS!! That is HUGE!! The twelve days will pass very quickly!! Yes, the u/s is vaginal because it's way easier to see...and they're usually uncomfortable, but my mind was distracted both times so it didn't really bother me at all.

KEEP US POSTED and GO CELEBRATE!!! Trust me, celebrate now because in just a few weeks you'll be too dang tired to celebrate anything.

I promise to poke my head upstairs more, too! ;)



cassandra - April 13

Hi heathermac, I'm feeling pretty good. I'm ALREADY exausted by the time I get home from work! Last night I was asleep within an hour of getting home. I am waking up about 2 hrs. earlier every day I noticed.I can't wait for my weekend off. 3 more days of work.After your 1st. U/S did you announce it? I think I will if everything is O/K.One funny thing I noticed was I have been eating more, but I don't feel like I'm gaining weight.I think I'm burning it off faster.Yesterday a cook in the kitchen said my face looks very clear and flawless! I love compliments! Must be all the water I've been drinking! Anxiously waiting.....cassandra


cassandra - April 19

Hi heathermac, I hope you are doing well. I noticed after apositive pg. test and u/s you girls don't post as much. I'm beginning to understand why. I'm feeling dumb upstairs. Like I don't really belong there anymore. I don't want to comment too much about myself anymore. These girls are trying so hard and having a dissapointment can't be any easier with me trying to comfort. I hope everything is going well for the preggies here. I hope to see more soon. cassandra


SamanthaS - April 19

Just to let you know.. you should not feel dumb "upstairs." Your comments and wishes of goodluck give us hope.. well at least me. It's great to hear positive things once and awhile.. and your encouragement helps. Hope to hear from you just as much as before... BUT FOR DIFFERENT REASONS!!!Stay healthy!! Hope the u/s wait goes by fast for you!
Best of wishes!


HeatherMac - April 19


Yeah, it feels a little weird to post seems so strange to say to women still struggling to keep the faith when I'm already pregnant...I feel like I'm flaunting it. I'm not, and I've NEVER been made to feel like I have, but it just feels strange. And, sometimes, too, I'm just so dang tired that I do well to check the latest postings I'm watching...I came home from the grocery the other day and was too tired to get out of the I called my husband to come help me!! Between being sick and so very tired, it's hard to keep up on all the posting I used to do.

But, by the same token, I really want women who are still suffering to see that hope and faith will pay off...and pregnancy IS possible! I'm actually working to start an infertility support group here in town because of the inspiration of THIS VERY WEBSITE! I could not have made it through my journey without this site. I want to help other women and men who are struggling to make it through their journey, too. Infertility even made the front page of our big paper here, I know that there are people who need the support and love of others who understand the horrible journey of infertility. I'm going to wait until after the baby is born to start the group, because I think that would just be rude, but I will come here asking for help and ideas of what to put together.

Cassandra, I truly wish you all the very best in your pregnancy and hope that you are progressing along just beautifully. PLEASE keep us posted as to how you're doing and how you're feeling and every u/s and all that good stuff!!

Samantha - You are SO kind...thank you for your kind words. I read them and applied them to all of us on this side of things, so thanks. Sometimes it does feel weird to post upstairs. I wish you the best in your journey and hope you know I pray for you daily. I pray for every woman on these boards every day and take communion every Sunday for those who are still struggling, and those fostering pregnancy after their struggle.

Ladies, thank you for all you do for me...each of you makes this portion of my life far more tolerable. Love to you all.




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