Thinning Cervvix?!?!?!?
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JENNY22074 - December 11

Everyone - ...I had a brown spot in my c/m today and called the doctor and they wanted my to come into labor and delivery which I did...They did an exam and said that my cervix was short so the on call doctor ordered an u/s...6 weeks ago when I had my 18 week anamoly screening my cervix measured 3.8 and now it measures 2.7 which they say it may be thinning already...I am supposed to take it easy for now and on the 31st go to see my doctor who will then check me a possibly decide if it warrants bedrest or not...What is your opinion?


doglover - December 11

Hi Jenny
I wish I could help you out-you have been so helpful to the rest of us. I know that they measure my cervix everytime to make sure it is a certain length, but I cannot remember the low end of the range. They mentioned they might have to put a stitch in if it gets too short, but I know nothing about bed rest. I hope you do not get stuck on bed rest unless it is for a short period of time. Did they imply it would be for the remainder of the pregnancy? Hang in there-Linzie


mjforney - December 11

Hang in there Jenny... I have heard of this.... you may have to get on bed rest to keep pressure off you cervix... There are so many things that they can do, just TAKE IT EASY! Be served in bed, watch your favorite movies and chat with all of us.

My prayers are with you.... I know you and baby will be fine, it sounds like you have always been in good hands at your Dr.'s...


wolffie - December 12

jenny -

i hope you're hanging in there. stay positive and rest! I am sure you are in good hands and your doc will take great care of you.



JENNY22074 - December 12

Thank you ladies for all of your support...It does not seem to get any easier for some of us does it?...Well I went into work today and told them of what happened yesterday and asked them if they would lessen my hours to only 4 a day and no more then 20 a week...They are fine with that as long as my doctor will support that which he already said that he would...It is hard to stand on your feet for 7 plus hours some days...Then of course you have a few of the younger girsl who don't quite understand why I am being treated differently but you know what they are young and immature and maybe one day they will inderstand even though I pray they don't go through what most of us have gone through...As long as he is in there moving I feel reassured and hopeful...Even though with as much kicking as he has been doing I feel like he has bruised m insides a little...How are you all doing?...Talk to you all again soon.


Jade - December 13

Jenny~ Just wanted to let you know that I am having the same issues. I am seeing a high risk dr and at 13 weeks my cervix was 4.4 and at 16 weeks it was 2.7. They puut me on mderate bedrest and rechecked me a week later. My cervix eas longer, but i was having contractions and they put me in the hospital. Lucily the contractions stopped thanks to the meds ad now I am on strict bedrest. My cervix was 3.5 yesterday so my dr was excied. I would stay off your feet as much as possible. The cervix length fluctuates so hopefully yours will be better next time. I am only 18 w si I have a long road ahead....


JENNY22074 - December 13

Jade, thank you very much for your reply...I am glad (in a way) that there is someone on here to share this with...They have restricted my to no more then 4 hours of work per day until they are able to recheck me at the end of the month unless (they don't think) something were to happen...When I am at home I am either laying in bed or on the couch...I was not having contractions when I was in the hospital...However they never told me it can fluctuate in size...They said I was on the short side or normal and I could stay this way until the end but they would like to see it more around the 4.0 mark...I thought I had read a previse post from someone about this and now I know it was you...Please keep me informed of your journey and we can support each other through this...You are a few weeks behind me...Have you felt him/her move yet?...Do you know what you are having?...I found out the sex at 18 weeks...Talk to you soon.


Jade - December 16

Hi Jenny~ Hope you are doing well and resting. I am having a boy and a girl. I havent felt any movements yet. Hopefully soon. They are extra active in the u.s. so I am not sure why I dont feel them. I will keep you posted - I have another appt Wed, but I have been feeling kinda crampy this weekend. I hope it is nothing serious.


JENNY22074 - December 17

Glad to hear all is well still...I still have cramping here and there at different times...It could be more activity one day then another or even you uterus expanding more...Where are you mostly feeling it?..If it is on the sides of your uterus most likely it is your round ligaments...Wow twins so you will certianly be a busy mommy...I started to feel him right around 16 weeks...I may have been feeling him sooner just did not realize it was him....Now he moves like crazy and these I can feel...If you were on the plus side or this is your first pregnancy like myself on both issues then chances are you won't feel them until later...I am sure they told you that this is perfectly normal...Congratulation on one of each...Talk to you soon.


Jade - December 20

Hi Jenny~ Went to the dr on Monday about the cramping and my cervix was "fabulous" back to a 4 with no funneling. But I was having some cramping. nothing major and she wasnt too worried since it wasnt messing with my cervix. Still taking some meds to help with contractions though. How are you feeling? Not too much longer until your appt right?


JENNY22074 - December 20

Jade - I am feeling good...I went to the store and bought a pregnancy belt which seems to be helping to alleviate some of the stretching/pulling I was feeling as my pregnancy increases...It is a wise investment for the end of the 2nd trimester going into the 3rd trimester...Yeah my doctor's appointment is in 11 days so not much longer...Then tehy will be doing a every 2 week appointment...I am checking everyday for signs of blood or anything abnormal and nothing so I believe that all is well...I just had 6 days off so I am feeling pretty good about being back at work for only 4hours a day...Glad to hear all is well with you...Keep me posted on your progress...Are you ready for Christmas?...Talk to you later.


bdantonio - December 20

Jenny have you had any contractions?


Marina - December 20

Hi girls
Did anybody experienced placenta separation in early pregnancy?
How serious is it?


JENNY22074 - December 21

Beth - no contractions at all...They monitored me the last time that I was in labor and delivery and I was not contracting at all...How are you feeling?


bdantonio - December 21

Bored. Still haveing alot of pressure on my cervix. Been having alot of back pain. I am just praying she stays in until 1/24/07 her lungs will be done then.I am so much bigger this time around then with my daughter. I feel like there is no more room left inside me for her to get bigger.



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