The greatest news in the world!!
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Karen123 - August 16

Hello everyone. Thank you SO much for the kind words and nice thoughts. I am on cloud nine! I had the joy of seeing TWO beating hearts yesterday!!! I am SO happy, I feel like I want to scream to the world that I'm carrying twins!! There is a downside - the doctor said that he's concerned about one of my babies because he/she is smaller than the other twin. He wants me to come back on 8/26. He said that if both are still doing well at that time, I can relax but that I should be prepared just in case one twin doesn't make it. Well, they just have to make it! I am so thrilled and so excited and I feel very positive about this pregnancy now. I was crying all the way to the hospital yesterday just so terrified that no heartbeat would be seen. Well, we've beaten so many odds and I am just the happiest I've ever been in my life right now. Thank you so much for the well wishes and thoughts. You are all so wonderful!!

oneand only - waiting to hear and hope you too have fantastic news! Karen :) :) :) :) :)


cassandra - August 16

Karen, OMG! How fantastic! Congratulations to you and your dh on your precious cargo! I can't believe the twins news around here lately! I showed everyone that 1st U/S picture! I am so glad to hear good news down here! Take care of yourself Karen! Are you feeling OK? cassandra


Karen123 - August 16

Thank you Cassandra! Yes, I feel really good. I mean, I feel sick when I eat but it's not that bad. My back is the worst since I have Arthritis but I tell you, it's so much easier to handle when you know about the miracles growing inside you. I'm sleepy but it's really not bad. So far so good! I'm a lucky woman!! Karen


cassandra - August 16

Karen, sleep when you can and drink lots of water in this heat. I attribute my own pregnancy going so well because I rest all the time. Do you work outside of the home? No heavy lifting or anything starting now. Does tylenol work on arthritis? I hope your back will be OK through this. I don't know if it will help you but they have wedges they sell (pretty cheap) to go be hind your back when your'e lying on your side. Take care..cassandra


Karen123 - August 16

Cassandra, Thanks for the advice! I'll take all that I can get! I've been drinking water a lot and I did order a pregnancy pillow that I will use when I get a bit bigger. Unfortunately, the tylenol doesn't help but hey, I can deal with this for my babies! It's tough at work (I do work about 44 hours a week) but I try to get up every so often and stretch. Moving around helps. I"m short (5'3") so I'm concerned about my back when I'm huge but I'll deal with this as it comes. And I'll always know that a huge reward will come at the end! :) Karen


ElizabethS - August 16

KAREN - WOW - I am so extremely happy for you!!! I love to hear that wonderful people like you are getting pregnant, and for it to be twins....double wow!!!

Again congratulations to a truly deserving mother.


Fortyfour - August 16

Hi Karen123. It looks like we will be sharing this experience togther . I am 5'2" so I worry about the babies being too much for me also. One of my babies is alot smaller than the other but the doc said they always are so I hope both our 2nd ones are ok. I am so happy for you. Cool!!!! ;D


Karen123 - August 16

44 - one of your babies is smaller too? Wow...I didn't know that was a common thing. I feel so much better!! Yes, we are so close! Did you say you are due 4/4? I'm due 4/6 but of course the doc says I'd most likely deliver early March. This is so exciting....just amazing!! I'm so glad to have you to share this with!

Elizabeth - thank you! I have a huge smile on my face now! Karen


HeatherMac - August 16

Wow - all this multiple goodness!! I'm jealous!! I seriously so wanted twins, but we'll do it one at a time and live vicariously through you multiples mommies!

I'm so glad to hear the good news of all the new mommies and truly wish each of you the best for a wonderful and enjoyable pregnancy!!

Again, congratulations to each of you!!



ida - August 16

ok everyone, you are not going to believe what i am about to say, but let me just say that this is one hundred percent true. well first i am a 29 year old female with three children. they are from a previous marriage. the day after my last child was born, i had a tubal ligation done. my marriage was failing and i knew it. the tubal was a cut and tie. well now my last child is 8 years old and i have been in a very strong and stable relationship for three years. well eight months ago, i started with nauseau, missed period, and just being really tired. I, myself thought i had the stomache flu that was going around. But then i started noticing breast tenderness. I thought i was imagining things, but i figured i would check what was going on. i went and bought a pregnancy test, came home, and used mid-day urine to do the test. It came out positive!!! i cried and shook like a leaf and drove to get me another test.(thinking that one was wrong!) well i found a three pack of test and came home and did all three. well every single one came out positive. i called the doctor a.s.a.p. and went in for a blood test. it too, came back + after that we went for an aultrasound to find location of baby, and baby was in the uterus as it should be. no reversal or ifv was done on me at all. so now here i am 32 weeks into prenancy and needed no outside medical reversal. how amazing is that!


JennyLee - August 17

Karen - CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so happy for you. Many prayers for an uneventful pregnancy. That is wonderful news!! much love Jen

Ida, that's amazing news, and I know that God works in mysterious ways. Congratulations! I am also 32 weeks! Much luck to you. Jen


Fortyfour - August 17

Karen - the second baby looked about half the size of the other but the doc said it was normal. I am sure we will both be going in March. My birthday is the end of March so I hope it is before then. Congrats again. How are you feeling by the way. My breasts are killing me today but I am not complaining. Take care.


shaz - August 17


Im so thrilled for you. I can just imagine how thrilled you and your DH are. Rest heaps and take it easy. Dont push yourself too hard.




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