The big scare
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snindy - June 7

Boy did I have a big scare last Saturday. I was fine all day and then around 2ish, I started bleeding and then the cramps settled in. I thought I was having a miscarriage. It was very scary. My doctor was out of town so I had to call the back up doctor, he assured me that this could not mean a miscarriage, so stay calm.. Easy for him to say..
Well anyway, he told me to come to the office 1st thing Sunday morning for an ultrasound, so we went up there and he said everything looks fine and noticed that there is 2 sacs attached so far. So I asked him what caused the bleeding and he said that women will experience bleeding when the embryos attach to the wall. He said it's really common when your having multilples. So he said as of now that I'm having twins......
We were so relieved to find out that I was still pregnant after that horrible experience the night before.

I will find out for sure if the extra sac stays or disappears from now until the 16th. I will keep you posted..

I have also been having hormonal headaches!!!! Any advice on how to get rid of them???? I have been putting ice on my head, that helps a little but doesn't get rid of it completely.


meridithhasfaith - June 8

Did they check your progesterone? I had cramping and spotting at 6w2d and found my prog. went from 19 down to 11. I was told to double my PIO dose and I was fine by the next day.
Good luck to you. I hope everything goes well on the 16th.



snindy - June 8

I'm doing progesterine oil shot every night and I have to do a progerstrine suppository 3 times a day. I have been on these for a while and I think I might end in 2 weeks. Hopefully, but as of right now, my progesterine is looking good.


shaz - June 8

Snidy - glad to hear everything is ok, and having twins will be such a blessing.



paige - June 9

Snidy, I'm glad everything is okay I just wwent through that last month and everything was okay also. Good luck


BabyBound - June 9

Cindy, I'm glad everything turned out o.k. What an emotional rollercoaster. Take care of yourself and keep us posted.


karriearm - June 9

Snindy- I had the exact same thing happen and I am pregnant with twins. One of the babies attached to a capillary which caused a pool of blood that had to shed out. I had spotting on and off for about 3 weeks after that dreadful night! I am now 10 weeks and they are doing just fine!
Take care.


Karen123 - June 10

Snidy, How scary!! SO glad to hear that all is well! And, that is so wonderful. Gosh I hope I can say that soon. Here's wishing you all the best and especially a healthy pregnancy. Karen



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