Symptoms...when do they arrive?
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bugdiddle - December 8

Hello everyone,

I am two weeks beyond my BFP and I go on 12/13 for the first ultrasound and to find out if it is twins. I am not having any symptoms other than sore boobs. No sickness yet of any kind. Is this ok? I know it sounds strange...but I want to have morning sickness or whenever sickness for that matter. Anybody have any similar situations? Let me know.




Karen123 - December 8

bugdiddle, You can probably find lots of threads on this topic if you do a search on it. May be worth reading some previous replies. I will say that I didn't have much in the way of morning sickness for the 1st 3 months and then it hit me like a truck. It's just so different for every single pregnancy. I did have the sore boobs but that started with the injections. I think the lack of symptoms and just the disbelief that I was truly pregnant made me so scared all the time and just thinking the worst all the time. Anyway, lack of symptoms is normal! Tons of symptoms would be normal too! I know you won't relax since that's what we moms do - worry. But I will say that I hope 12/13 is a thrilling day for you and bring some tissues!! Good luck!! Karen


SMS1129 - December 9

The only symptoms I had in the beginning were sore boobs and extreme tiredness. After a little while, if I didn't eat something every couple of hours, I felt slightly ill, but better as soon as I ate. Now at 4 1/2 months, I have gotten my energy back, the boobs are fine and I don't feel ill if I don't eat often, but my back is killing me and I don't sleep well. I guess all stages have their issues.

But, don't worry if you don't feel sick, it is not required for all women. As long as everything else is progressing along, try not to worry (yeah, right.). Good luck with your ultrasound on the 13th.



bugdiddle - December 9

Thanks Sue and Karen. You guys have made me feel better. Of course I still worry every now and then, but Tuesday just can't come fast enough. I can't wait to find out if it's twins and to see the little one/s. Good luck to both of you and I'll keep you posted.



baby4us - December 12

Bigdiddle.. let us know how your u/s goes on Tuesday.. you will be so amazed!

I too had no symptoms.. actually still don't... I'm almost at 4 months..

I did (do) have sore boobs and was (am still) tired... but other than that.. I just don't feel pregnant.. I am not really showing yet either.. so it still feels unreal... I am sure anyday now when I "pop".. It will finally hit me.. but you will be fine.

I was the same way before my 1st u/s.. I thought.. i don't feel anything.. so is somethign terribly wrong???!


bugdiddle - December 12

Can anyone tell me what to expect at my u/s tomorrow. I am so anxious I can't stand it. It's only been 15 days since my BFP and what will I be able to see? Will I see a heartbeat? Can they tell if it's twins yet? Any advice. Tomorrow can't get here fast enough!!!




Karen123 - December 13

Bugdiddle, I can tell you that at my u/s I saw 2 tiny blinking white lights. It was the most beautiful sight I've ever seen. I was SUCH a wreck, just sure there would be no heartbeat at all. I was crying when the doctor finally walked in and asked what was wrong. I said, "I just need to see a heartbeat" so he got started immediately and said, "how about 2 heartbeats?" I almost fainted. He pointed them out and I cried and laughed so hard that I kept bouncing the u/s scanner all over the place. My DH and daughter were with me and we all cried. It was such a wonderful experience. RE did say that one was much smaller than the other so we'd have to watch that one and see if it made it but here I am at 24 weeks tomorrow and they are kicking me like crazy! Have a WONDERFUL time! And we video taped ours - I highly recommend it if you can possibly bring a 3rd party so that you and DH can just enjoy it, have that 3rd party video tape it. You'll treasure that tape. I know I do. Karen


bugdiddle - December 13

I had my 1st u/s today and it was amazing. We weren't able to see the little flashing heartbeat yet, but the nurse said not to worry. She was sure that we would see it next week. All of my numbers are good so everything is looking good. It was great to finally see the little speck on the screen. I was a little disappointed not to see twins, but I am so blessed to be experiencing this at all, I am not about to get picky:o). Thanks for all of the encouragement. Still no symptoms, but I do have some peace now. I really want to see the heartbeat next Tuesday.

Just wanted to keep everyone posted.



Karen123 - December 13

bugdiddle, Awesome! sorry you didn't see the heartbeat but that's so great that you get to go again in a week! And I'm so glad you have some peace of mind right now. I'm really happy for you! Karen


baby4us - December 14

That is such great news.. and I figured it might be too early to see the heartbeat.. but wait until you do... you won't be able to blink.. it is so amazing!!!



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