swollen feet and ankles
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baby4us - April 27

Ok ladies... any of you have lovely swollen feet and ankles?

Last night my feet were really bad.. horrid.. I am happy I have a doc appointment this morning... but just wondering.. what is a normal amount of swelling and when should I worry!??

I have had a really busy week this past week ad I hope I can take it easy today, tomorrow and the weekend... because my legs ar ekilling me.. my feet are swollena dn I am having a hard time moving around!!! Yikes.. help!!


fiso - April 27

Baby4us, was it the week of your conference? That probably didn't help the swelling. Don't forget to think of me this summer, as the weather in Jersey in the summer time is really no fun, hot and super humid. Not good for a good blood circulation!
I know you are not comfortable right now, think that it will be over very soon, right before the hot summer days!
Going to see the little one today on an u/s! Can't wait to see the progress. I've felt quite a lot of sensations in my belly lately.

Keep us posted witht he swelling. Keep your feet up!


justme - April 27

I have swollen only a little, but with that said, that particular week I gained 4 pounds in 6 days. Before the next visit I drank so much water and lost 3 of it, so it was totally water retention.

Are you drinking a lot of water? I think some people are just prone to swelling near the end though. I am curious to hear what yoru dr has to say.


baby4us - April 27

Hey Fiso and Just Me.. just got back from the doctor's.. he said all is fine... EXCEPT that I have been doing too much and I Really need to take more breaks and get my feet up!
Fiso.. my conference was Monday until I got home last night.. and I guess that is why my feet looked so huge.. I had either been standing too long.. or siitting in one spot over the past few days... not to mention a couple of awful nights sleeps in the hotel!

I have been drinking a ton of water... so I guess I am just going to be a more swollen person these last few weeks!

Fiso.. I can hardly wiat to hear how your u/s went today.. and I can imagine how your summer will be... I think we share a similar climate... I am just outside of Toronto.. and last summer was so brutal.. in a way I am thankful I wasn't pregnant for last summer!

Justme.. how are you feeling???


fiso - April 27

Hi Baby4us, jsut came back from the doc and no u/s today! I got to so used to them,, I thouhgt there would be one today. But I heard the heart beat and everything is fine.
I asked the doc if I could get some highlights and he suggested that since they don't know for sure if it's safe or not, it would be better not to do it. I was disappointed because I really need a refreshed look. I guess the haircut will have to do!
The conference must have been tough on your body. I also have a hard time slowing down, it's not me to stop and sit down. I guess we are not superwomen and we have to listen to our bodies!
Back to work now. Take a break!

Justme, are you ready?


Sheanna - April 27

question can u help-please
I heard when i go in for my blood tests -a couple days after transfr that the numbers work, the higher the number the better chances of pregnacy?

My Estrogen level was 248
My Progesterone level was 28.31

what does that mean ?
I dont know where to start -r my levels normal or low


baby4us - April 28

Hi Sheanna.. I would post your question to the medical professionals above in this forum... It is hard to tell if one doesn't know what your levels were prrior to fertility treatment.. and everyone is different so I'd hate to take a guess and steer you in the wrong direction!

Fiso.. sorry you didn't get an u/s! I too really enjoyed getting them.... but I guess your next one will be the big anatomy scan at about 20 weeks or so?

How far along are you again? I highlight my hair too and everything I read they said that after 12 weeks you are fine to get your hair highlighted. I had opted to go back au naturel (a darker brown).. just so I didn't have to worry so much about roots, etc during pregnancy and post pregnancy but I do miss being blonde!!!

I actually have a hair appt next week and am thinking about getting some lighter highlights put in.. I don't want to go completely blonde again just yet (as I said.. I am trying to as low mainteneance as possible until I get a routine established with the baby!).. so we shall see.. but everything I have read.. they said highlights are perfectly fine after 12 weeks....


fiso - April 28

I'm 16 wks and 6 days! I used to get blonde highlights to enhance my natural color (dirty blonde). It's low maintenance and I always felt "fresher" after getting them, more spring looking! I'm just going to get the haircut today and I'll talk to the hairdresser to see what kind of products he uses and how he applies them. Then I can always go again for the hightlights. I understand the doc's position on that. But when you think about it, maybe your shower gel can be a problem too, your deodorant, your body lotion, anything that can go through your pores! Who knows?

Yes, at the end of May it will be the "big"u/s!

Are your ankles and feet feeling better?


baby4us - May 1

Hey Fiso... my feet and ankles are a bit better today.. was able to take it easy (a bit ) over the weekend.. btu the weather was so nice that I wanted to get some yard clean up and gardening done... plus walk the dogs, etc.

It was pretty hot yesterday though... so I was much slower moving around than usual!

Looking forward to hearing about the big u/s at the end of May!


SMS1129 - May 1

My feet and ankles started swelling in my 2nd trimester. However, in my third trimester, around 32 weeks or so, they really blew up and my blood pressure began to rise. I ended up with pre-eclampsia, which is very dangerous to me and the babies. My dr wasn't too concerned about the rise in blood pressure until right before I went into labor at 35 weeks. Thank God I did because of the harm that could have been done. The condition closes blood vessels in the womb and cuts off blood and oxygen supply to the babies. I am still on blood pressure medication daily. Not sure how long the residual effects last.

Just pay attention to any other symptoms, like high blood pressure and protein in your urine.

Take care and keep drinking lots of water.



baby4us - May 2

Hi Sue.. thank you for the advice and I am sorry to hear that you went through pre-eclampsia. That is what I was worried about last week when my feet and ankles had blown up -- but I was at the docs the next day and all was fine (urine, blood pressure) .. plus I wasn't showing any other symptoms...
The only thing was I had been really busy with work.. and I had just done way too much so my body was trying to tell me to slow down... Unfortunately.. I wasn't listening!!
But I think I have almost eveyrthing under control now...



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