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justme - December 13

Hello all! I am curious if any of you have been staying cold. (body temp) I remember with my last pregnancy I was hot all the time and it seems like that is more the norm for a pregnant woman to be on the warmer side. I live in Texas, not like it is 30 below here, but I am staying chilly a lot. Have any of you experienced this, or do you have any info about it? It is probably nothing, but just thought I would ask. My neighbor used to be an OB nurse and she told me to ask the doc to check my thyroid next time I am in. We'll see.



baby4us - December 14

Hey Just Me... not a strange question.. but not sure if I can ease your mind.. as where I am now.. it is close to -26 (C) overnight.. so I AM cold!

I am a cold person.. and usually wear lots of sweaters and stuff...

Have you been really cold.. or just slightly chilled.. not really sure what it might mean??? But I hope everything is ok.. I'm anxious to hear.

By the way.. I had IM'd you awhile ago based on the breastfeeding question.. I might have done it incorrectly.. anyway.. just wanted ot let you know that I had sent you a message.. not sure if you received it.

My e-mail is on my profile if you'd like to send me info directly! take care.. hope everything is ok...


Karen123 - December 14

justme, I too hope all is ok! I've been hot all the time with this pregnancy. Well today it's 10 F outside so out there I'm not hot! But at work it's terrible. Actually I've been very sick for the last 8 days and finally went to a regular doctor (seems like I'm just an OB patient all the time!) and I have a sinus infection. So that explains the fevers which is part of why I've been so hot! It's been a horrible week and I've been emotional too for some reason. Can't get anything done this busy time of year which upsets me. But, I was put on an antibiotic for the infection on Tues and today I actually am starting to feel better. So the end is in sight! YEY! Let the Christmas preparations begin!! Ok, I got off track there! lol

Take care and please do let us know what happens. Karen


justme - December 14

Hello girls. I would say that I am staying chilled. The weather here has been crazy the last week. From 20 F to 70 F. That is Texas weather for you!

I am probably just being paranoid. I go in for a doc visit and sono on Tues. next week so I will ask then just to make sure. They will probably think I am a weirdo!

Baby4us- I never got your IM. Feel free to email me at [email protected] Let me know what you are interested in knowing.

We find out on Tues what we are having!!!! Yippee. I can't wait to start decorating!!!!!



SMS1129 - December 14


I am cold all of the time, so that hasn't changed during this pg. It is about 17 degrees here as well, so that doesn't help. I am so glad I am delivering in the Spring.

I had 18 week u/s yesterday and they "think" it is a boy and a girl. I won't get confirmation until full anatomy u/s on 12/29 at 20 weeks.

Let us know what you find out on Tuesday.

Take care,



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