Still not sure of how many??????
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shaz - May 12


You are all probably half asleep if you are reading this on one of your nightime toilet stops.

Well, the ultrasound revealed 2 sac's but the doctor could only find one very strong heartbeat. He said there is still a 50/50 chance we could be having twins but we have to repeat the u/s in a week.

DH and I are thrilled that there is a healty little heart beating and would be even more thrilled if there was another next week. Either way we are over the moon...I have a picture to go into the family album. We also have an u/s picture of Billie at 6weeks.....We showed her the picture and told her it was her brother or sister. She said, Wow Mum, that rocks!!!!!! I swear she is so much older than 5....

Good luck ladies, I will catch up with your news in the morning.



ElizabethS - May 12

Wow! That is amazing! What was it like to see that tiny heartbeat? I will cross my fingers and hope that the second baby's heart grows stronger and stronger.

I am so happy for you and your family. I bet you can hardly wait for the next u/s.

I just have to say again, how wondeful it has been to go through this with you, babybound and the others. I don't know what I would have done without you girls.

I will post as soon as I get home from the u/s. My appointment is at 1:00 Eastern time.

I am so nervous and excited.


BabyBound - May 12

Shaz, I can't wait to feel like you did when you saw that tiny heartbeat. We're praying that your other bean heart beat just as stronger next week. Your Billie sounds so delightful...she almost sounds like my 5 yo niece. She's been telling me to have a baby for a year now. However, she is very maternal. She thinks my 2 yo nephew was her baby when he was born.

Elizabeth...your at 1:00 EST and I'm 1:15 CST. Here's to two more successful u/s. I'll be posting later this afternoon.


shaz - May 12

Thanks BB and Elizabeth,

We are also hoping that the other heartbeat gets stronger...

It is amazing seeing that little heartbeat. It's almost overwhelming as it has taken so long to most of us to get to this point and it's all very emotional.

It's been great to share this with you.

Take care



Jenny Lee - May 12

Oh Shaz, I was so excited to hear your wonderful news. I hope the second heartbeat is stronger next visit. I'm certainly happy that you saw one though!! Keep cool this summer in Australia!! much love Jen


Fortyfour - May 13

Great news. Have a great pregnancy.


Debie - May 15


I am so sorry I haven't been in touch. My week was filled with too much drama and I was hospitalised on Thurdsay will let you know all about that later.

I am thrilled for all of you ElizabethS I hope you and DH are getting used to the idea of three little ones soon, that is such a blessing.

Paige, Babybound, Shaz, Cassandra and all expectant moms I wish for all your hopes and dreams to come true.

I have to log off I'm supposed to be in bed mom and DH are tripping.........

Love you lots



paige - May 15

Thank you Debie. Shaz I am so excited for you how neat. when do you go in for your next us to see if you got another one? What day?


ElizabethS - May 15

Debie - I am concerned about you. We will wait patiently until you are well enough to report. I hope and pray that everything will be ok, and that the drama will soon be gone.



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