spotting with HCG 4,350 16dpt
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LeahBusani - August 2

hey everyone. iam so nervouse and iam going crazy. i had my first HCG at 12dpt it was 400 and on my 16dpt it was 4,350. i had 3 embryos transfered (frozen) and day 5 embryos. I take 3 times a day Estrofem (E2) and 2 times a day vaginal progesterone. iam spotting l(very ittle) pink sometimes brown. i will have my first ultrasound 24dpt to see if there is a sac since my numbers are high. but iam going crazy. my nurse says not to worry and so does my doc. they said its because of the hormones and because my uterus is straching and changing. but iam stil going crazy :' ??? :(i have another 4 days till my U/s . please let me know if anyone knows something about this.


jamielee - August 2

Hi Leah, Try not to worry, I went through the same thing! I was a wreck also! I had pink, brown, and bright red spotting up until I think 13 weeks! I am having twins and I know its common with multiples! If you read through the no symptoms yet board you will see what I went through! I am fine now and I'm sure you will be too!!
Good Luck, try to stay calm its very normal for some!!


bdantonio - August 4

you can have what they call a subcortal bleed. It is where a small sac of post or after pmensural blood is left and your body can either disolve it or you will eventually bleed it out. This blood is not dangerous at all i am 12 weeks and i still have my subcortal bleed they check it at u,ltrasounds it has gotten smaller but not went away. So i know i could bleed. and believe me since i have had 5 m/c no bleed is good to me. If you keep it up and dont feel comfortable go to the local er they will do a u/s.


LeahBusani - August 5

hey, guys thank you and i really hope that this bleeding is nothing. tomorrow is my u/s i will keep you posted on that. but i hope that they will be able to see something in there since iam bleeding. this past week and especialy this morning i allways feel like throwing up and very very sick, weak. i will let you guys know about the u/s tomorrow. i hope that they'll see the sac or maybe sacs. wish me luck. and thank you very much.
Best of luck to you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


bdantonio - August 22

What happened?



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