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JENNY22074 - December 29

Daniella - I have a crib on my baby registry...We picked it out online after visiting many stores...It is on our Babies r Us registry...WE actually have 2 registerys set up one there and the other is on have a lot of the same things on their baby sites...Other then that the nursery is painted and the shelves are hung and it is decorated except for a couple pictures yet to hang...We have a TON of clothes already thanks to my sister who is sometimes I think more excited then daddy and I...We did buy the crib set for the crib...My family has not let us buy too much of anything because I think by their reactions I have a shower coming up soon...So we are saving money to wait to see what we get from that and whatever else is left we will buy...My understanding is my mom and stepdad are buying the crib, my sister and brother are buying the changing table and my godparents are buying that dresser...So now it is just a waiting game...

Talk to you all later...

How is everyone doing?


bdantonio - December 29

Wolffie: i honestly have no recollection of where my crib came from i got it with my first pregnancy. 5 years ago. Unfortunitly I lost that child at 14 weeks. My mother had bought it the week before. My daughter who is going to be 3 on jan 3rd also used it. I am having another girl so i didnt need to buy much with this one. I kept eveything from my daughter. My husband is the only boy in his family everyone has girls so i expected another.

On the subject of how am i feeling. Today i have had alot of pressure and alot of contractions. None close enough to go to the hospital. I will be 33 weeks tomorrow they want to try to get me to hold off at least until 36 weeks, but there are times that i think this little girl is stubborn and doesnt want to. I go to the dr again on 1/10/08 I am going to talk to her then about moving my scheduled c-section up it is scheduled for 2/13/08 which is 39 weeks. I want to see if she will move it to 37 weeks. I just dont know how much more of this i can take. My back hurts, my ribs hurt, and my skin is so stretched that it is beyond itchy it actually hurts. I dont think i have gotten to dleep more then 2 hrs a night in weeks. I can not get comfortable, and when i do i have to get up and pee. She doesnt move as much anymore however when she does it hurts like hell.

Well enough of my complaining how is everyone else?
Jenny hows the cervix, when will they check you again?
Marina anymore bleeding?


JENNY22074 - December 30

I will actually be having the cervix checked on the 2nd of January...My regular OB will now be out of town so one of his partners squeezed me in on the 2nd to check it...That was a relief...I am feeling fine...I am starting to feel really tired again during the day and lately when I work 2 days in a row I have been getting real sore in the lower belly and round ligament area...Some nights it also goes around to the back...I am using a belly belt but I don't think that it is working very well...I just think the belly is getting heavier and it is starting to strain...I mean I was a plus size girl starting out so I am even more plus size now...I am trying to make it to the close of the store to get the severance pay but I am doubting that will happen...

How are things with you today?...How was your Christmas?


bdantonio - December 30

My christmas was good. I feel like my skin is going to split in half. I am soo BIG. My skin is to the point that it hurts. I wasnt small before getting pg, i was over weight but not significantly. I could of lost 20-25lbs. Even with losing 40 lbs in the begining i have gained alot. I was actually more then 20lbs lighter when i gave birth to my daughter. I gained 3lbs in a week with my last check up. They are saying its all baby. My ticker says the baby should weigh 4.75lbs accoring to the dr she is close to 6. I cant wait to get control over my bladder again. I also think i will sleep more with a baby then i do pregnate. My hips and back are really starting to bother me due to the weight. I dont get to see my actual dr till 1/10/08 i just got to see midwife last week and this week, when i see her im gonna see if she will move my c-section up maybe to week 37 or 38 intead of 39.

when you say that you are getting ore in the lower belly, is it like pressure like something is between your legs? Thats what i have and they say its the babys head on my cervix and thats wy they keep making sure im not dialating. Also i think i may have lot my mucus plug last night. I lost it with my daughter around this time. I really though the holidays would make timego by quicker but it really hasnt.

Also my daughter will be 3 on Thursday her Dora party is on Saturday so another fun thing to do. Luckily between dh, my mom, and his they got alot covered. I told dh after this little girl is born they are geting one party at the end on january i cant afford this. Having a party a week after christmas is soo expenceive.

Jenny whats your due date again?

Also to everyone if my words are all messed up sorry i got to get dh to go get me a new keyboard some of my letters arent working all the time. I try to keep checing to make sure all of them are showing up but sometimes i miss some.

Marina how are you? Still working?


Marina - December 30

Hi Beth,
I did'n't see you've been posting here lately,so I've read you story,ignore my questions at "2ww ",don't write all over again.
I'm doing good,bleeding stopped long time ago.No morning sickness(what a gift !),I redused my hours to 4 a day.They kicked me out to my regular ob, I'll have my next u/s only on Jan 8 (10 weeks),so nothing to complain about.


JENNY22074 - December 31

Beth my due date is April 1...It is not like pressure it is like a cramping type feeling...Kind of maybe even stretching...Either way it hurts most times when I walk or sit up real fast...Awww I did not know your daughter's bday was coming up...


bdantonio - December 31

Yeah so i will have two little girls with birthdays about 3yrs 1mth apart.


mjforney - January 2

Jenny: When is your appointment today? Please let us know what they say about your cervix! Hang in there girlie..... :)


JENNY22074 - January 2

Everyone - thanks for the well wishes....My cervix is thicker, closed and hard today...I gained 3 pounds..I am measuring right on target 27weeks 1 day...Next appointment is January 15th.

How is everyone else doing?


wolffie - January 4

jenny - glad to hear that you're doing well and baby is doing well!

got the results from my bun screening...all is looking good!



JENNY22074 - January 4

Daniella - glad to hear that your screening results came back good...Thank you also for the well wishes...Talk to you soon.



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