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JENNY22074 - December 20

Hello everyone - all is still well here and we are still on restricted work and seem to be doign okay...Glad to welcoms Michelle to the second trimester...My cravings were nothing but greasy foods...Glad to here everyone is doing well and that you had your first trimester screenings...They are great....


bdantonio - December 20

Jenny have you been staying off your feet except for work?


JENNY22074 - December 21

Yes I have been off my feet except for work...Thank you for the concern...And of course the trips to the bathroom...LOL!!!!...DH has been treating me very well so far....Hope all is well with you...


mjforney - December 21

Jenny.... glad you have your dh by your side, he seems great! Take it easy at work, I know it is easier said than done!

Have a happy holiday week!


bdantonio - December 21

Jenny its so much fun to see your bed so much and the bathroom ha? I wish i could get out of the house for at least 4hrs. The only time i get to leave is for the dr.


JulieC - December 21

I just got the results from the 1st trimester screening and everything was negative. What a relief. I know that there are still no guarantees but it is definitely nice to get some good news just before Christmas.

I hope everyone is well!


JENNY22074 - December 24

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone...Talk to you soon.


lisa13 - December 24

Well everyone sounds great i miss talking to you guys; but i have been so exhausted. today starts my 14th week yea. Jen- why do you have to stay off you feet.

miss everyone have a wonderful holiday


doglover - December 26

Hi girls!!
Merry Christmas! I hope everyone had a great day. I am soooo stuffed. Now my bump is even bigger! I still need to ask if anyone else has an obvious bump? People notice mine all the time. I worry bc I think it is too big-hopefully there is nothing wrong.
It is nice to hear that everyone is doing well. Julie, that is great about the test results. Jenny and Beth-how are your beds treating you??
Talk to you all later,


JENNY22074 - December 27

Lisa - the doctor cut back my hours at work to only 4 a day and no more then 20 per week because my cervix shortened/thinned...When I was 18 weeks it was 3.8 and then at 24 weeks it was 2.7...So they are keeping an eye on it...I go to my last 4 week in between appointment on Monday...Then I will officially hit the every 2 week appointments...Lisa congratulations on being into you 2nd trimester...The "honeymoon" trimester...

Daniella - all is well and baby Gabriel does not know it yet but he got very spoiled for Christmas...His closet is so full of clothes already and we have ot even had a shower yet...I have no idea what to do with all these clothes...They are fortunately in all different sizes...

How was everyone's Christmas?


bdantonio - December 27

Hi everyone. Well went ot the dr today everything still okay. They still have me on bedrest and dont think im gonna make it till due date. i am soo big i cant imagine getting bigger. I just want it to be over. So how was everyones holiday and how are all the babies doing?


JENNY22074 - December 28

Everything is good here Beth and it sounds like things are going better right now for you...We had a great holiday and how was yours?


JulieC - December 28

Hi ladies,

We visited family in Ohio for the holidays and had a great time. We found out that a close family friend is also pregnant - with twins! We are due a week apart. So, it should be fun going through everything together.
Although my calculator (at bottom of message) says I'm 12w 6d, my ob said I was 13w 2d today. So, a little bit of a discrepancy I guess, but they are not worried. Basically I'm due the first week of July either way. At least I am out of the first trimester!!! What a nice feeling. I am actually starting to feel comfortable talking about baby names and all of that fun stuff.
Linzie - I am not showing yet. My pants don't fit well and I notice a little bulge but it's not enough for others to notice. I knew someone who did start to show very early though. She needed maternity clothes by 12w and looked full term at 6 months. I think it's just that everyone's body is different. I almost wish I was showing. I hate this in between stage where you don't look pregnant enough for people to notice but you feel big!
I hope everyone had a great holiday. Here's to the non-alcoholic sparkling juice for new year's eve!


wolffie - December 29


I feel like it's been ages since i've been able to check in! It seems like everyone is doing well.

I can't believe i am finally out of the first trimester. I have a bump but i don't really look pregnant yet. My hubby and I have started talking about baby names but don't quite agree on anything yet. I think we are going to start checking out cribs in the next couple weeks.

Jenny - do you have a crib yet and if so where did you get it?

Beth - where is your crib from? How are you feeling?

Lisa - are you starting to show yet? How are you doing?

Linzie - welome to the 2nd trimester!!!

Michelle - how have you been doing?

Julie - are you still with your fertility doc or have you been released to the OB yet?

I hope everyone is doing well!



JulieC - December 29

Glad to here you are doing well. I am mainly seeing the OB right now, but I am still getting blood work every week at the fertility clinic because they are monitoring my progesterone and thyroid levels. But, I think that will only last another month or so.

I had an OB apt. yesterday and got to hear the heartbeat for the first time. What an amazing experience. It's just still so surreal that there is something living and growing inside me with complex and functioning organs!



JENNY22074 - December 29

Daniella - I have a crib on my baby registry...We picked it out online after visiting many stores...It is on our Babies r Us registry...WE actually have 2 registerys set up one there and the other is on have a lot of the same things on their baby sites...Other then that the nursery is painted and the shelves are hung and it is decorated except for a couple pictures yet to hang...We have a TON of clothes already thanks to my sister who is sometimes I think more excited then daddy and I...We did buy the crib set for the crib...My family has not let us buy too much of anything because I think by their reactions I have a shower coming up soon...So we are saving money to wait to see what we get from that and whatever else is left we will buy...My understanding is my mom and stepdad are buying the crib, my sister and brother are buying the changing table and my godparents are buying that dresser...So now it is just a waiting game...

Talk to you all later...

How is everyone doing?



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