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snindy - December 20

I just went to my first appointment with the baby doctor, they took a bunch of blood test. They told me there is two more blood test they would like to take in 2 weeks, the first one is to test for cystic fibrosis and the 2nd one is for down syndrome or other chromosomal defects. They said my insurance may not cover these, they told me to go home and talk it over w/ my hubby if I want these tests. Are these tests that accurate? I've heard of false positives before. Did all of you get these tests done?

Just curious! I will probably go through with it, but I thought I would get some advice.



justme - December 20

I skipped that screening you are talking about. With my firt pregnancy I got a false positve and it said there was a chance my dd had downs. Well, that didn't do anything but freak me out becuase I was not going to end th pregnancy anyway. I turned the testing down this time.



snindy - December 20

I agree, I think if it was positive, I would worry about it my whole pregnancy and stress out not only myself but the babies. I will take my chances and just hope that everything is ok. I will love them no matter what is wrong with them.

Thanks for the advice,


HeatherMac - December 21


I had a VERY long talk with my OB about these tests...and here's what he told me: these test will NOT tell you with ANY amount of certainty that there is a problem. These tests WILL tell you that what percentage of a CHANCE that there is a problem such as CF or downs. So, take the test and you get what percentage of a chance that your child will have a certain problem...not any real concrete evidence that there IS a problem.

Now, here's the caveat: if you're over 30, your tests will return results that there are high chances for CF and downs. If you're over 35, they will ALL come back that there are many problems SIMPLY because of age...not because there is a problem. These tests are ANCIENT and skewed to show the problems that arise with "Advanced Maternal Age"...back when 30 was perceived as too old to be having a baby. Modern medicine, eh?

If you are REALLY concerned that there are problems, request a targeted or Level 2 ultrasound. They take a really long time...like 2 or 3 hours... and they are tremendously in-depth ultrasounds to show problems a regular u/s just can't show. If you're on the fence about the blood tests, in my opinion I'd say skip it. I was 36 when I got pregnant, so all of these tests would have shown that my baby had every known problem under the sun. However, as I type this, my beautiful and HEALTHY son is sleeping soundly right next to me. If I had taken any of these test, I would have ruined my otherwise TREMENDOUSLY enjoyable pregnancy with test results that would have shown false results - simply because of my age...not any real problems with the baby.

So, there's my two cents. Take it for what it's worth and do LOTS of research - then once you've got your information, you are better equipped to make your decision. Most importantly, do NOT let anyone force you to make a decision about your pregnancy or tests - not a friend, not a family member, not a medical professional...no one should force you into a decision or something you don't want to do. You make the choice that's right for you. If you want the test, do it...if not, don't do it...and don't worry about whatever decision you make. The decision you make WILL be the right decision!!

CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy - I hope it's a tremendously enjoyable and wonderful time for you and your husband!!



baby4us - December 21

Hey Cindy... I am right in the middle of these tests. I had my first blood test and nuchal translucency u/s at 12 weeks and just had my second blood test this week at 16 weeks, I have an appointment with my doc next week to discuss results and he said to expect a positive... and I can basically reiterate what HeatherMac has said. The fertility clinic I was at... we were pretty well told to Do it... so I did it.. just to have some knowledge.... maybe if there truly is something wrong.. we can maybe deal with it... but I know no mater what.. I am only doing these tests and won't go any further with the amnio or anything. But at least I will have an idea and can go from there.

Hope that helps. But yes.. the false positives do suck.. and make you worry for no reason.

Good Luck


snindy - December 21

Thanks guys for your input,
So many things to think about when your pregnant, blood tests, C-section vs Vaginal, finding out the sexes and even baby room ideas. It's so hard for me, I'm really bad at making decisions. I'm always the one that says "I don't care" when someone aske me where I want to go for dinner.

I guess it's time for me to change that and do what I think is best for me and the babies.

Take care,


SMS1129 - December 21


I didn't do those blood tests either, but I had a bit of a different circumstance. At my 12 week u/s they noticed a large nuchal translucency with one of my triplets and sent me to NY for further testing. I ended up having to lose the one baby to save the other two because it was very unhealthy. I am now pregnanat with twins and going for the Level 2 u/s on 12/29. I am very nervous, mainly because I have experienced the doctor sitting me down and telling me my child is unhealthy. I don't want to hear that with either of these two. I will not do any further tests, such as amnio because I don't want to add unneccesary risk to what is already a high risk pg.

Good luck on your decision.




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