Slow Rising HCG Levels
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Nell - April 26

I am going through an emotional rollercoaster and want to know if anyone has experienced the following and has resulted in a happy ending.

I'm 43. We went though an IVF donor cycle (with a 22 year old donor's eggs) after two failed IVF and two failed IUIs with my own eggs.

We transferred two high quality blastocyst embryos at 6 day transfer, and got a positive pregnancy test.

My first beta HCG test on day 17 (the day we found out about the positive pregnancy test) was 440 - which was a great number since they only needed to see a number greater than 50.

Four days later on day 21, the HCG rose but didn't double -- it was only 740.

Then two days later on day 23, the level doubled to 1514, which was a relief since I was nervous it wasn't doubling. They guessed it might have been two embryos that implanted and then resulted in a vanishing twin syndrome. The doctor told me I didn't need to come back for another HCG test until my ultrasound in a few weeks. They felt comfortable that the HCG level doubled.

But I didn't feel comfortable so they said I could take another HCG test if it made me less anxious. So I did, four days later on day 27. The result there was 2771 -- didn't double in four days!!?

To summarize, here are my numbers:

First beta test (day 17): 440 (good starting number)
Second beta test (day 21): 740 (4 days later..didn't double...vanishing twin?)
Third beta test (day 23): 1514 (2 days later ..doubled)
Fourth beta test (day 27): 2771 (4 days later..didn't double??!!)

I am completely freaked out now. I don't know what's going on. I have not had any symptoms except for off and on breast tenderness and a strong sense of smell. I am not nauseous at all but I don't have much of an appetite (though I am eating properly and enough regardless). I have no cramping, no bleeding. I am taking those horrible progesterone injections daily and also estrogen injections every 3 days. I am SO nervous -- we have our ultrasound scheduled on May 1st and I just am prepared for the worst.

I don't understand these HCG numbers and why the rate of rise is up and down like it is. Has anyone experienced something similar and had a positive result and a healthy baby in the end? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks.



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