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BabyBound - May 12

Hey's one. Everything was great. I was excited to see the baby his/her heartbeat. DH was amazed at everything he saw. He's still clueless to this whole process. Doing the u/s she was looking at my ovaries and he didn't know that so he saw the two dark circles and thought it was two babies. The tech had to explain to him that was only my right ovary and two follicles actually released two eggs, but only one baby. The took some blood to check my progesterone levels and will call me back with the results tomorrow. Depending on what my insurance covers, the nurse said I will have another u/s at 9wks.

We all made it through the day with wonderful news. Let keep praying that everything to come is uneventful and joyous. Shaz and Elizabeth it has been so wonderful going through this with your guys...The Three Muskateers...that's our new name.


shaz - May 12

I am so happy for you and DH.....I LOL when I read about DH thinking it was twins....Very sweet.



Jenny Lee - May 12

CONGRATULATIONS!! I am so happy for you!!
Much love Jen


ElizabethS - May 13

I love you guys. We are so fortunate!


Fortyfour - May 13

Congrats on the us. Take care.


cassandra - May 13

Congratulations on your new precious cargo! It is amazing you three had your u/s within a day of each other! Wonderful news babybound! You definately are babybound now! ;D cassandra


BabyBound - May 14

Well, Guys, my b/w came back a little low on progesterone so I have to take Prometruim before bed every night. Is this something that is common and normal? I kind of freaked out when the nurse called me. Could this lack of hormone be the cause of my m/c at 7 weeks? Any reassuring and advice you guys can give is much needed and appreciated.


cassandra - May 14

Babybound, I had to take prometrium right up until yesterday(9 weeks). cassandra


ElizabethS - May 14

Babybound - Prometrium is very common. I think someone mentioned that the corpus luteum doesn't behave as normal when you do IUI and IVF...something about the ovary being overstimulated. I was taking two pills a day until yesterday.

Sorry this is a bit vague, but I truly believe that everything will be fine.


HeatherMac - May 14


I am thrilled for you!! I wish you and the little one much happiness over the next eight months!!

I've only got one, too, and I was a little dissappointed, frankly. But, when my RE did the first u/s and saw one little yolk sac he said, "Oh thank God." so I knew it was okay.

It just means we're going to have to work a little harder to catch up with Elizabeth!! ;)

BTW, Prometrium is very, very common. Whatever you need to do to keep your Progesterone high is good.

Again, congrats to you, my friend! Keep us posted!!



shaz - May 14

BB, Im sure everything is fine. I have never been on these pills, but I have learnt since finding this website that they do things a little differently in Oz. I havent even had my progesterone checked.....

Wouldnt it be good if we could just go to sleep and not wake up until the first trimester was over and done with.....1 - It would stop me eating and 2 - it would stop us from worrying....

Take care



paige - May 15

Shaz I so agree I am not liking feeling tired all the time and aeting every two hours! Babybound I am so happy for you. I hope my us goes well. Don't worry about the progesterone those pills will probly fix it right away. They have me on two types of progesterone. Shots and suppositories. I wish I could take a pill instead. Good luck :) Paige


BabyBound - May 15

Thanks Ladies, I thought the Prometrium was common, but you know how we need to hear things sometimes. I go for another u/s and b/w on Thursday. So, I'll keep you all posted.



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