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ElizabethS - May 6

I swear I am already showing!! Has anyone else started showing this early? My belly is hard and very poochy. My baby/babies will be 4 weeks on I imagining things? I am now convinced I am having three.


shaz - May 6


It definately sounds as if there is more than one baby in there. If there are three, I guess you would be starting to show very soon. How exciting.....We will have to send each other photo's of our pregnant bellies......Is your e-mail enabled, if so I will send you a picture of DH, Billie and I....



cassandra - May 7

ElisabethS, I swear between the pregnancy test and my first u/s I put on 20 lbs.! Yesterday at work, a waitress touched my belly and said "Oh, I see!" I said you can't tell this early, I'm just getting fat!
I think once you know you are pregnant your belly does pooch out a bit!I've always had a problem with my lower abdomen pooching anyways, no amount of situps helped. I think maybe the surgeries I've had down there have killed some nerves and muscle. Anyways, with two babies in there I expect to be showing very soon. I can't wait! cassandra


BabyBound - May 7

Elizabeth, I think I got too much cushion to see any difference now. My stomach muscles feels like I'm doing push-ups. I can feel the muscles getting harder. I think the first thing that going to get big on me is my butt. That seems to the first place that gets hit with extra weight first. I can't wait until Thursday, ladies. My appt. is at 1:15 so I'll probably post around 3:00.


ElizabethS - May 7

I think my poochyness might have been from constipation :P

Cassandra - I too have had struggles with a poochy tummy all my life, it is kind of nice to let it all hang out now. (I have seriously considered lying about my due date - so that people think I'm actually showing and not just a fatty) :D I have also had two laparatomies ( 6 inch insicion going from my pubic bone to belly button) which has moved my pooch upwards.

I have also checked out a couple of books on being pregnant with is very important to gain a lot of weight in the beginning. It dramatically increases the chances of having babies with a higher birth don't feel bad about the weight gain.


ElizabethS - May 7

Shaz - I would love an e-mail. It would be so nice to put faces with names.

I think my e-mail is available in my bio.

take care


Donna - May 17

Is there twins/triplets in your family? Because you may not be imagining anything. I'm only having one and I popped out there within the first month... and everyone started saying "I bet your having twins". Come to find out I'm having one, just a pretty large one. I just had my 20 week ultrasound and my baby is 15oz. Can't say I'm not expecting a bigbaby... I was 8lb 15oz and my husband was 10llb 1oz., 23in. long... I imagion my labor won't be a walk in the park.


ElizabethS - May 17

Donna - we found out last week that we are having triplets. I am desperate to find more elastic my belly is expanding rapidly


cassandra - May 17

Hi Elisabeth! I think I'm starting to show. I was telling you how my lower belly pooches but above my bellybutton is starting to stick out! Now, do the babies grow above it or below? I really need to go to the library and find a couple of picture and anatomy books. :)
It's like a ponch that starts below my breasts and stops at my bellybutton, it's bigger than my poochy abdomen!
I had a dream last night my dh left me for a beautiful 20 yr old. I woke up pretty upset. He said he doesn't even know a 20 yr. old. :)Let the funky dreams begin!
Well, I'm got to get ready for the JOB work week. Take care...cassandra


ElizabethS - May 18

Yep, I bet you are showing Cassandra. It is crazy to see a bulge above the belly button!!

I have had some real funny dreams too. I have been stressing about our house being too small, and then I dreamt that we had an entire "west wing" that I had forgotten about. (and we had a beautiful pool and hot tub in our backyard.) I was so sad when I woke up, and realized I was only dreaming. That is just one of my crazy dreams, the others have been X-rated. I think I could write some new trash novels once this pregnancy is over. :o


cassandra - May 18

Haha that is funny! I haven't mentioned those! I wouldn't tell dh he is a god in my dreams. Don't want it to swell his head too much! ;D cassandra


shaz - May 18

Funny you should mention those x-rated dreams. I am having some amazing dreams lately.....What's that all about. I didnt have them during my last pregnancy!!!!!!!!!!!!



BabyBound - May 19

Add me to the x-rated dreams club.



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