scared and full of questions
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Latina - April 6

Hola Ladies,
I had my first positive test on Tuesday, my HCG was 120. Im having another test tomorrow..I hope the number rises.
My question is???How far along am I? If I did a I count from the day I did the transfer? I have read on this site that doctors add 2 weeks from the actuall date??
Has anyone experienced mucus discharge? I spotted one night with brown mucus...When do they do the first ultrasound? and when do they know if its multiples? Sorry for all the questions..I feel like im walking on egg shells..everytime I feel something moist im running to the bathroom thinking Im bleeding..This should be the happiest time of my life and im sooo scared that Im going to loose this baby...Is this normal?


justme - April 7

Congrats on your BFP!!!!!

I think it is normal to be anxious. Try to relax though. It will be best for you and baby.

You start counting from your last period with a normal pregnancy, that is why the drs add 2 weeks.

I had brown spotting and they said it was normal and everything will be ok. The drs were right, but it did worry me. I would let your dr know you are spotting.



baby4us - April 7

Latina a HUGE congratulations... and no surprise you are full of questions.. the worry never seems to end! But as Justme said... don't get too stressed out.. it is not good for your body!

I had some spotting pretty well all through my first trimester.. whcih of course was nerve wracking. But I let my doctor know. I also rested when I had spotting.. put my feet up that type of thing.. just to be on the safe side. I also had some mild PMS type cramping throughouot my first tri. Which as they say.. if you have cramping AND spotting to be worried.. so of course I freaked out on a number of occasions.. btu alwasy talked to my doc about it.. he was very reassuring.. it just happened to be one of those things!

You will notice many things as your body prepares to carry the baby. So take note of these... they can be worrisome.. but more often than not... they are completely normal.

With me they did the first u//s at 8 weeks (remember count from the first day of your last period).. and you will be so relieved after that first u/s. You will most likely have another at 12 weeks.. they are very reassuring!

Just remember... after everything we have all been through.. I find it is extra hard on all of us the prospect of possibly losing a pregnancy. But again.. stay positive.. listen to your body... call your doctor with anything that might be worrying you -- don't feel like you are being a pest.. it will help them monitor you and can help ease your fears.

You will be fine.. just rest and take it easy. I would recomemnd putting your feet up when you feel spotting or crampy. Take a nap.. this is the time to be good to yourself and not let yourself get run down.

Good luck and keep us posted!


Latina - April 7

Ladies thank you so much for your words....The doctors office called and said my HCG was 570 it's looking very good!!! Im scheduled for my first US on the 20th. Im so excited I dont know how to feel...Weve been trying for 10 years...
Thank you so much for all your kind words..I dont know what I would have done without this site.. both of you are nearing the end of your pregnancies..I cant wait to be that far...How has your pregnacies been? up tillnow no morning doctor said it normally begins in the 6th week...
thank you both and god bless...


baby4us - April 10

Congrats again.. that is so amazing.. and indeed the pregnanyc will feel unreal for awehil eyet.. it did for me until I really started to show.. and how in my 32nd week.. I am not ready for this pregnancy to be over with.. so enjoy every day to the fullest.. it si amzing how quickly teh 40 weeks whip by!!!!

Good luck with your u/s.. all will be well and you will be in awe you when you see the little hearbeat!

As far as your other question.. how the pregnancy has been -- I was one of the lucky ones.. no morning sickness or food aversions -- but remember.. no wyou really have to be careful what you eat. Get lots of fruit, veggies, fibre and tons of water. Becareful with caffeine -- and cut out deli meats, sushi and aspartame and be careful with alcohol and medications. If you have any questions be sure to speak to your doctor.


justme - April 10

My pregnancy has been pretty good. I was very sick for 6 months, but that went away and amazingly I have forgot how bad it was really! I am enjoying being pregnant and can't believe there are only 5 more weeks for me.

FYI-my morning sickness began before I even got a BFP. I told my RE I was pretty sure I was prego because I was already feeling bad and he dismissed it. I was the same with my first pregnancy too.

I think the pregnancies go by faster when you have waited for it for so long. I have friends that say theirs last forever, but they get pregnant easily too. When you have waited years, 10 months flies by.

Enjoy every minute of it. Even the not so good stuff!


baby4us - April 11

Justme how are you feeling? I see your Due date is May 17th... not too far away!! How eciting.. do you feel ready? Are you anxious? excited???


Trying in NH - April 11


I am in the same boat as you. We are now 7 weeks pregnant (just found out last week that it is twins!) For the past 3 weeks I have been complaining to my husband about the same thing, lots of discharge. I too was running to the bathroom every 15 minutes because I thought for sure that I was bleeding. Last Friday it actually did happen and I was spotting then had a huge gush of dark red blood after laying down for a nap, scared the crap out of me. Went to the Dr. the following day and everything was okay they said it was common with twins to have bleeding. Hopefully everything has settled down with you and let us know how your u/s goes on the 20th.

Take care


cassandra - April 21

Congrats on the twin news, trying in NH! I am so thrilled for you! I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly. We are all doing fine here in MA. Mathew and Lauren just turned 4 months old on Wed and very healthy. Not even a cold yet! (thankfully) I look forward to reading more terrific posts from you girls! Take care...cassandra



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