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cassandra - August 17

Hi Meg! I changed a lot on the registry. I even added a babiesrus. I found out there is one nearby inside a toysrus. I deleted the diaper genie and added the diaper champ. It takes any trash bags too not just special ones! Bonus!
I did research on my car seats and they hold 5-100 lbs. So, if the babies won't be released from the hospital until they are 5 lbs I thought they will work. What I couldn't find was a stoller that would hold 2 car seats. The travel systems were all designed to hold 1.? So, I then proceeded to look for carriers that would snap on to carriages at the store. Nada. So, after some frustrating time on the computer I registered for moses baskets with handles to carry them around. I know they are going to hate me for always transfering them to their carseats, but I figured, if they can't snap on to a stroller, and the car seats will work, then ok. My mil said she will watch them if I need to go grocery shopping. I know this isn't the best system but I don't want to ask for all these carseats if really, the ones I registered will work.
I also registered for 2 mobiles at babiesrus and a boppy. I still need to change the travel chairs. Yesterday my mil dropped by with onesies with the patriots logo and rattles with the logo also. We are big fans up here! Well, today is my longest shift. 9 hours. I think I'll finish off the month before I change that. Feeling good and carrying on....cassandra ;)


ElizabethS - August 18

Meg- you are AWESOME. I haven't told you enough how helpful your posts are. You know just the right thing to say everytime. Whether it be giving practical advice on registering or giving spiritual advice on the blessings and sometimes disappointments of motherhood.

Just wanted to say thanks


cassandra - August 18

Meg, thanks for the wisdom! So is it only the graco dualride stroller? I'm going to look it up online. All the double stroller I looked at said only one carseat.Hmmm.
You would think ALL double strollers would fit 2 carseats but that is NOT the case! I have to call the nmot club to see when their next meeting is and while on the phone I will ask about the fall twin sale. Does every chapter have one? Well, I'll find out won't I? :)
So, your twins came 2 months early? I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for something like that happening. I am taking your advice and listening to my body carefully. At the parenting classes they will also tour the nicu. I'm glad your'e doing well with your pregnancy. Maybe a new year baby! My dh is looking forward to tax season already! :) Take care....casssandra


cassandra - August 20

Hi meg! Have you "popped yet?" Just wondering how you are doing. :)
Thank you so much for your invaluable advice on what I'll need for twins. You have been incredibly helpful!
Heathermac, have you registered yet?
Yesterday my mom calledand told me the nco is under litigation and the kitchen might not be available. I guess the air force base doesn't own it. I asked about a nearby afb (westover) and she is gonna look into it. My brother in law just made chief and hopefully he can pull strings. I had my reception at westover when I got married but dh is no longer in the airforce. Mom is a wreck. I told her don't worry, we'll find somewhere!
I hope everyone is doing well. There is going to be high humidity today and tomorrow here in the east. Yay. I can't wait for the fall!!!! Tonight dh is having friends over to watch UFC championship. I think it is extremely violent but after watching it constantly with dh I am rooting for Chuck Liddel. Yeah, I know, whatever!
Well, i should get about cleaning this house for company and I have to work 1-8 today so I'll be on my way. Have a great weekend everyone! cassandra


Megan - August 22


Thank you for your kind words :) I know that you will be fine w/ triplets :) Try not to go to crazy on bedrest; Luckily I only was on "couch rest" for about 3 days for mild preeclampsa (my blood pressure was pretty high) before my water broke, and then I only had to stay in a hospital bed for about 1 and a half days before contractions began. Being stuck in the hospital bed was probably the worst. I couldn't even get up to go to the bathroom b/c or risk of infection to the baby since my water had broken. It will all be worth it, if you can keep the babies in there until 36 wks. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers :)


I am looking a little more p/g, but I am still not huge despite being almost 20 wks. I can't wait for my u/s on Tues. morning. I keep praying that the baby is growing properly and everything is okay w/ him or her. I wish I wasn't such a worrier, but I guess I am what I am. I just keep praying for a healthy baby, as we all are. I am sure everything will work out with your shower venue. You have such a terrific outlook on things. That is great :) Have you had any luck with the stroller, or decided what you want to do as far car seats go? I hope you are doing well and coping okay with the heat. I stay in the A/C all day. It is too hot outside for me and the kids!!!! I can't wait until fall comes and this hot, humid weather breaks.

Take Care,


cassandra - August 23

Hi Meg! How did the U/S go today? Mine is next mon. and I am anxiously waiting to see and hear their heartbeats again. What I am really wondering about is their size. I'm hoping for 1lb and a few oz. each. Tomorrow is the 6 month mark and am still amazed they are holding on. I feel them move once in awhile kind of fluttering in the tummy. My mom said the shower is Oct 2nd. and my mil said hers is Oct. 30. I think by my mil I'll be big and uncomfortable but my biggest worry is that I won't even be pg then. Nothing to substantiate that worry just knowing it's possible to deliver early you know?
Anyways, dish the details of your U/S! cassandra


Megan - August 27


Thanks for asking about the u/s. Everything looks great :) I was so happy :) I was so very worried about the baby, but everything is where it should be and it is growing appropriately. I kept tearing up the whole time. It was weird only seeing one baby in there. DH and I were so used to seeing two active babies during u/s. Now this one has all the room in the world to stretch out!!!! My Dr. wants me to start progesterone shots at wk. 24 to prevent preterm labor. We think I had the twins early b/c I was p/g w/ 2, but he said that he didn't want to take a chance that something may change and also I will soon be undergoing a lot of stress... Worrying about holidays, b-days, birth of a baby, building a new house, selling our house, and worrying about $$ for everything !!!! I think I am more concerned about high blood pressure more than preterm labor, but if he thinks it may help, I am okay w/ it. I will have to go in every week for a shot starting at 24 wks. which will be a pain in the neck. I wish my Dh could give them to me, but I don't think it is an option. I am very happy w/ my Dr. He really seems to be taking many things into consideration, while treating me. He seems more attentive than the high risk Dr.s I saw when p/g w/ the twins. Go Figure...

I think you need to start taking it more easy !!! You are crazy for putting in so many hours. You want those babies to stay inside for as long as possible ;) At least the heat here in the East seems to be getting better :)'

Take Care,



cassandra - August 27

Meg, I'm so thrilled about your great U/S! progesterone shots? It seems like a long time ago that i was taking week 10 I stopped. I wonder what it does at week 24? Enforce the uterus? Hey, anything to encourage a supreme delivery for you!
A couple more weeks then I'll be cutting my hours. I also worry about $$. I have to force my thoughts to clear about that to get a decent nights sleep! I'm glad you are doing well. I usually attend a cookie swap with the girls from work for xmas. This year they are having it Sept. because I'm going to be too busy. They said we are going to freeze them. Ok. I have never freezed cookies before but I'll give it a shot if it helps my holiday stress. I should really think about what I'm going to do at xmas. Probably nothing! Gift cards all around! :)
i'm glad you are doing well Meg! It was nice to hear from you...cassandra



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