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HeatherMac - June 21

Okay, girls...before you know it, we'll all be busier than we ever imagined with little bundles of babies we've only dreamed about. Suddenly, there is so much to do - classes and appointments and painting and shopping and this and that. And, of course, the baby registry.

Has anyone registered yet?? If not, when do you plan to register?? If so, how far along were you when you registered??

I'm 19 weeks - which I still cannot believe because that means next week I'll be HALFWAY THERE - and we're just starting to think about registering. We're taking our first class next week, too! I haven't even gotten baby furniture yet. Suddenly, I'm nearing freak out mode. SO much to DO!

Anyone?? Anyone?? Where are you in your preparation journey??



Fortyfour - August 5

Wow - I never thought of heat rash with the rubbing thighs. I will remember that. I am glad you are doing great. take care.


Hope as cassandra - August 6

Hi fortyfour! Did you say your U/S was on the 10th? Let's see, that's Wed. Oh, I can't wait! How many blinkers? I can't wait!
My heat rash is much much better! Yesterday I was leaving work at 4 (11-4) and my boss asked my coworker to work half a shift for me today. He said i have to deal with her situation immediately! Moi? :)After 3 1/2 hours of nonstop busyness at work I HAD to sit down for 5 min. I asked a friend there who kind of knows how to cook to cover for me. So, I am anxious to see what my schedule will be next week. Yes the long hours are starting to bother my back and feet. I just come home from work, prop my feet up on the couch and thats where I stay until bedtime. I am still waiting for babies to kick I just hold my belly all night talking to them. :)Dh has been great thankfully. Makes dinner and gets me whatever I need. :)I'll let you know exactly what the boss says. I wonder if his lovely wife has anything to do with his sudden urge to cut my hours? :)


JennyLee - August 6

I am soo excited to be near the end. It's a little more tiring second time. I guess running around after a 19 month old and being pregnant is a little taxing. I am going to have a repeat c-section and it's scheduled for October 3. I will be a little over 39 weeks. I wanted an October b-day b/c mine and a lot of my family members b-days are in Oct. I am all about the pain medication. I take something for a headache so naturally, I want something for LABOR :))
We finished the baby's room this w/d which was our office. We did a lot of rearranging. We are having another boy are are very excited. Many of my friends asked me about another shower, but I said not necessary. With another boy, all I really want is DIAPERS, DIAPERS, DIAPERS :))) I bought sooo many clothes with Mitch that I didn't even use them all:)
I hope all goes well with you!! much love! Jen


Hope as cassandra - August 6

Jenny, Hi! I,m still lingering around here putting off getting ready for work :) I'm so glad you are doing well. Oct. 3rd eh? Oh boy that's gonna be here before you know it! Have you decided on a name for him? I'm so excited myself to be having a boy! So, I assume you had a csection with your first? I wonder if I will have one. I hear 50% chance of one with twins. I think it's very cool to know the EXACT day you will deliver! I love the month of october here in new england. It's so beautiful. Take care...cassandra


Fortyfour - August 6

Cassandra -- I cant imagine how tired you must be. I worked four hours yesterday and one house had no air conditioning. I left feeling like i had been wrung out like a wet rag and went home and slept for 2 hours. They say you get more energy in the second trimester. I hope so. Take care.


cassandra - August 7

Fortyfour, in the beginning of this pregnancy I was extremely fatigued. It's all normal. Sleep when you can.
My boss cut 10 hours off my next week schedule and I assume it is for good! No more 9,10,11 hour shifts! yay! I told him toadjust my salary and he said no. NO? ;D
I knew he was a good guy! Maybe he should be a godfather!
Customers at work are commenting a lot now on my stomach. One guy said I was afraid to ask. Yeah, he must of been one from before. Remember me posting about the ones asking if I was pregnant when i wasn't? How upset I was then! I don't know if it was the hormones but I actually did the same thing to a girl I didn't even know. I almost started to cry. I tried to explain how sorry I was but the damage is done. I was miserable for days.
That's my confession.
Anyways, you know, I still can't belive I'm pregnant. The evidence is there but I am having trouble comprehending. I feel good. I look pregnant. I'm having 2 for goodness sake. It just seems surreal. I have bad dreams all the time. Babies taken from me. It seems so unreal. I haven't been depressed. I am very afraid of having postpartem depresion. I read and heard that Brooke Shields had it bad even after IVF. Just thoughts swirling around. Maybe it will seem more real if I can just FEEL them moving and kicking around! Waiting. That's what I'm doing.
Yesterday at work a young mother was taking her son out of his highchair and he put his arms up to her and I thought, Yeah, that is what I want. It was so endearing to watch. Children of my own. Maybe because I've been childless for these 13 years of marriage it is hard to fathom. Am I normal? Has reality not struck me in the face yet? Am I unwittingly waiting for the other shoe to drop? I guess I'm feeling "emotional today". Thanks for letting be blather on...cassandra


shaz - August 7

Hey Cassandra,

I still look at my 5 year old daughter and cant believe that she is a part of our lives. When I was pregnant with her I agonised every day, thinking I was going to lose her, never believing that I would have a child at the end of my pregnancy. Even after she was born and for a few years I never let myself believe that she would be with me forever. I guess we IVF'ers just get used to so much dissapointment. I did suffer with Post natal depression and was in a clinic for eight weeks when she was born. The good thing is that I got better and although it took me a while to want to go back to IVF, I am now 19 weeks pregnant with my second miracle. It is so different to my first pregnancy. I dont feel like it's going to be taken away from me, and feel very calm most of the time.
I guess what I am trying to say is that I think what you are feeling is very normal and that you should continue to verbalise it. Your babies are very lucky to have you as their Mumma....

Take care



Fortyfour - August 7

Cassandra - I am glad your are doing well and that you will be working less. I also worry about postpartum depression because of my age and the hormone problems I have already encountered with perimenopause. Does anyone know if breastfeeding helps or hinders the depression?

Take care all. Im off to my second nap of the day.


cassandra - August 13

Fortyfour, I'm sure you will be taking lots of naps. For the first couple of months I was exausted all of the time. Thankfully it passes. I had a little nausea but if i ate something it went away. But now @ 5 1/2 mo. I really feel nauseas in the morning. I called the dr. because twice in this past weeek after eating my breakfast(same thing..raisin bran and english muffin) I have gotten sick to my stomach and violently vomitting the dr. says no more raisin bran. Babies just don't want it anymore! :) So far, that's been fine!
Anyways, I hope you don't mind but I'm going to ramble for awhile...Yesterday at work I had to go home sick about a half hour before my shift was over. It was so stinkin' HOT and busy at the restaurant! The stress and heat made me sick to my stomach not too mention the feet are killing me now! I'm not used to feeling so vulnerable to everything! I was supergirl...working 11 hours without a complaint. Now after even my 7 hour shift on Thurs. ( I have another one today) I can barely get out of the car when I come home and my feet hurt soo bad I can't walk on them the rest of the night.
Too add to my problems, my boss Michele asked me to talk to her brother(my real boss) to hire someone to fill in for me! I almost started arguing with her. She's telling me her new dh doesn't want her to work at all not too mention extra to cover for me! If it was a vacation she said no problem but this is permanent! Her daughter, who makes the schedule also complains to me she can't fill the hours for me! OK since when is it my problem??!! I told Michele yesterday (under duress) that I'm not going to be made to feel guilty about this! I almost started to cry but I just said I cannot talk about this now I'm going home sick! I was so stressed out! Apperently Michele and her daughter do not know how to communicate to Michael (my boss). He'll listen to you they said! Come on! ::) So, as I get ready for work today I have to think of how to tell my boss that his sister and niece cannot help me out and he needs to hire someone. This is a family business but you wouldn't know it! I'm getting nervous at the thought of all this not to mention I need to cut my hours again in a couple weeks! Michele said when I come back she will be taking time off to fill any hours this person whoever it is that replaces me will have cut to accomodate me. Hidden agendas. Are you guys following me here? I know this is complicated but I am so angry to be put in this position. I am not a relative. I am not an owner. I am an employee. A soon to be disgruntled one. Yesterday at work the stress was so bad in the middle of lunch I had to go in the kitchen and cry. The cook back there says those raging hormones eh? I said no it is perfect chaos right now out there (with the sweat pouring off my face) We had a new computer system installed and there are problems. Not to mention a packed house with people lining out the door! My lead cook keeps disapearing to help the girls with overrides and the cashier can't find their orders on her screen. The orders are piling up and some people are walking out! I am not supergirl anymore. :'( Thanks for letting me vent.
On the other hand when I come home my mom calls to say how much she loves me and thinks about me. She's planning my shower and is very excited about it. talks about all the silly games we are going to play and last night she told me my 2 aunts are flying in for it! From CO and SC. She cheered me up. I have to end this on a good note or I'll be an angry uptight witch all day. Thanks again for listening...cassandra


cassandra - August 14

Thanks Meg. I talked to my boss Mike yesterday and he was very nice. Told me not to worry about my shifts being covered. Everything will be fine. I won't allow Michele or her daughter to rattle me anymore.
It was a hot one again yesterday with humidity made the 90's seem like the 100's! Work went well. Without the stress of working with his sister I was much more relaxed.
What is pregnancy hypertension? Is it something determined or found when doing the no stress test?
Congratulations on your "dream home"! I live in a 3 bedroom ranch in the rurals. There are some beautiful homes being built on my street and in the town. Coming from living in an apt. for the first 10 years of marriage this place is heaven! Neighbors are not too close and we have plenty of privacy. I can't wait to bring children of my own here! I especially love sunday mornings when people ride by on horses.
I am going to have to look at my pg. magazines to see what kind of tests should be upcoming. They have been very helpful. I recently read I should be in classes by now and signed up immediately. I wonder why the docs didn't tell me? I guess I should be asking more questions instead of will my belly button go back in after delivering? ;D Anyways thanks for letting me ramble again. Meg if you would, could you look at my registry and see if I should add anything? Hope Quinlan in Massachusetts? You don't have to I am wondering if I should delete/add. Thanks! cassandra (my middle name) :)


Fortyfour - August 14

Cassandra - women can be so fickle and unhelpful at times cant they. Take care of yourself first and forget those witches.
When i was pg the first time my boss at the time would try to give me 12hour and more days. We only work 8 hours in homecare. I would have to call her almost everyday and say that I could not do that long of a day. When I m/c she called to say how much she "cared" about me. I was dumbfounded.

Its nice getting all this twin info from everyone. I do wonder how you grocery shop with twins though.

Take care all


Megan - August 14


I don't mind at all looking at your registery. I will let you know as soon as I look. I am glad you are feeling better. It is hot here as well - I am in PA in the suburbs of Philadelphia - so I can relate to the sweltering heat and humidity. I can't wait until it cools off.


Grocery shopping is no problem :) Just make sure you get a big cart. When they were in carriers I would put one on top and one in the cart basket and pile the food around them and also bring bottles w/ of course. Now I just make sure that I get a cart that seats two up top and now I bring drinks and snacks. We have had our fair share of grocery store melt downs though.... I never let them hold me back from doing anything that I did before. I always tell people it isn't difficult having twins. And when baby blessing #3 comes we are still going to keep going out and doing what we have always done, just find creative ways to transport everyone together :) Sometimes it can be double trouble, but more times than not it is DOUBLE BLESSINGS. I still always thank God every single day for our little miracles :)

Take Care all ,


Megan - August 15


I looked at your registry. You seem to have most bases covered. Are you getting other things from Babies-R-Us on line? Were you planning to use infant carriers as your carseats or were you planning to use the Costco Car seats as your car seats from birth to 7-8 months? I personally loved using the infant car seat carriers. They fit into the stroller, grocery cart etc. I could move the babies w/o having to wake them up or disturb them, plus if you have preemies the big car seats will probably not work. I had the diaper pail you registered for and didn't like it at all. We recently threw it away b/c of smell and the top part broke, more than likely from stuffing it w/ too many diapers!!!! I know people who like the diaper champ better.

Are you going to try out different bottles before you decide which ones to go with? I used the playtex nurser dropins. The babies adapted easily to them, but if I had to do it all over again I would probably use the avent nurser bottles. I did like the fact that I didn't have to wash as much w/ the drop ins, but it was a pain to always make sure that I had liners always on hand. After awhile it got kind of pricey too.

The hook chair is a good idea, but I like the safety first portable folding chair better. It fits easily into the backseat and if we are at a place where there isn't any place to sit the kids, they always have a tray attached to put food on, plus I know how clean it is:)

One thing you might want to register for more of are receiving blankets. I had about 10-14 per child. For some reason we went through them like crazy. Plus if you can't get wash done everyday, at least you know you have a surplus. Are you going to register for burp cloths also? I found those an absolute must. Basically they are white cloth diapers. If target doesn't have them you can get them online at Babies-R-Us. I would also get enough to get you through two days in case you don't get to do wash.

Another thing I loved were baby nightgowns for both boy and girl. Both wore them until they were about 4 months old. It made doing diaper changes in the night time a breeze b/c we didn't have to bother w/ snaps and what not. I know target does carry them, b/c I bought some there. They have them in boy and girl themes. Of course I got matching :)

Did you register for a mobile over the crib? Both babies loved looking at them, especially when they moved into their cribs. (Our twins slept in our room for the first month and a half that they were home in cradles. I was so worried about them that I needed them close by) I didn't get mobiles that match their pattern, I opted for a mobile that had primary colors in it, as well as it was more inexpensive than the matching ones. I think the mobiles I got were from Tiny Love brand. (babies-r-us) I know that you don't have a babies-r-us near you, but perhaps people may give you $$ for the shower and you could purchase some things on line.

I hope this helps and I don't sound like some know it all mom of twins, b/c believe me I am the farthest thing from it. I just know that registering can be overwhelming, and you want to register for what you can b/c after the babies come you won't have time to be constantly running back and forth to the store to get what you need, plus the babies will be here before Xmas, and that time of the year is crazy w/o adding two newborns to the mix. Ask me I know as our twins were born on Dec. 12 and who knows when baby # 3 will decide to make his/her way into the world. I just want it to be after Xmas. Please take it easy and know that you can always ask me anything. I wish I lived close to you so that I could help you w/ whatever you need.

Stay cool :) Take Care,


cassandra - August 15

Meg, thank sooo much! I had infant carriers on the list but then took them off thinking the carseats would work. You have helped me tremendously. I never thought of how I'm going to carry them around! Duh! I am going to add them today! Also those nightgowns and more receiving blankets. They had a different diaper pail to choose from but it looked even smaller. Sheesh, I FORGOT all about xmas. I better start shopping now eh? I read in one of the twins books I got from the library about grocery shopping and they said you could also have 2 carriages! Can you imagine? :) I like your idea a lot better! Lots to think about and do! I will also change the portable highchair. You know, I drive a dodge stratus and I wonder how how all this gear will fit! :) Thanks again for your thoughts. Be sure the U/S tech doesn't let the sex slip on accident! It happened to one of my friends! ;D cassandra


Fortyfour - August 16

Megan, thank you for the advice. You guys are wonderful. Take care


cassandra - August 17

Hi Meg! I changed a lot on the registry. I even added a babiesrus. I found out there is one nearby inside a toysrus. I deleted the diaper genie and added the diaper champ. It takes any trash bags too not just special ones! Bonus!
I did research on my car seats and they hold 5-100 lbs. So, if the babies won't be released from the hospital until they are 5 lbs I thought they will work. What I couldn't find was a stoller that would hold 2 car seats. The travel systems were all designed to hold 1.? So, I then proceeded to look for carriers that would snap on to carriages at the store. Nada. So, after some frustrating time on the computer I registered for moses baskets with handles to carry them around. I know they are going to hate me for always transfering them to their carseats, but I figured, if they can't snap on to a stroller, and the car seats will work, then ok. My mil said she will watch them if I need to go grocery shopping. I know this isn't the best system but I don't want to ask for all these carseats if really, the ones I registered will work.
I also registered for 2 mobiles at babiesrus and a boppy. I still need to change the travel chairs. Yesterday my mil dropped by with onesies with the patriots logo and rattles with the logo also. We are big fans up here! Well, today is my longest shift. 9 hours. I think I'll finish off the month before I change that. Feeling good and carrying on....cassandra ;)



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