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shansy - March 12

Hi everyone,

I'm not pregnant yet, but I have a quick question- did anyone of you spot when your period was due (before you knew you were pregnant)? I have been spotting for 6 days and this is very abnormal for me. I feel crampy like a period, but it is not a full fledge period. I took a HPT a few days ago and it was BFN.

I am scheduled to begin Gonal-F with IUI this month and I am worried that I might've already missed Day 3 of my cycle when I am supposed to start the shots!!



baby4us - March 13

Hi Shansy... I had the exact PMS symptoms that I usually get right before my period... I had spotting (very slight)... lots of menstrual-like cramping, bloating.. everything.. I was convinced that AF was on her way!

I too took an early pregnancy test -- but you have to be careful.. because a few days before your period is due.. you are only at about a 50-60% accuaracy.. so depending on when in your cycle you did the HPT.. you could have had a false negative.

Now.. I am not sure about your Gonal-F injections (I highly recommend Gonal-F.. so good luck to you!!).. but correct me if I am wrong.. do you not begin your Gonal-F injections on Day three of the start of your next cycle (meaning day 3 of your period??)

So if you were worried about missing your day 3...does that not begin after your period arrives????

If you are concerned at all.. please call your doc/RE,.. but as far as I know.. until AF arrives.. you are fine!

I wish you lots of baby dust... How far in your cycle are you when you took the HPT? I did mine three days before AF was due and had a very faint line.. so I did one again the next day... was still faint but a little stronger.

Good luck!!!


shansy - March 13

Thanks for responding Baby4Us! I talked with my RE today and he ordered up a blood preg. test, so I just got home from that. It is Cycle Day 36 for me today. I normally go 30-34 days in my cycle. The spotting has stopped now and still no AF! I have been crampy and bloated like a normal period is for me, but this is not a normal period! I will find out tomorrow morning about the PG test and if it is negative, my RE wants to do an ultrasound to check the lining of my uterus to see what is going on.

Thanks again for the info. and hope all goes well with the rest of your pregnancy!! :)



baby4us - March 14

Let us know what you find out about the pregnancy test... my fingers are crossed!!!


shansy - March 16

Hi Baby4Us,

Unfortunately, my test came back BFN. Yesterday I went to have an ultrasound to check my lining and it was at 10 mm so they prescribed Provera to get my lining to shed. I was going to start the Provera today, but AF arrived on its own, so Friday we will do our Day 3 Ultrasound and begin our shots then. Keep your fingers crossed! Any helpful hints? Anything extra you did that perhaps contributed to your success??? :)

Talk to you later,


baby4us - March 16

I am so, so sorry to hear about your BFN... that really sucks... but the good thing is you are rolling right along for the next cycle.. so at least you can concentrate on that..

I have one blocked tube as well.. but I was very lucky.. it seemed that I am still ovulating on both sides.. and I think that is why I was so successful after only two IUIs... the average is approx 3 IUIs.. so I am hoping that this is the one for you! (3x is only avergae.. so don't let that worry you..)

What does you doc say about perhaps why the last two IUIs haven't worked? Did your doc say how many IUIs to try before moving on to IVF/ICSI????

The only thing I really did for my IUIs.. and it is such the luck of the draw too.. but I just tried to stay so positive (and some days that was so hard!)... ate really well.. drank lots of luid.. got LOTS of rest and exercise. Just generally tried to keep a healthy mind and body.

I do yoga too.. so would always make sure to do my stretching and breathing!

This is probably an old wives tale.. but a friend of mine swore by raspberry leaf tea (and I read the same for green tea).. so I was drinking lots of raspberry leaf tea and some green tea (there is moderate caffeine in green tea.. so didn't want to over do it)... I had also given up almost all caffeine (I was never a big coffee drinker.. but had cut back to a very occasional cup while TTCing)

The day of my IUI.. they recommend you stay lying down after the proceedure for 20 mins.. which I did for my first IUI.. but for my second.. I stayed there for an hour.. and I was lying there... breathing very steadily and really concentrating on getting those sperm and that egg together!

I live a good distance from my clinic.. so I would have to drive a good 1 1/2 hr home.. but as soon as I got home.. I would lie down again/// right away with my feet up and take it easy the rest of the day.

I hope it works for you... I really, really do... I know exaclty what you are going through right now... so tons of baby dust to you... and let me know how you do.. through each phase.. your Day 3.. how your injections are going (and as I said.. Gonal-F really worked for me .. I was on 1050 ius... what dosage are you??)

GOOD LUCK.. keep me informed!!!


shansy - March 18

Hi Baby4Us-

Thanks for all of your advice! I started my shots last night- my RE called right before we were going to begin and switched it from 150 units/per shot to 75 units/per shot b/c he was concerned that I might have Ovarian Hyperstimulation as I have PCOS. The shot wasn't too bad-DH iced my stomach first. Today I am already feeling a bit bloated and I am sore (on the inside). I'm hoping this is OK- did you feel this way that soon?

I am trying to take it easy- I work full time and I have to attend a conference all this weekend for my job- :( so I am just trying to keep my mind on other things. In the evening I just plan on lying down and catching up on some movies I have been wanting to see! :)

I am making myself drink A LOT of water and cutting out my Diet Coke's- which I love!

We are scheduled to go back to RE on Tues. to check levels- what should my levels be at just so I know? Do you remember yours? Also, did you have any follies developing on Day 7 when you went your last time? We are also going on Day 9 to monitor my levels.

Thanks again for sharing!



baby4us - March 20

Hey Shansy.. I don't remember my levels.. i am sorry.. It was such a blur because I was nervous and excited... and I just don' t remember...

But good luck tomorrow and I hope you sruvived your conference!



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