Pulling Sensation
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Kris - April 19

Hello Ladies,
I am having dull pulling sensations in my lower abdomen has anyone experienced this?Is it to soon to feel this? I was spotting up until today my RE increased my PIO dose. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


baby4us - April 19

Hi Kris... Hmm.. I am wondering if it could be round ligament pain you are feeling?

I believe I had that right from the get go.. with everything expanding and making way for baby.

Be sure to put your feet up and rest.. they say it should go away.. if not.. call your doctor.

Good luck.. how are you feeling otherwise?


Kris - April 19

Baby4us thanks for responding I called my RE and she said it was more than likely round ligament pain and to rest and not pick up anything heavy.

I am really feeling pregnant my mouth waters non stop which only makes the nausea worse but I am not complaining. I just have my fingers crossed about the 1st trimester.

You are almost done do you know if you are having a boy or girl?


baby4us - April 20

Hi Kris.. glad to hear it is most likely the round ligament pain.. I know when you read the pregnancy books.. they state the round lig pain comes in the 2nd trimester... but I swear I had it from the get go... esp. when changing sleeping positions.. and boy would that hurt! So try to take it easy when you are getting up, changing positions and exercising. I found (moderate) exercise helped.. but I had to make sure I started off SLOWLY!! There was one time at christmas that DH and I went for a x-country ski and I was going too quickly at the beginning and ended up lying in the field rolled up in a ball until DH realized I wasn't behind him anymore!

So indeed.. listen to your body and rest with your feet up when you can!!

Almost done... it is pretty scary though... I really enjoyed my pregnancy and now that the end is near.. I am a little terrified! We chose not to know the gender of the baby.. so it will be a surprise until I am holding the little bundle!


HeatherMac - April 20


Just a little info about the nausea...there IS help for that!!

Ask your OB about "Zofran" - it's an anti-nausea med that helps INSTANTLY!! It's a little tablet that dissolves on your tongue and tastes like utter POO, but it makes all the difference in the world. I was terribly nauseated for the first 23 weeks and without the Zofran, I would have been unable to function.

Kike Baby4Us, I had the round ligament pain, too. Freaked me out. Just be sure to listen to the signals your body is sending and you'll be fine. If you need to rest, by all means get some water and lie down!! You've got permission growing rapidly inside you now!!

Congrats on your BFP!!



Kris - April 24

HeatherMac and Baby4us,
I know why the pulling was so intense we are having twins just found out today! We saw the little heartbeats today and should be able to hear them next Monday. Thank you both for all of the advice.



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