Pulling around bellybutton
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Debie - May 5

Hi all I hope you are doing fine. Last night at around 7pm I had pain/ pulling around my belly button and this continued into the night. By the morning I was feeling a little bit better but I stopped by the GPs who checked and confirmed that I have no urinary infection and sugar levels are ok. I can't see my Gyn until mornday as he is fully booked. GP said as long as I'm not bleeding and have no unusual discharge I need not to worry.

Has anyone felt or heard about this, the pain is felt when I bend to pick up something, when I touch it or change sleep position. I also have cramping, it feels like AF is due any moment. This waiting for u/s next Thursday is killing me ARGHHHH

Please let me know if you have had this very uncomfortable and worrying feeling.

Babydust to all.



ElizabethS - May 5

debie - I am sorry to hear that you are having pain. The only pain I have been feeling is from my upper abdominal muscles. It feels like I did crunches....but my butt has not been to the gym in two months. I have my u/s a week from today as well. My stomach is already very poochy, and I am convinced that I am carrying more than one baby.

I don't know about everyone else, but my body has completely changed....I haven't gained weight, but my stomach is already sticking out. I think this might be why we have some pain around our bellies (that is at least, my self diagnosis)

Hope you feel better soon. Let me know what your OB says. Maybe you will get an early U/S.


Jenny Lee - May 5

Hey guys, I know that I and a lot of my friends got bloated quickly after finding out we were pg. I'm not quite sure why. I had menstrual like cramping also and it's very normal. Around 12 weeks or so, I guess some earlier and some later, you're likely to get some more pulling, ligaments stretching. That actually was slightly painful to me but short lived. I hope that both your babies grow big and your u/s are wonderful!! Please keep us posted as to how the u/s went and how many babies!!! Much love Jen


HeatherMac - May 6

Hey girls!

I can't believe you asked this - I asked my friend last night about the pulling around the belly button...she had it, too, and her OB said it was normal.

I asked my OB about my muscle pain - in my abdomen, stomach and upper thights...he said it was totally normal since there's a lot going on in there, your muscles will feel pulled.

So, it's all so weird and strange that I call my friend with three kids the second something feels different. She's been through it ALL, so I figure if she doesn't know, I can call my OB.

I'm 12 weeks today so we celebrated with dinner at our favorite hot dog stand and a big cake! We are so blessed. I pray for continued wonderful pregnancies for each of you, and pregnancy SOON for our sisters upstairs.



BabyBound - May 6

I have the pulling feeling too. I feel like I've done crunches. My lower back pains have finally stopped. I can't wait until next Thursday...that'll be 3 u/s results to post. Debie, Elizabeth and me. I think Shaz is a day before us.

Heather, congrats on turning 12 weeks. We have to savor every milestone we make. Do you have any guess as to the baby's sex? I want a girl, but some reason I'm thinking it's going to be a boy. I'll take my angel either way.

Happy Mommies Day, ladies.


HeatherMac - May 6

Okay, I just got off the phone with my Professional Mommy Consultant friend, and she said what we're feeling is all totally normal. She said our bellies are kind of like balloons...as you very slowly blow them up, they stretch and stretch...that is exactly what we're doing right now...very slowly expanding. Even though it's a very slow expanding, it's still expanding and that expanding causes pulling and pain. If the pain lasts, then you should contact your doctor...but, this general pulling and pain is all us just expanding to hold baby's universe!

BB - No clue what's in there yet...hoping for healthy either way, but DH wants a son...I secretly want a daughter. I don't go for another u/s for EIGHT MORE WEEKS and I can barely stand it! UGH! I'll hopefully find out then so we can get the nursery under way. You'll know when I know.

I know Sunday is a very big day for each of us, and I hope it's a wonderful and joyous day!! But, we need to remember our sisters upstairs who will not have such a happy day...keep them in your prayers and lift them up that they might join us here very, very soon.



BabyBound - May 6

Ditto that Heather. I read the posts upstairs everyday. I pray that each on of them and any newbies will join us real soon. We're all family.


Debie - May 6

Thank you all so so much, that is such a relief. I don't know what I'd do without all of you and I am blessed to share these moments with each and everyone of you.

I think some nurses at dr's rooms are very insensitive, when I phoned to find out if dr would see me yesterday, I was told he's in theatre but she asked what's the problem, when I told her about the pulling she just went 'Oh Have U Started Bleeding?' I was so shocked and naturally I thought that's what would happen next. I think she could have said anything else, but that. They should know that some of us have not been through this before and try not to scare the hell out of us. Anyway enough whinning, she could just have been doing her job, but I'm not convienced that's how...

Wishing you all a pleasant night or day wherever you are. I'm just begining my Friday morning and can't wait for the weekend to have a rest, by the end of the day I am too tired.

Lots of BabyDust.


shaz - May 6

Hi all,

I too had a big scare this morning. When I went to the toilet this morning I passed what I can only describe as a white blob thing about the size of a golf ball. It didnt have any blood in it but was very strange looking. I rang the clinic straight away. The nurse said she didnt really know what it could be, but she didnt like the sound of it so wanted me to have a blood test...(she's new)...So off hubby and I went at 8am, me devastated thinking I was definately going to have a m/c.....Had to wait until 2pm for a different nurse to ring back. She told be that everything looked great and my numbers were trippling every day. Relief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was horrible.....When I was pregnant with Billie I had early bleeding and had to wait over the weekend to have a scan to make sure all was ok, which thank god it was.....It's just so dam scary though.....Anyway things are good. She asked how many embryos I had tfrd back, I told her two and she just went hmmmmmm....DH is convinced there are twins on the way.....

My u/s has also been rescheduled for Thursday, so we will all be finding out together......I'm also very thankful to have you ladies...I just wish we could get together for coffee.....

I continually pray for our fellow friends upstairs and hope that they will be joining us soon.....

Take care ladies and have a great weekend



cassandra - May 6

Oh my gosh, I can't wait til thursday ladies! This board will be hopping! Shaz,it does sound like twins! ;)
I'm glad everything turned out ok for you!
My last u/s is friday. I'm pretty sad to leave the IVF unit. The nurses have been wonderful to me. I think I'm gonna bring them flowers and meatpies! ;D take care everyone and have a wonderful mothers day. cassandra


Debie - May 6

I don't know I'm numb. The pain just got worse today after 9 am, I noticed a dark brown discharge after peeing and I just went to the Gyn's without an appointment. After a two hour wait I saw the Gyn and told him about my worry.

What I was hoping would be an early U/S didn't reveal the little dot we had seen last week and the look on his face said it all. He told me it doesn't look good at all becoz he can't see that dot.

DH is on his way back from a business trip he had left yesterday morning. I have told him he pretends to be positive but I can sense the dispair and helplessness in his voice over the phone.

Doctor said to continue with the medication he had given me and see him next friday.

I have no clue how I'm gonna go through this. It's another two hours before DH gets home. Deep inside I know I may have lost and it's probably just a matter of time before this brown spotting turns to a red flow. Just how am I expected to survive this?????????


meridithhasfaith - May 6


I am SO sorry you are going through this. It isn't fair at all. Aside from the doctor's face, what exactly did he tell you? What are the possible reasons? Maybe the scan machine is old? Are you cramping?
Go rest and drink lots of water and I hope everything turns out okay.
Take care,


BabyBound - May 6

Debie, you are in my prayers. Did they do b/w? How are your numbers? Like Meridith said, go lie down and drink as much water as your boby will allow. I'm hope your spotting stop soon.


ElizabethS - May 6

Debie- My prayers are with you. That is such scary news.


shaz - May 6


What did the doctor say exactly.....I had brown discharge when I was pregnant with Billie (now 5) and everything turned out ok.....Sometimes we can read things into what these doctors and nurses say....I hope and pray that things are going to be ok....Please take care of yourself....



Debie - May 7

Thanks for listening. Dr said he couldn't confirm but not seeing on the scan and the spoting could mean I'm loosing the baby. He said it was a good sign that there's no red blood and that was yesterday around 2pm. At about 6pm I had a brown clot, I am not bleeding but each time I wipe I see brown. I have been told to rest and drink water. This is such torture, I don't know whether I'm pregnant still or not, I don't feel pregnant anymore. But I'm taking the meds as directed. I don't have cramps as much as yesterday I am just sore in the abdomen.

I'm sorry to dump this on you and not to consider anyone in the process. I know we all have our worries and I'll still pray for all of us on these boards whatever the outcome is.

Babydust to all.


shaz - May 7


Dont be sorry for your post. We are all here for you no matter what. I feel so terribly sad for you. The first thing I did when I got home tonight was log in to see if there was any news from you.....

Doc's right - it is a good sign that the blood is brown. Dont give up hope yet, I know it's so hard but we are all praying with you....




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