Pregnant in April
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BabyBound - May 3

Thanks Meridith for the information. If it happens again, I'll call the doctor. It only happen once last week.


meridithhasfaith - May 3

oh! Ok, I didn't realize it was only once. I thought it was ongoing. Glad it's ok now. Take care



Debie - May 3

Hi all. I haven't been here since Saturday morning, we played host to relatives who descended on us this past weekend, it was fun though and off course we shared our good news and everyone was happy for us.

I see there's a lot going on around here. I had a running tummy on Sunday morning but by the end of the day I come around. Yesterday bbs were very sore and they are also getting bigger by the day. I'm feeling AF like cramps from time to time throughout the day and this evening I am exhausted. Last weeek I din't feel anything, but Babylove keeps making me feel his/her presence.

I was looking forward to get back to the boards but I was so very dissapointed and hurt to read from oneandonly will keep praying for her and for all of us.




shaz - May 3

Oneandonly. I am so sorry this has happened to you again. It must be heartbreaking for you. I hope you have good support around to get you through this difficult time. We are also all hear for you.....xxxxx

Darby - Welcome, wow twins, how exciting. When are you due?

I have had mild period like cramping right from the start, and did so with my previous pregnancy off and on until she was born. It's pretty normal. It's the uterus and ligaments stretching and getting ready for the next 9 months. If the pain is severe though I would call the doc...

Jenny Lee - I am 5 weeks. We have our U/S next Wednesday 11th. Cant wait to see that little heartbeat, or those little heartbeats for that matter. We had two embryo's tfrd so there is quite possibly two babies growing away. I would be thrilled either way.



Lynne - May 3

I've had a bladder infection before and this is not the same type of cramping, yesterday I had a bit of spotting in the evening but none today, even though today I went for a good long walk with the neibour. I think I'm going to break and hpt Wed. morning, it's early but the tests I picked up say that they can test up to 4 days before your missed period. I'm afraid that I might not be producing enough progesterone on my own to sustain a pregnancy and if i can get a + I might convince the doc to give me a prescrip. before my body messes things up. I have a hard time getting in to see my doc ( I don't have a car during the day, never mind getting in to see my doc on a moments notice). If I can I may be able to get him to phone a prescrip. to the pharmacy without having to go see him. I'm going crazy I know it. Baby wishes to us all. Lynne



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