Pregnant in April
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Jenny Lee - May 2

Hey Shaz! Yes I am feeling some movements now and that is the best part of the pregnancy to me. After I gave birth to my first, I missed him moving in me soo much. I think I had fanthom movements! ha! ha! . I am slowly getting bigger but i certainly noticed that the process was quicker with the second. Florida is mostly warm but we do have some cold days. No snow.

To everyone, congrats and to those still trying many prayers and lots of confidence that you'll be here soon.


ElizabethS - May 2

Cassandra, good luck on the u/s. Can you let us know what the u/s "protocol" is once a pregnancy is confirmed. Just out of curiosity.

You have been so helpful and informative to me through this process. Thanks so much. ;)

Shaz - my boobs are HUGE :o the t$tty fairie has definetly arrived! My dh is very impressed. I guess my next shopping trip will be to buy new bras. They are just totally fascinating.


BabyBound - May 2

Big boobies all around. I wasn't lacking in the category, but they are definetely getting bigger, heavy and sore. DH is more of a Booty Man, but he's enjoying the boobs too. Waiting for the first u/s is agonzing too. Easier than the 2ww, but agonzing all the same.

Cassandra, yes, give us the 411 on the first u/s. Good luck tomorrow. I'm sure those twins are doing fine.

Shaz, DH and I are still smiling at each other. We can't seem to walk pass each without a little smooch.

Elizabeth, I'll be picking up some sport bras. I don't want these puppies to move at all!

Jenny Lee, it sounds like you are enjoying every step of your pg. Keep us posted and let us know what to expect in the next couple of months.

I'm so glad to be goind through this with you guys.


oneandonlymel - May 2

I was just wondering if anyone has had or having some cramping early in their pregnancy. Yesterday I was having very low in the middle cramps, no bleeding and its not severe, but when I lie down it gets better! I am just a little worried. I didnt' have this with the last pregnancy. I did call the doctor on call and he said to drink 32 onces of water and take it easy, but didnt' seem to concerned. I just hope it isnt' a bad sign!


HeatherMac - May 2


I had cramping pretty early on and asked my RE about it and he said it was totally normal...he held out his fist and said that when your entire world is developing in a space about that size there would be cramping. I laughed because I never really thought about it - there IS an awful lot going on in a relatively small space!

I saw a great shirt for preggos the other day and it said, "I grow people". HAHAHA!!

I hope all is well with you and just know that each pregnancy is different, so this cramping may not be a bad thing...maybe it's just baby trying to convince you to take a nap. Have a glass of water and a nap and keep percolating!!



meridithhasfaith - May 2

I hope you don't mind me jumping in on this but I wanted to tell you that I had cramping in early pregnancy too. It was pretty consistent through the 4th month but was harmless. My doctor told me the same thing, drink water and lie down. Apparently, dehydration, even the most mild can cause cramping. So drink that water often and rest when you can. Good luck!



BabyBound - May 2

Mel, cramping is normal in early pregnancy. I have been cramping everyday since my positive. I to was told it is normal and it should subside after you lie down. Drink plenty of water.


Darby206 - May 2

OK...I caught this message a little on the late side, but I wanted to join in on the celebration! I got my BFP back in March (twins) and I am so happy to have such great company here! This is soooooo fantastic!


:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D


oneandonlymel - May 2

bad news today! The doctor called and my hcg was 63 on Friday and Sunday it was only 32, she said I should start to bleed pretty soon, I am so numb right now I already cried and cried. The doctor really feels I keep miscarrying because of my clotting problem! I wanted to wish all you guys a long and healthy pregnancy!


Lynne - May 2

Oh oneandonnlyme i'm so sorry, take some rest time and vent with us when you need to. You are a strong woman and you will get through this, even though it doesn't feel like it right now.

Question for the rest of you ladies, about the cramping thing; are you not crampy when your bladder is full but it gets achey after you go to the washroom? I've been like that these last few nights and it's getting irritating ( if there is a reason then I'll deal with it gladly but otherwise I'm gonna hurt someone :o ). Thanks in advance. Lynne


BabyBound - May 2

Oneandonly, my heart aches for you. I'm sorry that this keeps happening to you. What a bummer to get so close and than get door slammed in your face. Take all the time you need to cry, yell, curse whatever it takes. We all are hear for you.

Lynne, I'm in the same boat as you. As a matter of fact, it happen this morning and again a little while ago. I don't know what it is. Could it be that we are holding it a long a possible and than finally we go...the cramps seem to intensify. I sleep lying on my stomach with my hands holding it. It provides some comfort.


Jenny Lee - May 3

Oneandonly, my heart just broke for you! :'( :'( :'(

ARRGHHH!! :( :( :(
I know you must be so frustrated. I am saying a prayer for you. I hope you keep us updated. I hope to see you back here soon. I know you may need some time to grieve. I wish you could feel this hug through the computer!! much love and prayers!

I just wanted to add a note. When I was pg with first I had menstrual like cramping and with this one - no cramps but some spotting in the beginning ( up to 9 weeks) that was much scarier than the cramping but both are reportedly very normal. I want to encourage everyone to drink water, because my friend had low amniotic fluid b/c she wasn't drinking enough (she's fine) but that kicked me in the butt to start woofing the H20!!
The water also helps with the constipation, but hurts in the night when you have to get up so often!! :)
Much love to you all

How many weeks is everyone now? me -17


cassandra - May 3

Oneandonlyme, I'm so sorry for your loss. We have got to find out what is causing this. Did you post before on nk? Please take care and make your doctor check you out thoroughly. I wish I had an answer for you. I hope your doctor finds one and SOON. Hugs to you girl...cassandra


cassandra - May 3

Hi everyone! My u/s went great yesterday...babies are growing and heartbeats increasing. I was so enthralled I completely forgot to ask for my due date! My next u/s is next Friday @ 2. They are going to discharge me then also. I will miss them. My sonographer Amy said next week we will see arms, legs and umbil. cords! I can't wait. Speaking of waiting, the 2ww for my u/s was the hardest for me. It is vaginal, there is a black circle on the monitor, inside that there was a small whiteish line sorta, then an even tinier one that blinked. I can't say it was a certain shape. But very small.The sonographer will measure your brand new baby then check the heart rate.My second u/s yesterday was pretty blurry but bigger blurries. This probably won't help too much. Online you can view pictures starting at 5 weeks. Good luck to all of you awaiting U/S!
P.S. I can't belive how large my breasts have gotten! I can't let him touch them yet though, they are killing me! I mean don't even hug me tight or it's youch! Can't wait til they stop hurting. I heard if you wear a support bra to bed even that it will keep your breasts from sagging after delivery. I'm trying it! :) cassandra


meridithhasfaith - May 3

Lynne and Babybound

Not to alarm you but when I had the very same symptoms, I ended up having a bladder infection. A UTI differs as it burns when you urinate but a bladder infection seems to (for me, anyway) hurt and ache more once I go. Almost like little spasms. It is not normal and you should get your urine checked right away.

Infections like that can cause problems with pregnancy I have read so it wouldn't hurt to get it done soon. Good luck to both of you!



BabyBound - May 3

Thanks Meridith for the information. If it happens again, I'll call the doctor. It only happen once last week.



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