Pregnant in April
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shaz - April 28

Hi all
There have been so many success stories this month and I am having trouble keeping up with it all. I thought it would be nice to start this thread so we can all keep each other posted on how we are going with our pregnancies......And to provide support etc....

I got a BFP yesterday, and am so thrilled. This was our 3rd IVF attempt after concieving our daughter through IVF 5 years ago.



Jenny Lee - April 28

:D CONGRATULATIONS!! I hope all this good news lately gives those who are still in the process so much hope. I am very excited for you. I am pg and due in Oct. I am 16 1/2 weeks now. I pray for a healthy pregnancy for you!! Australia, how exciting, I'm in Florida, USA.
Good luck and keep us posted. much love and prayers Jen


BabyBound - April 28

Hi Elizabeth, are you still smiling just as much as I am? I am extremely tired and constipated (TMI). I can't wait to see what my beta #'s will be tomorrow. DH seems to think twins, but I told him the #'s has a wide range so we want know until we do an u/s. I'm thinking it's only one because I would think my symptoms will be more than what they are now.

Make sure you let us know you beta #'s tomorrow.


oneandonlymel - April 29

I am going to the doctors today to confirm all my BFP I only took 6 LOL! I pray we all end up with a healthy baby to hold in 9 months!!


ElizabethS - April 29

one and only - that is so funny. I took another hpt yesterday because I wanted to see what a positive one looked like. (So many years of getting only one line) I love that you took 6 :)

BB - My doctor seems to think that I am carrying more than one, but I just do not have very strong symptoms. We will see at our next u/s. It was supposed to be a week from tomorrow, but my RE will be at a conference. So we must wait until May 12th. I am so excited.

I record every t.v. show about babies. A Baby Story, Birth Day, etc.... I cry everytime! I just can't believe that will be us in 9 months. Wow!


cassandra - April 29

Hi everyone! congrats on your positives! I'm so glad to have more company over here!
Babybound, you never know. When I was nauseas I counld'nt compare it to anything but I don't think it was double the sickness. I found out that eating something small keeps it at bay.I don't really feel sick too much any more but I am always exausted.
Oneandonly, I also took several hpt's. ;)Congratulations ladies! ;D
Shaz a special congrats to you and your family. Are you hoping for a boy?I'm sure you are thrilled. Let me know how your u/s goes ladies!
I have a question... At my last visit for the u/s the nurse said I'm really 6 1/2 weeks because they fooled with my body and my periods. I have no idea when my due date will be! Also ladies, read the girlfriends guide to's hilarious! cassandra,lk


Debie - April 29

Hi all

I'm glad there's a number of us who conceived in April and I'm hopeful that more moms- to-be will be joining us soon.

I haven't felt more that thirst, sore bbs and a very dry mouth. Suprisingly my headaches are in a sleeping mode for now. I don't want to postpone eating whenever I feel hungry, I would do that a lot before. This long weekend I plan to have a good rest and just enjoy more posts and any other baby related reads.

When I made breakfast this morning, two egg yellows popped out of the one egg, DH jokingly said to watch out for twins LOL. I don't beleive in that but I hadn't seen those since I was a child.

We go back to Gyn on 12 May, til then I'll be monitoring what Babylove is up to.




shaz - April 29

Wow, I there are quite a few of us...and hopefully alot more to join us.

BB - I am thrilled to see that your numbers are so good. And Elizabeth yours are so high there is definately more than one in there.....
Debie - I LOL when I read about the double yolk thing, there is an omen right there. How many weeks are you and have you had an US.....
Cassandra - Thanks for your special thoughts....I dont care what I have really. It would be alot cheaper if I had another girl as I have so much stuff, and I do love to shop for babies. How did you concieve? Was it IUI or IVF. If it was IVF you can pretty much guarantee when your DD will be. Im not sure with IUI though.
Who wrote, The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy. I love to read so will keep my eye out for it.
Oneandonly - You are so funny. 6HPT. I can completely understand though. Good luck today, I will be thinking about you. Please let us know ASAP.
Jenny Lee - Wow, you will be feeling movements soon. What a wonderfull feeling that is. How is your belly, are you getting bigger???? Yep Australia. It's sometimes hard to keep up with days and dates on this board because of the time difference.....Isnt Florida warm all of the time. I live in Melbourne, Victoria. We have great summers and very pleasant Autumns but our winters are so cold and I hate it....

Well ladies, like I said before in another post, we can start the first ever internation playgroup when our beautiful healthy babies are born in 9 months time.....

Take care



HeatherMac - April 30



I guess we'll have plenty of beautiful babies to ring in the new year and make this world a better all kinds of time zones!!!

This is such great news and I wish each of you newly pregnant Mommies all the best for a very happy, very healthy 9 months with your bundles!!

Now, let's see what we can do to spread the goodness and get the rest of the ladies on this side of the boards!

Keep us posted and, again, congratulations to each of you!



Debie - April 30

Shaz we'll only do u/s on 12 May and I'll be four weeks then and I'm looking forward to it.

I'm glad I don't hane to buy hpts for now, the lady at the phamarcy had started to look at me sheepishly, I would but 3 to 4 each passing cycle.

I enjoy full body, sometimes back massage and like treatments, I forgot to ask my dr, is it safe to continue with these??



oneandonlymel - April 30

;D I went today and they did a urine, she took my husband and I back and said it was negative! I said that is what happened the last time and they drew blood which came out positive so she drew blood yesterday, I was then put in the doctors office and I told her I already started my lovenox shots, the assistant told her my urine was negative and the doctor said did you use the new test and she said I used what was in the drawer, the doctor got up and came back 5 minutes later and said it is positive!~ I thought ok if I wouldn't of assisted on blood work at first I would of walked out of there thinking ok I am not pregnant! Because they only work till noon I won't know my levels till monday, she odered blood to be drawn on Sunday to see if they double. I will know on Monday if my hcg levels are good! So I am keeping my fingers crossed and pray I don't miscarry a 3rd time!!

Debie, Elizabeth, jenny lee, cassandra, babybound and shaz= I hope we start and end this journey in 9 months together!!


cassandra - April 30

Wow, that was scary! Gotta watch those nurses! I would have given her my best evil eye!
I will be looking for your post on monday to see the numbers!
Shaz, When I had the transfer done on march 23 the nurse said a baby on jan 23. That is why I'm confused when at my u/s they said I was actually 6 1/2 weeks when I really was 4. I have another u/s on Mon. I will nail down the due date. ;DAll of a sudden there are loads of baby dust here! It's phenomenal!
I wish us all happy and very healthy pregnancies! cassandra


China - April 30

Hi All,

It's been a little while I've been on the boards, Been on bedrest. It is so great to hear of all April showers of joy!!

I am 8 weeks today and have been on bedrest for a liitle over a week because I had some staining. Thank fully I have not had any new bleeds and the baby's heart is joyously ticking away. One more week of the dreaded bedrest and I can get back to work and start doing things (anything!! ;))

I had IVF so they said my due date is Dec. 10th.

Good luck to all!!


ElizabethS - April 30

Cassandra - January 23rd seems way too late. I would have thought your baby would come in December. We did my transfer in mid April, and I believe my nurse told me our baby/babies would come beginning of January if I carried fullterm.

Oneandonly - we all share your same wishes, and hope we can all make it through these joyous nine months together. I can not believe the fright that nurse put you through. >:( I just have very positive feelings that you will carry this baby full term. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Debie - Babybound, shaz and myself all test on either the 11th or 12th. I am eagerly awaiting to hear all of our news.

China - I am sorry to hear about your bedrest, but I am thrilled that you and baby are doing great. Take care of I am sure you are....that goes for all of us!

Heathermac - you are such a sweetie. Baby dust has been abundant and I am so confident that more will join us down here.


cassandra - May 1

Ladies, I know there are a million books on the topic but, this one is funny. The girlfriends guide to pregnancy (or everything the doctor won't tell you) By Vicki Iovine It is excellent. :)
I hope everyone is doing well. My 2nd u/s is tomorrow and I'm pretty excited. I am confidant everything is going to be ok. This really is exciting! cassandra


shaz - May 1

Hey everyone,

Isnt this feeling wonderful.....Pregnancy!!!! My husband just cant believe it and keeps saying, "I cant believe your pregnant"....It's such a blessing.

Thank you Heathermac for your kind words. There will be quite a few babies to bring in the New Year. We will have to start a photo board!

Oneandonly- What happend the at the doctors office must have been awfull for you. Like Elizabeth, I am so confident that it's going to be ok for you this time. I say a little prayer for this group every day.

China - Am glad that you and the baby are ok. I too had staining at 8 weeks with my daughter. I must say it was close to the worst time of my life. Look after yourself!

Cassandra - Am going to see if I can find that book today. I love reading, and especially love reading about pregnancy. Good luck for your u/s tomorrow. I also would have thought you would be due December. My tfr was the same time as Elizabeths and I will be due early Jan...It will be cleared up today.

So how is everyone going with symptoms???? I have very sore breasts and they are huge.....You are all going to have a laugh at this....After we had Billie (5years ago) I decided to have Breast Augmentation as I was never blessed in that department.....I only went to a C cup but already they are a D cup.....OMG , can you imagine what they are going to be like!!!! DH is very happy.......

I am on cloud 9 and cant wipe the smile off my face. I am so happy that I have found you ladies to share this experience with also....
Take care



Jenny Lee - May 2

Hey Shaz! Yes I am feeling some movements now and that is the best part of the pregnancy to me. After I gave birth to my first, I missed him moving in me soo much. I think I had fanthom movements! ha! ha! . I am slowly getting bigger but i certainly noticed that the process was quicker with the second. Florida is mostly warm but we do have some cold days. No snow.

To everyone, congrats and to those still trying many prayers and lots of confidence that you'll be here soon.



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