pregnant again, after 2 m/c
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Mel1975 - August 1

Hi my name is Mel. I found out today that I was pregnant again after a m/c last month. I am excited and a bit scare to having a m/c again, but GOD is good , and I believe I have favor this time.


baby4us - August 1

Good luck and congratulations!!.. I am sure you must be nervous... but try not to think o fthe negative and get lots of rest!!


love2Bparents - August 1


May this pregnancy be uneventful!


Mel1975 - August 3

Thanks for the encouragement comments, god bless. Mel


snindy - August 5

I was pregnant w/ twins after having a m/c 3 months earlier and I know what your going through. I seemed like I was walking on egg shells and every ache or pain, I freaked out and thought I was having a m/c. But I made it through by just relaxing and not getting stressed out. Think positive and you will get positive results.

Good luck


Jester - January 25

well i dont know if anyone is gonna read this but here comes a bit of my story !

i have lost a 32 week pregnancy in 2004
than i lost a single pregnancy 6 weeks in december 3rd 2005

and in 2006 twins @ 9 weeks in june 23rd

than lost a single pregnancy in september 9th

than twins again on december 28th 2006 [11 weeks pregnancy] (Partial Molar Pregnancy) could be cancerous

Now Doctors here in australia are doing further studies
and cant get pregnant till end of this year have an operation to get my uterous checked out in March 07
and a chromosome test for me and my partner !

they had also found out thats there is some form of blood clotting in my placenta and that there is a type of mutation in my cells it does not get easiere !
i'm 23 now and being through all of this (i a way i'm glad i started you but in a way i'm not gladd at all)

i get very depressed very easy!

and also feel real bad for all the people that had to go through a miscarrige and all that sort of stuff


snindy - January 25

You must be falling to pieces right now, I'm so sorry to hear about all your loses. I'm sure there is a part of you that is angry at the world and wonders why this is happening. You are probably thinking why not give up.

You have every right to be angry. But you also sound like a fighter and will do whatever it takes to have a baby. Since they are finding different things wrong with your Uterus, there could be a chance that it could all be fixed, I wouldn't give up hope just yet. Keep on fighting and praying! I know it's not easy to do, but you have to have positive thinking for positive results.

I wish you the best!



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